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Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

Gerard sat in the basement huddled over his beloved sketch pad doodling away. Suddenly his phone rang, sending vibrations up his leg.

Gerards pov

Some one was calling me. Why?
I put it up to my ear.
"Gee, you there?!" It was Frank.
"Of cause I am" I mumbled, doubt if he could hear me, after all I didn't feel in the mood for talking.
"Well, I just met two girls and they want me and you to go out somewhere with them." Frank informed me.
"I'll think about it" I said really muffled and uneasy to understand.

I put the phone down, and took out the piece of paper that frank saw me writing on at the hotel. I looked at it. My spider-crawl handwriting covered the page.
"Skylines and turnstiles". I hadn't ever felt the need to write before, I would always draw but it was like someone was telling me to write so I did. I started to read over my "song". I had only about 8 descent lines.

And in this moment we can't close the lids on burning eyes
Our memories blanket us with friends we know like fallout vapors
Steel corpses stretch out towards an ending sun, scorched and black
It reaches in and tears your flesh apart
As ice cold hands rip into your heart

That's if you've still got one that's left inside that cave you call a chest
And after seeing what we saw, can we still reclaim our innocence
And if the world needs something better, let's give them one more reason now

I looked at my phone, and then looked back at the paper. Frank has Pencey Prep he would never want to start a shitty band with me, we'd be rubbish anyway. I slotted the my "song" into my journal ( I call it that because Mikey annoys me if I call it a diary ). I picked up my phone.
I dialed a number.

"So when did you want to meet those girls?"

Anne's pov

It was Sunday after noon. School tomorrow. I love mornings at the way house. Not just because I wake up with Mikeys sweet face next to mine, but because its filled with chaos. I know that tomorrow morning wont be any different than every other normal school day. Its guaranteed that Mikey wont get up, and Gerard will have to come in and make him get up. Yeah tomorrow morning will be fun.

I was interrupted from my thoughts about mornings when Mikey burst through the doors into the living room.
"Annie! Annie!" He said like a small child who had ADD that has been given 20 bag fulls of sugar. He jumped onto my knee.
"What Michael, Michael!" I laughed.
"Never call me that again" He said going serious.
"Whatever you say Michael" I laughed.
He gritted his teeth, trying to ignore what I just said.
"Well anyway, Look what I found!!!!!!!!!!" He screamed, and out of his pocket he pulled a dvd.
"Mikey its just a dvd" I said
"No it isn't" Mikey said telling me to look at the cover.
I read it. Mikeys birthday.
"Your birthday?" I asked with confusion.
"Your on it silly" He said.
He jumped over to the dvd player and put it in.

"Michael look at the camera" Mom said. There was a little boy sat in a chairr, obviously Mikey. There was a girl sat next to him, obviously me. Mikey blew out his candles on his cake, and gave a big cheesy grin to the camera. What looked to be a young Gerard was sat the other side of Mikey. Gerard pushed Mikeys head into the cake, and laughed.
"GERARD!" Mum said.
"Isnt that what you do?" Gerard asked with an innocent look on his face.
"No! now say sorry" Mum said
"Sorry Michael." Gerard said.
Mikey was sort of crying. The next thing you could see was me kissing Mikey on his cheek.
"Are you ok Mikey?" I asked looking concerned.
"Mikey, I like that name" Mikey smiled.
"Mum, Mum," Mikey tugged at his mums sleeve.
"What love" Mom asked.
"From now on I am called Mikey" He said.
Mom smiled and walked off.
The dvd went all fuzzy where the camera had been turned off.

"I always knew you two would get together" Mom said from the doorway. Neither me or Mikey noticed she was there until she spoke.
Me and Mikey just smiled.
"I can remember, after that day our little Mikes here wouldn't answer you if you called him Michael." She said.
Me and Mikey just looked at each other and smiled.
Mom walked out leaving me and Mikey alone again.
" I love you Micheal" I said
" I love you too Anne Marie" Mikey said and kissed me gently on the lips.

Hello! Thanks for reading, I have a gf for both Gerard and Frank yay! Sorry I haven't updated for a while, and I couldn't remember if I had already gave Anne a middle name so its now Marie ok?
Love Lucyxxx
I don't own mcr lalalalalala
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