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Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Sit STILL (not back) and enjoy!

Frank and Gerard sat in Gerard's car traveling towards a little café in town. They were meeting the girls there. The car was silent if you remove the music. Neither of the boys said anything. They pulled into the car park and got out of the car. When they got the entrance they were greeted by two beautiful girls.
"Hi I'm Angela, I guess your Gerard seems as I've met Frank here before," The girl held out her hand friendly.
"Y-yeah I'm Gerard, but you can call me Gee, most of my friends do," Gerard and Angela seemed to be lost in each others eyes. They were interrupted by Frank.
"Excuse me you two, but me and Scarlett were planning on doing something today, and I don't think that is going to happen it you two are just going to stand there!" Frank said with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. Gerard smiled and Angela and they both started walking behind Frank and Scarlett to a table.


Gerard's pov

She's beautiful. Her dark blonde her framed her face perfectly and here eyes were like pools of hazel water.
We were walking behind Frank.
"So, Frankie how long you known Scarlett?" I asked, I seemed a lot happier now, ever since I have met Angela.
"Well, ive kinda kept her a secret from you for along time. I knew her before we went to New York" Frank smiled at me, and I smiled back.
"So, you two going out?" I asked
"Yeah, I guess you could call it that" Frank answered before he leaned over and kissed Scarlett gently on the lips. She blushed.


Later that night.

Gerard and Angela were sat on the sofa and Frank and Scarlett were cuddled up on the armchair. They were watching a horror film. Gerard seemed way happier, although deep inside he was mad at himself. He had just let himself be so happy when thousands of people had died and he witnessed it and did nothing to stop it from happening. When he looked over to Angela though, and saw her golden hair shimmering in the light, all his fears and madness were washed away.

Gerard's Pov

I was sat on the sofa, Angela was sat next to me, and we weren't cuddling though like Frank and Scarlett. I wished we was though. I would kill for her small delicate arms to be wrapped around me.
My dream came true.
A scary part of the movie shot onto the screen, causing Angela to shoot onto me. She buried her face in my neck so she couldn't see and squeezed me tight. I stroked her hair.
"It's okay Angel the monsters gone" I said to her.
"Angel? Why would anyone call me Angel, Look at me I'm so ug-" she was cut off by me kissing her. It was just me kissing her to begin with but then she started kissing me back. I thought I was in heaven, but rudely Frank decided he wanted some pizza, so he made me help him order it.
I broke away from our kiss. Angela was shocked, but you could tell she was happy.
"I'll be right back I promise" I said slipping out from our embrace.
"I'll be waiting" She said with a smile on her face.

Sorry its short I just got a load of homework and revision to do
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