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Chapter 19: i honeslty dont know

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Chapter 19

Gerard's pov

So, me and frank were hovering over the pizza menu trying to decide what to order.
"so, you like her" Frank asked me. I guessed he was talking about Angela.
"Yeah, she's beautiful" Frank just smiled at me and then turned his attention back to the menu.
After about half an hours argument over which pizzas we wanted, we ordered them and went to sit back with the girls.

"What took you so long" Scarlett asked.
"Well shorty over there is an awkward bastard who wont eat anything that I want to eat," I said when I went and lowered myself onto the sofa next to Angela.

I started to talk in whispers, so only she could here me.

"sorry I took so long, I was thinking about you" I said with oozing with confidence.

Its weird, with my last girlfriend I couldn't help but be shy, but with Angela I didn't need to be.

She blushed.

She looks so cute when she blushes. I could loose myself for hours in her hazel eyes.

"you know that your so cute when you blush angel" I said to her.

She blushed even more.

We were interrupted by a knock at the door.

"frank, get it" I shouted to him.
"No lover boy you get it" he replied.
"No you!" I shouted back, I was no way going to that door.
"Fine, but its your turn next time" Frank got up and walked towards the door.

When he left the room I noticed that the film had ended.

"You want to watch another film girls?" I said .
"Er yeah okay" said Scarlett.
"lets raid Franks collection" I said with an evil grin on my face.

I walked over to all his movies. There was the normal ones...nightmare before Christmas....labyrinth....batman.
Scarlett came and sat beside me and started to look with me.
"Can we watch Nightmare Before Christmas , I haven't seen that in ages," Scarlett asked.

"Sure, frank will like that decision" I said

I put the film in and pressed the relevant buttons and the film came on.

Frank burst though the door, with pizza in his arms.

"Yay!!! Who picked this!" He said almost screaming.

" I did" scarlett said a bit scared.

"I loveeeeeeeeee you!!!!!!" Frank said jumping on Scarletts lap.

"Frank, use a chair not me please" Scarlett said

"Okay" Frank reluctantly slid across onto the other chair.

I went and snatched the pizza from Frank, who was too busy watching the film to care.

I placed it on the table and went back to Angela.

"Gee, your so nice to me, I don't deserve it" She said turning her head to look at the floor.

"what are you talking about Angel, you deserve it and more" I said turning her head gently to look at me.

I placed my lips onto hers.

She broke away.

"Sorry Gee, I don't deserve you" She got up and ran out of the door, with tears forming at the brims of her eyes.

I rested my head in my hands. What did I do?

I looked up to find Frank and Scarlett looking at me.

I didn't even realize they had stopped watching the film.

"I better go after her" Scarlett said and got up to leave, but not before she kissed Frank goodbye.

After she left Frank spoke.

"Mate, what happened" Frank asked.

" I honestly don't know" I said puzzeled."I honestly don't know"

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