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Chapter 20: More to the song and more hope for Gee.

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Chapter 20

Buzz. Buzz. Its going to be a super day! Rise and Shine! Buzz. Buzz.

The far too happy voice of Gerard's alarm clock woke him. He doubted it would be a super day, more of a shitty day.

Gerard's Pov

I was still in bed. I looked over to my clock. 8am, great. After Angela's shock exit last night my head was going into overload.

Buzz. Buzz.

I leaned over to it my alarm clock, but it wasn't that was making noise. It was my phone.

The screen read Frank calling. I answered it.

"Gee, you ok man?" Frank asked
"Yeah, why?" I asked why did he want to know?
"I have Angela's Phone number if you want it." He added
My eyes shot open. How come he didn't tell me last night. He let me sit there looking
Like and idiot while he had her number.
"Of cause I want it," I replied.
"Okay, I'll come by your place soon,"
"ok" I said
"Oh and by the way Scar will be with me too."
"Okay Frank,"
"Bye Geeeeeeeeeeeee" Frank screamed down the phone.
"Bye shorty," I said, waiting for franks come back. And as I guessed I got one.
"You never call me that ag-
I cut him of and hung up the phone.

I laughed to myself.

Hmmm. What could I do?

I know.

I searched for my so called song that I started writing, I found it.

I want to put Angela into this song somehow.

I thought.

I wrote.

Hello Angel, tell me where you are
Tell me where we go from here

That sounds good.

I heard the doorbell ring.

I shoved the paper into my draw and ran downstairs.

I bet I looked a mess. I hadn't brushed my hair, there was eye make up all down my
Face from crying and I was in my pajamas.

I don't know why I cried over Angela, I had never cried over anyone I had only
known for a day before.

I unlocked the door and let Frank and Scarlett in. They were holding hands, this made
me jealous. I would die for it to be me and Angela stood there with our hands laced

"Hi Gee" Frank smiled.
"Hi Shorty,"

Frank tried to say something back but Scarlett stopped him.

I laughed.

"Awww little Shorty here can't stick up for himself without getting told off" I teased.

"excuse me Mr. but aren't you the one who wants this?"

Frank took a piece of paper out of his pocket and waved it under me nose.

I grabbed it.

I unfolded it.

07286 837483 (AN: I made up this number!)

"Frank I love you!" I said and jumped onto him.

"I love you too Gee, but I thought we said we would keep this relationship a secret?"
Frank replied.

Scarlett looked puzzled.

"Were joking Scar," Frank reassured her.

"Oh, " She giggled.

Frank looked back over too me.

"So you going to call her?" Frank asked.

"Yeah wish, me luck!"

Scarlett and Frank smiled at me as I got up and walked to the side of the room were it
Was more quiet.

I dialed in the number.

Ring. Ring.

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