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How It Started

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The Risoka is a crime syndicate that has opposed the Yakuza for years. Just when they are about to pull of the biggest drug smuggling job of their lives... they are betrayed from the deepest founda...

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How It Started

There isn't much to tell about me, I'm not nearly as interesting as any of my friends... well, they aren't really friends any more, just something to convince myself that I'm not alone. I'll start with me though, to give you an idea of how everything was for us. It won't take long; I tend to be a fast talker when I know what I want to say.

Alright... I was born when both my parents were pretty young and totally unprepared for the responsibilities of children. Immediately after my mother had me those tools shipped me off to an orphanage to be raised with close to fifty other homeless children. Like those children my parents didn't even try with me, they didn't even want me. Ah well, I got over that pretty fast.

The orphanage was small and it looked like a hunched over old woman compared to the metal monsters dwarfing it on all sides. It was a more western style building and had at one point been painted what would've been a very pretty shade of sky blue. I only noticed the true looks of the place when I was about six, and I only realized that the paint was blue when I had been forced to stand staring at the wall during recess after biting a boy that had tried to take the toy that I obviously didn't feel compelled to share. Despite the fact that building was vile looking and a bit of a ploy to get people to feel sorry for the children, the property was fairly big, making it easy to run about and find interesting places to fall asleep in to worry the pants off of the people caring for the children. Okay, so I wasn't the best-behaved child, but growing up like that, neither would you.

When I turned nine that was basically the 'point of no return', once you're that old you have no chance of being adopted and the caregivers focus more on their younger charges. I was adopted at one point but those people had no backbones... you put the woman's fire hydrant lipstick on the dog one time and they think you're a horror! After that I had a reputation I guess. Continuing, when I turned nine my best friend since I was six was adopted by this... shady looking man and a rather scantily clad woman. That isn't important though, not until later. After he left I was alone again, the other kids never liked me, but that's what you get for being born as ugly as I was.

That lasted another month until a new kid was brought in. His parents had died in an accident and he had no family to take him in. His name was Niikura Kaoru, and he was the one that got me and the others fixated on the idea of making it on our own. He was never adopted though because he was already eleven when he came to the orphanage. As if it were a chain reaction of some sort two other's were brought in.

The first was Andou Daisuke, but we called him 'Die' for short. He was a real joker but he meant well, I think. He was a year older than me and he seemed to think this funny, he also found it funny later that I basically stopped growing when I was fourteen. I was never that tall so get over it!!

The second and final addition to our merry band of misfits was Hara Toshimasu, the delicate and all-powerful pouty queen of the group. Finally, some one who was younger than me, but even then he was friggin' leggy. Soon after we met him he took a nickname like Die had. He changed his first name to Toshiya. Still pretty long but not nearly as much a mouthful as his real name.

Moving on to the story again, one day when Kaoru was sixteen and the rest of us were around fourteen he told us that when he came of age he would get his parent's money and that he'd share it with us. He also told us that he would be able to get out of that hellhole because they couldn't keep him there and that he would take us with him. It was too good to be true, especially for some one who had been there as long as I had. We made a promise after that that no matter what we would stick together, no matter what. The promise lasted.

When Kaoru was eighteen he took all the money and hauled us away from that orphanage forever and we all shared an apartment until we could support ourselves.

This is where the real story starts... the subject... The Risoka.

The Risoka was a group that had started around eight years before I was born and their main goal was to be known. They were a powerful crime syndicate originally started by a group of rich vigilantes and their thugs. At first it started out okay but then it went bad and started to compare itself to that Yakuza, and that's something that you just don't do.
Like the Yakuza, the Risoka dealt in drug smuggling, prostitution, and murder. Anything you wanted done, if you had enough money you could get from them. And when we found ourselves out of money we turned to them. Kaoru was the first to join, but at the time we didn't know. He had started to work under a boss as his right hand man and had a lot of revenue coming in to support us. He asked us to join a little while after he had.... And the promise kept us from turning it down. We became Kaoru's henchmen, though he made sure that we didn't have to do a lot of work.

It went on like that. We would deliver messages; act as bodyguards, and transport drugs. It was left at that, and I was thankful. More time passed... six years maybe?

The first time I became truly afraid of what we had become apart of is when I watched Kaoru kill a man. No, it was five. That was maybe a year ago. It was the very man he worked under, the scum, and his bodyguards. He deserved it, but I just didn't want to have to watch.

The man, Benkay was his name, had started to harass poor Toshiya, grabbing him and making all sorts of disgusting comments. When Toshiya showed up at Die's apartment crying because that stupid motherfucker had tried to come onto him we decided that it wouldn't be tolerated. The next day we cornered him in his office, guns at the ready. His bodyguards fired at us and Die was shot in the leg. I admire the redhead though, he didn't scream. He just grunted and fell to the floor and immediately tried to stop the bleeding. When I tried to crouch down and help him I took a bullet to the left shoulder, but unlike Die I couldn't ignore the wound. I screamed louder than I ever had in my entire life, a shriek that shook the walls and drained the color from Die's face. With eyes half-lidded I fell on top of Die, pain ripping through my body and all I could see was Kaoru.

Our leader, the man that had lead us that far and had protected us since the beginning, was at they very moment the most frightening thing I had ever seen. His long pink hair was tied back and braided and his narrow black eyes cold with fury. In a bellow of rage he shot Benkay and all of his bodyguards, picking up their guns and shooting them over and over again. If our dear Toshiya had been there he would've started crying his eyes out. When Koaru was sure that they were dead he turned to look at both me and Die, both bleeding and half conscious on the floor. And that's where the darkness set in, as well as the fear.

I wasn't afraid of our syndicate; they were planning to off Benkay anyway. I wasn't afraid because I had watched a group of men be shot to death; now that I think about it, it was entertaining to me. I was afraid of the man that I had trusted with my life.

Kaoru took over Benkay's position and before the Risoka knew what had happened he had even the old retired founders wrapped around his slim painted fingers They wouldn't do anything without consulting him first. His company at a formal gathering would make it as if you were in the company of royalty. I hated it. It made me sick.

Kaoru had actually had a life before he met me in the orphanage. So did everyone else. I was... That little rundown orphanage was the life that I had had before all of the murder and bloodshed. For some reason I wanted to go back.

I was left behind. This time by the people I truly loved. They used to come and visit me all the time. Now my house is quiet. I used to go and see them. I don't bother any more; they'd rather entertain whores. I hear my subordinates whispering about me. I'm the one that comes in with the unexplainable wounds. I'm the one that they know will be easy to kill. I'm not strong enough to fight off so many that hate me.

Now I look at what I've become, lying here and listening to the constant buzz of the static on my TV, and all I want to do is throw myself out the window. I'm alone. I'm always going to be alone.

I listen to the silent drip of scarlet hitting the hardwood floor, the razor still clutched loosely between my fingers. I know what you think of me... I'm some one that gets satisfaction and relief from the miseries of things around me by hurting myself like this, but you're wrong. This is the first time I've ever done this. It hurts. I never hit that numbness that all the others rave about. It made me feel worse.

The razor drops to the floor. I didn't hear it but I think it did. I close my eyes. I don't sleep much anymore, but it feels good not to see sometimes.

Oh, and by the way, my name is Nishimura Tohru... I don't go by that name anymore but it feels important to tell you. Call me Kyo.

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