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Answering Machines and Biohazards

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Messages on Kyo's answering machine remain unanswered, but bring horrible memories to the surface. Toshiya, desperate to fix his mistake goes to Kyo's apartment, only to find that the older man isn...

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Answering Machines and Biohazards

"This is Kyo. I don't feel like picking up the phone right now so leave me a message after the beep and hope I remember to check them. Bai Bai!!"

You have nine messages-
Message One:

"Kyo? It's me Toshiya. I know you're home. Please pick up... It's been three days and we haven't heard anything from you!! I'm sorry about what happened! I -sob- really am! Just pick up and tell me you're okay! I'm sorry! ... I have to go... Kaoru's on the other line. Call me, please? Bai..."



"I want out..." He said, his voice low as three pairs of almond-shaped eyes turned to burn holes in his forehead. Dread churned in the small man's belly as he replayed several different scenarios over and over in his mind. It was now or never. If it didn't end here he would never get away, his life would sink further than it already had, further than anyone knew. Kaoru was the first to respond, stepping toward his subordinate with an intimidating stare.

"What?" The pink haired man's voice was dark and foreboding as he eyed the little raven haired man. Kyo felt himself shrink more than he had begun to as the other two men, all looking at him as if he was some disease taken visible form, moved to stand behind their leader. He responded as strongly as he could, his voice cracking with the effort to hide his fright.

"You heard me. I'm done. I don't want any part of this anymore." He would have said more or given an explanation but any and all further attempts were cut off as Kaoru's fist collided with his nose, causing the petite Risoka to crumble to the floor with a cry of pain. Kaoru looked at his fist and then down at the stunned heap on the floor.

/End Flashback/

Message Two:

"You haven't been to work in eight days Kyo! We're all worried about you! Die's fretting and Kaoru's being a grouch. I called your landlord and he says that he hasn't seen you. He was going to evict you so I paid your rent. Please... pick up the phone. Pick up. We're all sorry. We want you to come back! ... Please Kyo... If I cry anymore I'll make myself sick...

"... I have to go and meet with some of the dealers... I'm sorry; you know that... right? -Sob- Bai..."


Someone, Die probably, kicked him hard in the skull and knocked him out of his curled position on the floor. It left him open for the other two to strike him hard in the ribs and gut. Blood was already gushing from his nose, but now it came erupting from his esophagus in waves of romantically beautiful crimson to spill onto the linoleum floor around him. He'd given up begging them to stop. They didn't care at all, or at least that's what he thought in his mind.

Minutes turned into horrifying and excruciating hours, another illusion of his hazy and rattled mind.

/End Flashback/

Message Three:

"This is Die. Where are you? Totchi's a wreck and you haven't left your apartment in eight days. What will it take to get you to come to work? I'd apologize but I'm not very good with those and you know it. I am worried... we overreacted and we shouldn't have done that to you but... Nevermind... you aren't going to listen to this message. You just delete them anyway.

"You don't have to come into work if you're still hurt. Just call us? We want you to be better. Bai."


He continued to lie on the cold and uncomfortable floor. Their words and insults still hung in the air over his broken body, threatening to do damage that physical assaults could ever hope to do. They weren't gone yet though, just silent. Quite possibly even his assailants were still mystified over their own actions. Two pairs of timid footsteps began to walk away towards the back door. But the third stayed. Kaoru.

/End Flashback/

Message Four:

"Ten days Kyo... You've locked yourself up for too long! Kaoru told us to give you your space but I'm worried. We could use your help down here. There are some police officers snooping around the club. It's kinda funny -Sniff-. I bet they think that we offed you and that their leading a big investigation. You'd think it were funny too if you were down here to see it for yourself...

"To tell you the truth... I think that Kao's given up on you... He hired some new kid that works under a different lord to run the bar. Ugh, it's stupid -sniff-. The kid is such a fop and ends up dropping everything.

"Kyo... even if you aren't paying attention... you're probably aware that I'm not gonna stop calling you until you answer the damn phone, right? Heh... Bai."



"Just face it... we're all you've got Kyo-chan... Without us, and this, you are nothing! Try and leave and we'll kill you, you worthless ugly wretch!" With that said the pink haired man grabbed a fistful of ragged pitch-black hair, pulling hard so that the smaller man was looking torpidly into his piercing hawk-like gaze. Kyo groaned when several locks of hair gave out with a sickening tearing noise, causing the older man to smirk. "And while you're here you should learn your place."

The man placed his hand over Kyo's mouth, making it look as if he were going to keep the younger from responding or cut off his air supply. He watched in twisted fascination as blood from Kyo's nose ran in graceful trails down the back of his hand. Leaning down slowly, Kaoru planted a forceful kiss on the back of his own hand in a more western gesture of mock praise for some unnamed lesson that he had finished teaching. The pink haired man pulled back after a split second, licking Kyo's blood from his lips. Kyo himself slipped into darkness, the blood loss and damage too much for him.

Kaoru let Kyo fall limply to the floor and rose from where he had been kneeling. Without glancing back he made his way to the door where Die and Toshiya stood staring regretfully at the lifeless bleeding mound that was their fellow subordinate. When Kaoru was standing next to them the two averted their eyes.
"See you at work tomorrow, Kyo-chan!" The Risoka boss called out in a venomously sweet voice over his shoulder, causing the two younger men to shiver. The door closed with a loud bang, leaving the unconscious form in total obscurity.

/End Flashback/

Message Five::

"Nishimura-sama. This is Taki, your landlord. I've been receiving several complaints from the tenants on the floors below you about water damage to their ceilings and floors. Whatever you're doing has to stop. If I get another complaint I'm going to have to evict you. As it is I'm going to add the expenses for the damages to your rent.



He had woken up a half an hour after the departure of the other three men and made his way to the door that led out into the flurry of lights in the club. He couldn't walk well and blood from a wound on his head was ruining his vision. Without a second thought he forced himself through the writhing mass of human bodies, most of which were taller than him, and made his way to the exit. It seemed too far away but he had to get out of that place.

The familiar bar that he tended was left without some one to serve drinks as he ran past it, clutching his ribs with a bruised hand. Just as he reached the egress he ran smack into a woman. One of the dancers that sometimes helped him when she didn't have work. The woman, a good six inches taller but also three years younger, looked down at him with a bit of concern.

"Kyo-sama?" She tried to reach for him but he did his best to hide his face and ran full tilt for the door and out onto the street. He stumbled like a drunk that had been tossed from the club by a bouncer and paused only to cough wretchedly into his hand.

/End Flashback/

Message Six:

"It's Toshiya again. Like always. PICK UP THE PHONE KYO! Eleven days and you haven't even tried to talk to us. Kaoru's given up so why shouldn't I!?"



He climbed out of the cab and made his way to the rundown apartment building where he lived, the heavy painkillers fogging his vision slightly. He was bandaged, poorly and quickly, and it could've been better if he hadn't left when his doctor had gone to get his x-rays. Getting out wasn't too easy because of his injuries and several nurses had tried to usher him back into his room to hook him up to the machines again.

Whipping open the door to his apartment he began to strip the crusty bloodstained clothes from his small frame, making a beeline to his bedroom. By the time he reached the other side of his residence he was down to his boxers and the bandages that covered his body were all visible. Every inch of him was damaged, dirty, and sore. He felt nothing. He didn't care for the damage done to his body. His heart was broken.

/End Flashback/

Message Seven:

"Hey, It's Die. I think Totchi might be taking lessons from you Chibi-chan... He won't speak to Kaoru and me. You aren't happy with us, but can you talk to him? He isn't taking this well and he's worried about you.

"I... I'm sorry that we hurt you. I'm sorry that we weren't more understanding that you didn't feel right working the way we do. I'll grovel and kiss your feet if you ever come back but can you please talk to that ditz?


"I have to go... The new kid is destroying everything. We need you back..."



"He's right. I'm nothing. I'm nothing." The words slipped between his chapped lips like a prayer as he crawled on the floor frantically to pick up the remnants of the bathroom mirror that he had just broken, acting like a child that was going to be scolded by an abusive parent There were slivers of himself trapped in his knuckles now, so he tried to avoid looking at his hands for fear of seeing his own ugly face reflected back. "What am I going to do? What am I supposed to do?"

Tears poured down his cheeks even though he tried to stop them. If he didn't cry though it would be as if the pressure would cause his wounds to tear open again to escape. The sorrow and confusion turned to rage and he picked up a large piece of the mirror like a dagger. He sliced into the shower curtains and ripped them the shreds, letting the maelstrom in his mind pour into the very aura around him. He shrieked, not caring who heard. All he could do was shriek.

/End Flashback/

Message Eight:




His chocolate brown eyes stared straight in front of him, unblinking and empty. He didn't move even as the flies attracted by the food he had left out to rot began to crawl on his face, attracted to the dried blood that covered his entire body. One of the vile insects grew brazen and crawled across the Risoka's oculus, the chocolate colored pools unresponsive. More of them moved over his scabbed lips. If someone were to walk in right then he would've appeared as corpse that still had a pulse.

He looked a little to the side and the flies took leave of his visage. He could see everything now, although not clearly. The visionaries... the Risoka... were going to...

/End Flashback/

Message Nine:

"Kyo? ... AW, FUCK IT! I'M COMING OVER! I can't take you ignoring me anymore!!"


Toshiya opened the door to the older Risoka's apartment timidly and closed it behind him, making sure that it was locked securely. When he turned around and began to take his sneakers off he wrinkled his nose and grimaced, the smell of rotten meat and dried blood filling his senses and dragging a wave of nausea through his gut. Instantly he panicked and through off his jacket, not caring where it landed. The tall blue haired beauty blundered into the living room, tripping over himself in his hurry.

"Kyo!?" He called out, his coffee colored eyes drinking in every detail of the older man's house. There was no sign of the bartender but what he did find caused him to cover him mouth quickly to avoid throwing up all the contents of his stomach.

There were plates piled up on the coffee table, all of which were filled with food that hadn't been touched. The contents on the plates had been there for several days now and were oddly discolored, flies and maggots swarming them. The couch cushions were torn to shreds with the stuffing distributed throughout the den like had been thrown. All over the floor was dried blood and bandages that had been removed and tossed aside. Once white walls were covered in gory handprints and places where it look like someone had regurgitated raw meat. His coffee-colored eyes moved from the walls back to the sitting area where the TV and rotting food were. The TV was on but all that was there was static.

"Kyo-kun? Are you here?" Toshiya called, swallowing bile that had risen despite his efforts to hold it down. He turned away from the horrible scene in the living room and made his way towards the raven-haired man's bedroom, not even wanting to bother with what might be in the kitchen.

Toshiya had always been squeamish and a bit childish and today was no different. But there was something that made the sheer squalor of Kyo's apartment that made a hated feeling roil in his stomach. Guilt. If he hadn't been one of the ones that had done such things to the already mentally unstable man he wouldn't have to see these things. Now he feared that the older was dead somewhere in the dwelling.

Walking around several pieces of broken ceramic and some blood-soaked clothing that had been discarded, he entered the bedroom, still covering his mouth to avoid the smell. A surprised squeak sounded deep in his throat as he stepped in something wet and jumped back.

Please don't be vomit. Please don't be vomit!!! The blue haired supplier screeched in his own mind, screwing his eyes shut. Taking a deep breath, he looked down at his feet, heaving a sigh of relief when he deduced that it was only water. The entire floor was covered in water, saturating the dirty laundry and furnishings. His nose wrinkled again behind his hand as the smell of mildew added to that of the decay from the living room. The young Risoka took off his wet socks and cast them aside, entering the room fully.

"Answer me!" His voice was timorous as he took in the state of this room. It was no better than the den. Following the sound of running water he slipped through the ankle-deep water and headed for the small adjoining bathroom. He groaned silently as his pant legs became soaked through, but entered anyway and found the very person he was looking for. "... Kyo..."

The shower stall was open, curtains ripped to shreds, and the water was running, lack of steam telling that it was ice cold. Because of a small rag trapped in the drain water had gone spilling out onto the tile and eventually into the bedroom and if it continued there would be water in the hallway too. Sodden gauze was floating through the water around his feet as he stepped into the bathroom fully, looking at the small figure curled up under the rain-like spatter of the faucet.

Kyo's pitch-black hair was drenched and pooling around his head gracefully, chocolate brown eyes looking at the younger man but not seeing him. Toshiya turning on the light carefully so that he could see the petite man better and gasped at the more gruesome details that could only be seen with illumination. Kyo's body was frail from lack of food and his legs, arms, and torso were covered in huge gouges that were scabbed over but still needed to be tended to. What expanses of pale skin weren't scabbed was covered in yellow-green bruises still in the process of healing. Except for a pair of boxers that had been drenched long ago, he was bare. Toshiya tried to see if the bartender was breathing but the movement of water over his skin performed an odd trick to the eyes.

The blue haired beauty bit his lower lip and thought about how to approach the situation before him. It took him a few minutes but he, at last, waded through the cold water and got down on all fours so that he could enter the shower stall right next to the smaller man. He shivered when frigid water showered over his lightly clothed back but sucked it up so that he could lean over Kyo and wrap his arms around him.

Kyo went rigid and jumped away from Toshiya, slipping through the water on the floor of the stall until his back was pressed against the wall. His teeth were chattering and his lips were blue.

"Go away." He shivered; hugging his knees to his chest and hiding his chin behind them so that only his nose and up were visible. If he weren't in such horrible shape it would've been cute. Toshiya frowned and inched closer to Kyo, midnight blue hair plastered to his pretty face. The supplier was soaked by now but he didn't care, the cold water had numbed his skin so that he couldn't tell either way. "Leave me be Totchi..."

"I'm not going to leave you here like this." The younger man reasoned, coming closer and hugging the other Risoka again. Kyo had nowhere to go so he didn't struggle, but his shoulders remained tense.

"You didn't have a problem with it when you all beat the shit out of me and left me to die!" He hissed, the majority of his words being carried away from the blue haired man by the water hitting the ceramic tiles. Toshiya's eyes flickered with guilt and he closed them, resting his head against the top of Kyo's. He wanted to cry because he felt horrible, but he was too close now for the water to mask his sobs. Tears pricked at the corners of his eyes.

"Gomen. I was a fucking idiot! I shouldn't have done that to you." The bishounen burst into tears and turned his head until his face was hidden in Kyo's sopping raven colored hair. Kyo remained unresponsive for a moment, Toshiya's actions not registering in his dazed mind. The light returned to his chocolate brown eyes and the tension left his shoulders. In an awkward attempt at movement he turned in the taller man's embrace and wrapped his arms around him, returning the hug and burying his face in Toshiya's chest. "None of us should have! Gomen..." Toshiya continued.

"It's okay Totchi... we're both guilty of playing follow the leader..." He whispered soothingly, rubbing Toshiya's back in hopes that it would bring comfort. Kyo pulled back and rose onto his knees so that the blue haired beauty could rest his head in the crook of his neck. Toshiya kept crying there for a moment in the wounded man's embrace, confusion and sickening self-reproach spilling out of him in the form of sobs. Kyo held on tighter and closed his eyes, expression unreadable. "... I just made the mistake of trying to fall out of line..."

Toshiya didn't respond, he just continued to cry and Kyo continued to hold him. Frigid water spilled over them without slowing making sure that they would stay drenched, matting their hair to their heads and carrying away the tears that were escaping the flimsy mental dam that the supplier had put up around himself. For a moment it was as if there was nothing else but the water and themselves, like a world that could only be observed by turning the page or inspecting a painting that was so old it might've been there since the beginning of everything. Time stood still.

"Are... you mad at me?" Toshiya finally managed to ask, gripping the smaller man's shoulder since Kyo wasn't wearing a shirt. Time started once again and Kyo opened his eyes tiredly. His ribs were starting to hurt again and he was sure that one or more of his cuts had reopened. He contemplated Toshiya's question, but it didn't take long. "Are we still friends?"

"Iie... I'm not mad... we're still friends..." The raven-haired Risoka smiled, though not enough to show his teeth. It was one of the hardest tasks imaginable to hold a grudge against Toshiya and he knew that forgiving the ditz was going to come sooner or later. He squirmed a bit and looked up at the faucet that unrelentingly dumped glacial water upon them. "Can you reach the spigot?"

Toshiya looked up as well, squinting against the downpour.

"Hai. Lemme up." Kyo removed his arms from the taller man and scooted away to give him room to stand. Toshiya rose, limbs shaking with the effort to keep balance in the slippery stall. Slim-fingered hands managed to wrap around the handle and with little effort turn it so that the rush of water stopped suddenly, leaving both men dripping and silent. Toshiya bent down to help Kyo to his feet, knowing that the other was probably still to injured to get up on his own. When both Risoka were on their feet the taller looked at the raven haired one. "I... I was scared... I thought you might've left the club and died on the way to your apartment or while you were here alone. I couldn't stop blaming myself."

"Well don't blame yourself. You may think I look and feel sore now but you're the one that's making it worse with your fretting!" He feigned petulance, doing horrible job of it. He was glad that some one had worried and given him proof of it besides silly words recorded on a machine. No matter what anybody did though... whatever 'friendship' he had had with the others of his sect was dead. He wouldn't even be able to trust Toshiya like he used to. "You should go... I have some things that I need to take care of..."

The tall coffee-eyed man looked at him as if he were a blundering halfwit, and crossed his arms over his chest. It looked comical since the youth was still drenched and his clothes hung off of his wiry frame as if he were a drowned rat.

"You're not staying here." He stated simply, putting on his best commanding face. Kyo arched a slender brow and stepped out of the shower stall. It didn't make much of a difference though since the floor there was submerged as well.

"And why the hell not?" He inquired, crossing his arms like Toshiya had. Toshiya moved a few locks of midnight colored hair away form his eyes and practically glared down at the older man.

"Because your house is a fucking biohazard!" He hissed, though it wasn't meant to be threatening. Kyo's eyes widened a bit, and he looked around stupidly. The little grump was cognizant of what he had done over the days that he had been left by himself with only his own mind. Several things had started to unravel during that time too, not just his sanity. But if Toshiya found out then he would never be able to set his plans in motion. A persistent Totchi would ruin everything.

"What do you mean? I don't remember much of the last few days." Kyo pouted slightly, hobbling through the chilly water and into his bedroom. Toshiya's plucked eyebrows made an amazing attempt at disappearing under his bangs. The bishounen pursed his lips and trailed after the older man, water dripping from his clothes and hair.

"You know what? Nevermind. I'm going to pack you some clothes because whether you argue or not you're coming with me." The commanding tone. Kyo turned and opened his mouth to argue but was shoved aside by Toshiya, who headed for his closet and proceeded to pull a duffel bag off of the shelf.

"I really don't have a say in this, do I?" Toshiya walked over to the bureau and pulled the top drawer open.

"Not in the slightest, Chibi-chan." He mumbled cutely, stuffing random articles of clothing into the bag. Kyo grumbled something incoherent and walked over to the bureau as well; pulling out what clothing hadn't been grabbed. He disappeared into his closet and shut the door, reappearing again in a pair of torn jeans and a worn t-shirt. Toshiya finished packing and left the bedroom with the shorter man in tow, using his wet sleeve to cover his nose. Kyo didn't seem bothered by the smell.

Within minutes both men had slipped into their shoes and exited the "biohazard". Toshiya made sure to have Kyo walk in front of him in case of any problems and hoped that the petite man wouldn't look back and see his solemn expression. Kyo would return to work at the club and do what he was supposed to...

Kyo wouldn't trust him though. That was ruined and he accepted it. But Kaoru and Die would feel that they had more reason to be wary of the younger. He closed his coffee-colored eyes and continued walking, thoughts of unrest at every turn.

/15 Days Ago.../

"Kaoru?" Toshiya inquired timidly.

"What do you want now?" The older man responded in a grouchy manner as he and the others exited the nightclub that they were so proud of, Die in the lead.

"Should we have hurt him so much? I feel bad..." The blue haired beauty sounded genuinely concerned. Die was the one to respond however; turning to look over his should, eyes hidden by his ever-present sunglasses.

"I could care either way." He didn't sound convincing. "Maybe if we're lucky the little weirdo won't get up again."

"Don't talk like that!! Even if he did break our promise he is still our friend! We shouldn't have done that!!" The effeminate man sounded outraged by the under boss's words, stopping dead in his tracks, the January air causing his breath to leave his pouty lips in artistic wisps of steam.

"Relax, he hasn't broken our promise yet, and we made sure that he won't any time soon. He'll see that our little lesson was all for the greater good." Kaoru grunted as he lit a cigarette and passed the lighter to Die so he could do the same.

"... I just have this... horrible feeling..." Toshiya muttered, lighting a cigarette of his own.
All three members of the Risoka stood in a circle under a flickering lamppost, not one of them saying a word. And they didn't move even as the sky began to weep ice crystals.


A/N: Please go to my profile for full information about this story. Sorry if it was confusing. I have a lot to cover and this was the easiest solution. This won't happen again.
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