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Gerard asks Frank about his family. short filler to give some background info

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During the whole next week, Frankie seemed to keep his decision to stick with me. We'd walk to school with Mikey, meet up in the hallways of school, and Frank hanged out at my house afterwards. By then my mom had realized that we were going out, but it didn't bother her for two reasons. One- my mom knew I was bisexual and Two- my mom loves Frank. All in all it was like living in paradise. I was with my true love all of the time. What more could I ask for?

On a particularily warm Wednesday, I sat on my bed with who else but Frank on my lap. We were justing resting from making out so we were both silent. It was just about then when I randomly wondered what Frank's parents thought about him almost never being home. After all, Frank never seemed to mention his parents.

"Hey Gorgeous, can I ask you something?" I began to say as Frank lifted his head from my shoulder.

"Whatever you want, Lover", he replied, looking into my eyes.

"Whats with your parents? I mean I've never seen them or anything", I told him.

"They're not much of family-oriented people", Frank began to tell me, "They get me whatever I need and let me do whatever I want"

"Doesn't that get boring sometimes?", I asked.

"Not really", Frank replied, "My parents have always been like that. They really are good parents though"

"Besides, all I need is you", Frank added seriously with a loving smile. This is why I loved Frank; he says what he wants.

I gave him the passionate kiss that I knew would make him moan. And just like I suspected, Frank did. As we rested once again from our tongue wrestling, Frank looked up at me, his head resting on my chest.

"I've never gotten how you can do that", Frank said to be in awe. I gave him a smile.

"Cause I'm amazing like that" I replied with a smile.

AU: Super short I know! People, if you have stories then UPDATE! All of my favorite stories are never updated and its killing me!
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