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Sophmore Dude

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Title says it all

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It was Friday and I had snuck behind the gym during health class to smoke a cigarette. I rested my back aganist the wall and took regular drags on the cigarette. I smiled to myself at a thought. It was pretty ironic, skipping health class to smoke. Not too long after this thought lingered in my head, I saw Frank appear to my side, whimpering to himself. I looked him over quickly as he trudged towards me. He had a black eye and his shirt was ripped and dirty. I jumped up the second it had clicked in my mind.

"Gorgeous, its okay", I whispered softly to Frank as I held him in my arms as he sobbed lightly to himself.

His sobbing continued and I couldn't help but be distressed by his pain. I just couldn't understand how anyone could hurt innocent Frankie. People here were assholes, but no one was really beaten up. I sat back down with my back on the wall, pulling Frank to my lap. I was hoping that would comfort him some more.

"Frankies...", I continued to whisper to him for about five minutes before he removed his head from my chest, eyes red and eyeliner smeared down his cheek.

"The popular sophmore dudes", he said to me, wiping his eyes. His sentences were fragmented by his emotions, "Them just now. I thought you'd be here. So I came"

"Oh Sweetheart....", I said, trying to comfort him. Frank by then seemed able to tell the story a bit better.

"I was going to English and they stopped me before I got to the buildings", Frank told me, "And they called me a fag and stuff and attacked me. Then they ran off to class. After some time I came back here"

I held Frank in my arms tighter. If I saw those guys I didn't know if I would be able to control myself. Those guys had to pay somehow, even if it was years from now. I myself had to deal with assholes during my first year in high school, but once you beat them up once, they leave you alone. My mind went back to Frank, trying to supress the memories. Taking a closer look at him, I could see Frank had specks of blood on his shirt. Plus his eye was worse than I thought.

"You gotta go to the nurse Frankie", I said to him.

"But Gee -------", Frank whined. He was halfway back to his usual self.

"No Frank, you gotta get fixed up", I told him, giving him a kiss to persuade him to listen, "This is one of the few things I will ever force you to do"

"Okay, but you're coming with me", Frank said, standing up, "Just say you found me, which is pretty much true"

"Alright", I agreed as we headed towards the nurse's office.

We got to the nurse's office in a few minutes. When we stepped into the office, the nurse looked at us with wide eyes, seeing how bad Frankie looked. Her eyes filled with sympathy, she told Frank to sit in one of the chairs.

"I found Frankie so I brought him here", I told the nurse who was looking suspiciously at me. Just becuase I wear black doesn't mean I go beating up gorgeous guys!

"Well that's very kind of you, but you can go to class now", the nurse said with a smile now that she knew I was a good guy.

"Ummmm.... I would perfer if he stayed", Frank said to her.

"Alright then", she replied. I sat down on the chair next to him. I saw Frankie refrained himself from jumping into my lap. I supressed a laugh and gave him a kiss when the nurse wasn't looking.

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