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Part 3 ~ Things Are Better If You Stay~

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A Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance combination story,,,,

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Gerard leaned against the wall of the office. Secluded from the masses that danced to the music a lively jazz band. Patrick had kept it twenties themed. Hoping it will bring in the crowd. And he was pretty much correct. Never a club had been so popular as this one before. Often heaving at the entrance. Celebrities and those who wish the caress the clubs skin craved every second that the club was open. And the glitzy world the club possessed was spell-bounding. No one knew the truth. If they saw past the bright lights that entranced the innocent and blinded the fools, they would see that the club harboured ghosts. Secrets. Blood shed. The walls were thickly stained in secrets.

Gerard rubbed his face as he tried to come up with an escape plan. He wanted to run as fast as he legs would carry him. Yet, if he did, Patrick would always be one step ahead. And one trigger away from murder. Gerard had no choice. Sickening obligation that focused in on the pit of his stomach. Contorting his guts. He tried to settle them down. Breathing in deeply and breathing in all past mistakes that he had taken. He was trying to pull himself together. He was trying to place himself to the memory before all of this had happened. And further he put his hands within the bloody mess of the corpses he destroyed the further that memory flittered away from him. Gerard felt the clasp of devastating self loathing creep over him. Freezing any chance of hope. Any chance of freedom. And now his next task was going to finally separate him from what he was and what he had become. A murderer.

From the back a figure came through the back door. It was Frank. Struggling with some barrels.
"You alright there?"
"Sure, no I'm fine" Frank smiled yet he dropped the barrel. "FUCKER"
"Sure you're fine?"
"I will be when I quit this job."
"If only it was that simple."
Frank smirked for a bit then peered at Gerard. "You alright man?"
"I wish I was."
Gerard took a deep sigh. Looking down to patterns one the floor. Frank knew of the hardship. He had been there. He had done it. Gerard, though, was apparently the best. Never been caught.

"It will get better."
Gerard rose an eyebrow and Franks' unconvincing proclamation. Both giggled nervously. Knowing that it will never get better. Not since, not since that day. That time. That place. They had to face the consequences. Life had changed and it was never going to go back to how it was. The perfect days had gone.
Gerard had lifted his watch to check the time. The hours were whittling away before his eyes. He wished that time would implode. And everything would be a distant memory. Nothing would exist and therefore, there would be no pain.
"I best get going." Gerard muttered, pointing to the doorway.
"What - " Frank didn't want to press on. It was best he didn't know what Gerard had to do. It just saddened him more. "Ok..See ya later."
Gerard walked back out of the back and through the club. Squeezing past the sweat entangled torsos that didn't really notice he was there. He was anonymous. He was just walking past the bar. Pete was talking to a raven haired woman. She sat with sophistication. Un phased he just walked past. The woman grabbed hold of his arm.
"Where are you going Gerard?"
She spun around. Her pale blue eyes and pale skin meeting Gerard. He scanned her mood and scanned her face. A bruise sat comfortably on her cheek. It was fresh.

"I have something to do."
"I'm not at liberty to say Erin."
"I'm guessing Patrick sent you on this errand," Erin, the raven haired girl, stuttered. "Well I suppose I can't stop you."
"Thank you."
"Just please be back as soon as."
Gerard's eyes flashed at her and he bowed his head. Leaving into the shadows of the evolving night. Erin watched as the door shut. She picked up a compact mirror from her hand bag. Dabbing her medal of abuse with camouflaging make up. Pete was watching her as the crowd had left the bar empty to go and watch the band.
"Bastard" Erin muttered as she slammed the mirror shut.
Pete coughed. "Can I ask something Erin?"

Erin turned to face him. "I suppose you can Pete." She flashed him a cheeky smile to show that she had no double meaning.

"Why do you let Patrick treat you like shit?"

Erin sat back on the barstool in pondering answers. Why did she let Patrick treat her like shit? She felt the warmth of her broken cheek and tried to come to some sort of conclusion. Deep down there was the truth. She knew it.
"Because I love him."
"When he hits you?"
"He has hit me once," she slammed her hand down on the wooden bar. "And I suppose I pushed him too far."
"Pete, you know what mine and Patrick's relationship is like."
"No buts Pete, I give as good as I get, as long as he still loves me I am fine with it."
Pete looked at her and breathed in deeply. "I suppose your right."
"I'm always right."
She removed herself from her stool at she was sat on. She downed the drink that she hadn't touched in one. Shunning the glass on the wooden table. She shuddered from the taste that shimmered down her throat. She poised herself. Straightening her dress. "I have an investor to meet. Bye Pete."
Pete did not respond. His fringe loose in front of his brown eyes. He watched as Erin twisted her hips to the group of men. Drunk and loutish. Erin disappeared in a fit of lustful cheers. Flirting but with deadly ambition

Ciao Bella
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