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Part 4 ~ Solitary Style

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A Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance combination story,,,,

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The soft beads of hot water plummeted against Amelia's skin. Soaking each pour with pure and refreshing liquid that was slowly washing away the impurities of the day's events. Amelia sighed and washed the last remains of the shampoo from her blonde locks. Wishing that her life would make some dramatic shift. She was poor and had no one since her dramatic change in scenery. She had heard one of her old closest friends had moved to this city. Amelia had yet to find her and so far being unemployed was getting her down. The only person who showed any interest was some guy who lived down the hall from her. And even though he intrigued her in a mysterious way, she hardly knew him. Amelia shook her head and turned off the showerhead. Reaching out for a silk robe and a clean fresh towel. She rubbed the steam from her mirror and loved how the night reflected in it. There was nothing better than early evening washes. In someway they made her forget that her life was going nowhere fast. Suddenly a sound echoed through her lifeless apartment. Amelia jumped and frowned her head in confusion. Who on earth would be calling her at this time?

"Alright I'm coming" she muttered, not loudly enough as another knock ricocheted off the walls. "I SAID I'M COMING."
She strolled over to the front door and opened it to a very flustered Gerard. He was slightly breathless and his cheeks pale.
"Hey Amelia."
"Hey erm Gerard -right?" She questioned although she knew perfectly well what he was called. Always on flirt mode.
"Yeah that's me."
"Oh hi then."
Gerard stood awkwardly in the arch of the door. Hoping for some kind of invitation though Amelia had no such plan for an offer. Swallowing his pride he asked himself in. She stepped out of the way for him. Not wanting to stop him because by the look of the jittery movements he was making, he was after something important.
"What's wrong Gerard?"
He rubbed his hands together. Trying to come to a suitable way of asking. "How desperate are you of a job?"
"Pretty goddam desperate."
"Well," Gerard closed his eyes momentarily, he didn't want to do this, "I can get you a gig at where I work."
"Where do you work?"

"'High Fashion' club"
Amelia's mouth dropped open. Her, working there, would be incredible. She had only lived in the city for a couple of months but during those days "High Fashion" club, owned by the infamous Patrick Stump, was all she heard about. And now some guy she barely knew was asking her to work there. Amelia's brain started working into gear after the complete shock. There had to be a catch.

"What will I be doing?" She said with an accusing tone.
"Singing, I mean you are a singer, aren't you?" he had a panic in his voice.
"Yeah I am, but me singing at the club?"
"Patrick asked for you specifically"
Amelia laughed. This had to be some kind of practical joke. "He doesn't know me!"
"He's heard about you."
"Who from?"
Gerard blushed just slightly. "I may have told a few people about you."
Amelia could feel her cheeks flush. Why would he tell people about her? She was hardly special and they did not know each other. She could feel herself falling for Gerard already. She placed her head to her hands to stop the thoughts spinning around in her head. To stop her lust taking over her.
"So are you ready?" he asked impatiently

"For the gig, I suppose"
"My orders were right away."
"What kinda joke is this?"
Gerard looked at her with full seriousness. She could tell that there was no joke. "Do you want the job or not?"

"Erm yeah sure I guess"
"Come on then."
Amelia had to giggle. "Gerard I'm in my dressing robe, I'll just get changed."
Double taking as he did not realised the girl was not dressed he smiled and nodded. Immediately feeling the fool. Amelia decided on smart casual suit. Her hair was still hanging limp and wet but she tied it up in a bun. Sliding hair clips to keep it in place. She applied the most perfect of makeup to her face and with an unknowingly seductive walk she removed herself from the bedroom. Gerard scanned her. Have in awe at the impeccable pear shaped girl before him and half through the eyes of Patrick. Amelia had no idea what she was getting herself in for. And Gerard was partly to blame for that. He motioned to leave the apartment and Amelia followed. Excited yet apprehensive. Gerard led her to the car that he had left running. She climbed in and just as Gerard had begun to spin off she asked.
"What is this Patrick like anyway?"

The night was still young within High Fashion and it hadn't taken long for Gerard to pull up outside it. Amelia scanned the front. Her eyes taking in the detail on show. There was an orderly queue outside. Rubbing their arms warm. Desperate to be a single name on the list. Craving nothing more than to be in the crowd. Amelia let Gerard walk her past the jealously driven faces, all of which wanted to be her.
"Evening Joe" Gerard whispered to one of the bouncers. Joe smiled.

"Hey Gerard." His smiling stopped as he saw Amelia on one side of Gerard. Her features full of naïve questions that Joe knew the hideous truths too. "Not another one."

Gerard had hung his head at what Joe had stuttered into his ear. Amelia was oblivious to the knowing the men possessed.
"Hi I'm Joe," Joe reached out a hand, "I guess your our new singer"
"I haven't got the job yet."
"Oh I'm sure you have already." Joe winked at her and let go of the hand he had been shaking for the past ten minutes. "You know Erin has to see all the new clients before Patrick don't you."
"Yes I know that Joe."
"I'm just saying that's all" Joe held out his hands. He smiled and went back to refusing potential customers. Gerard took Amelia's arm and walked her through the doors. The club was an array of smoke filled stylish chic. It was as if she had stepped into a different era. She had half expected flashing neon lights and fast racing bass lines. This was far obscure. But in the best possible taste. She could tell instantly where the fame and glamour had come from. A man with crazy curly hair came back in a twenties waiter uniform. Gerard reached out his arm and grabbed it.
"Is Erin around?"
"She's with an investor. Why?"
"Potential newbie," Gerard motioned to Amelia.
"Does Erin know there's a potential new kid?"

"No but you know her policy."
"Does Patrick want her to know?"

The guy looked at Gerard with full seriousness. Gerard knew what he was doing. He motioned for the waiter to go and find Erin. Amelia stood, feeling like the first day of kindergarten. Still, the sights around her left her in awe. The waiter had soon returned with a raven locked woman behind him.
"Ray, are you serious? What kind of game is Patrick playing? He's never asked for someone new without my permission and -"
The woman had stopped when she saw Amelia at the front of the club. Her mouth took a fall. Her eyes wide and gleaming.

"Oh my god, Amelia."
Amelia too had the same reaction.
Ciao Bella
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