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Holly molly

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...And without you is how the application disappear (or ways you can get a job)

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"Do you see Mikey?", I craned my neck around to look for Mikey.
"Nope, maybe he's in the back", answered my boyfriend.
I just loved saying that.
Gerard is my boyfriend.
My boyfriend is Gerard.
My boyfriend's name is Gerard W.
G.W is my boyfriend.
Gee is my boyfriend.
Way Gerard is my boyfriend.
Gerard Way is my boyfriend.
Gerard who is my boyfriend dragged me to the back of the store to find Mikey, who is my boyfriend's brother.

We found Mikey sitting behind the small desk in the dark back room. The only source of light was old lamp dangling from the ceiling, for a successful store they really should update this room.
It was dodgy, smelly and dark and it was piled up with merch and old stuff no one bought. The kind of room you expect to find dead bodies in.
Mikey had a frown on his face and he squinted, he held the papers in front of him really close to his face.
"What are you doing?", I moved a few boxes away and sat on the rusty chair I found hiding behind the piles.
"Working", hummed Mikey.
Since the only two chairs were occupied by Mikey and I, Gerard made himself comfortable in my lap, he bounced lightly making me cry out with pain.
Mikey lifted his eyes to see what happened, he made a face once he saw us, "Don't fuck here, it's a public place".
I rolled my eyes behind Gerard's back.
"What are you doing?", I asked again.
"Work-ing", Mikey teased.
"But what is it that you're doing?", I asked annoyed.
"Going through some job application", he said sounding important.
I had a hard time seeing him, Gerard blocked most of Mikey except for the hair.
"Job application?", I stood up sharply causing Gerard to slide to the floor but I caught him before he fell.
Mikey lifted his gaze from the papers he was holding, "Yeah you know these things people fill out when they want to work in a certain place".
I gave him an evil look, "Why didn't you say you were hiring? I practically run this place and you forget to mention I can actually get paid?".
Mikey shrugged, "I didn't think you'd be interested".
"Well, I am", I said.
"Yeah I want to apply too, I practically run it as well", Gerard chipped in sitting on the table.
Mikey smirked, "Fucking around in the comics section isn't exactly what I call running a place".
"I need the money", Gerard shrugged.
"Fine, but you still need to fill out an application", said Mikey business like.
My eyes popped .
"I'm your fucking brother!", Gerard said, raising his eyebrows.
"And I'm your fucking best friend!", I cried outraged.
"So what? It isn't fair for the other", explained Mikey, rubbing his forehead.
"Who cares. You don't know them", I sat back on the chair.
Mikey pondered for a while studying my face and then Gerard's, "You still have to fill out an application but I'll recommend you to my boss".
We groaned.
"Let's make the other application disappear. He can't hire these who never applied!", I beamed.
"Yeah! that way your boss won't have a choice", Gerard's evil grin spread on his face.
"Guys you can't do that. That's unfair, illegal and god knows what else", Mikey panicked and covered the application forms with his arms.
Gerard attempted to steal them and they began to fight, Gerard sat on Mikey and tried to force the papers out of him, Mikey protected them with all his might, biting and scratching Gerard.
I watched them for a while, they looked ridiculous, Gerard's arms and face were red and scratched and Mikey lost his glasses and flapped his arms randomly hitting Gerard where he could.
"Wait, Mikey's right. If he hands out only our application it would look suspicious and he can get fired", I sighed.
"Thank you!", cried Mikey pushing Gerard away.
"We can go through them and choose these that have no chance of being picked and along with Mikey's recommendation the job is ours!", I explained.
Gerard and I watched Mikey's reaction.
Mikey shook his head, "That's unfair!".
I moaned, "Come on Mikey, we know what you do so you'll save time by not having to guide us and we're good workers, just because you know us doesn't mean we're bad at this".
He thought for a while, "But you better not make out in dark corners and really do your job!".
"You take the fun out of everything, don't you", whined Gerard.
I elbowed him and cried happyly, "We promise!".

We sat in a circle, going through application, more than half found themselves in the bin.
"What about Ben Ladder?", pondered Mikey, "16 years old, plays bass in a rock band, likes drawing and The phantom of the opera is his favorite book".
"Sounds cool", I murmured, "Bin him!".
Mikey groaned, "God forbid we'll have some interesting people around here".
"It's either us or interesting people", I smirked.
"Presenting Cassie Donjoy", announced Gerard in his TV presenter voice, "She's your average 18 years old girl ,likes to dance, loves to cook and listening to music and she's just out of mental institution!".
"Seriously?!", Mikey and I said in unison.
"Says right here", he pointed at the bottom of the page.
"Let me see", Mikey snatched the paper out of Gerard's hand.
I leaned to see as well, "Holly molly she is. It's perfect".
Gerard and Mikey chuckled, "Holly molly?!".
I narrowed my eyes, "Oh sorry, let me rephrase it so you'll understand. Holly shit she is. Fuck, this motherfucker is perfect!".
Mikey started laughing, "Holly molly, dear child what a foul language you're using".
Gerard joined his brother for a laughter fit.
I rolled my eyes and snatched the paper from the laughing Mikey, "Just give me that".

I continued to browse through the small pile, "Here's a good one. 40 years old Nina schvine, likes books and music, favorite drink is coffee, single, plays guitar and just got back from a tour with her girl band '5 fairies".
I looked up at Gerard and Mikey's astonished faces and let out a laugh.
"Give her a chance maybe she'll agree to be Mikey's girlfriend", Gerard winked at me and nudged Mikey, "See, maybe you won't be single forever after all".
I collapsed with laughter, I laughed so hard my sides began to hurt.
"Holly molly, you're so funny GERARD", said Mikey sarcastically.
"Will you drop the holly molly shit already?", I asked, wiping my laughter tears.
"He's just bitter because he's single. maybe Nina will give you a chance, and if not Nina than the four other fairies", Gerard wrapped his arm around Mikey's slender shoulder.
The very graphic picture of Mikey and the 40 years old fairies I had in my mind sent me in yet another laughing fit.

I crossed my legs, "Here, let's give Alberta a chance", I put the last application of some girl named Alberta Jones on the table.
We counted down the application we didn't throw away, about 15 survived.
We left the creepiest, weirdest people you can think of, from 45 year old failed businessman to 15 years old high school drop out.
We made sure we leave only people Mikey's boss would NEVER hire.

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