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Second times the charm

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A person from Atlanta's past is back, will they bring joy or terror? And will Archie be there to catch her?

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Atlanta was out for a walk around the park. She only did this when something was on her mind, and that something, or rather someone was none other than Archie Waters.

She was so confused about her feelings towords him, today when she was going to ask him if he wanted to go for a run, she heard him and Jay talking.


"i'm telling you dude just ask her out" Jay said to Archie

"what if she rejects me, it could reck our frinedship" Archie said exasperated

"It won't reck your friendship" Jay retorted annoyed

Atlanta felt a little jealous that Archie like someone.

"lannie's friendship is way to important, if I lost her I don't know what I'd do" Archie said

Atlanta was so surprised she never thought Archie liked her like that. She walked away and here she was now

end of flashback

She was deep in thought until someone jumped out and pinned her to the ground. She tried to kick him off but he was to strong. She started to panic, but a thought came into her head, she reached into her pocket, discretley, and pressed the emergency button on her PMR. She now reconnized the person that was on top of her, this man did the exact same thing to her three years ago. Just then her worst nightmare happened before her eyes, his lips descended on hers. She tried to squirm away, but sadly couldn't. Then he pulled down her pants, then his and he entered her a couple of times before getting up and running away. She put her face in her hands and began to sob.

She was sobbing her heart out until she felt someone's hand on her shoulder. She turned around in a panic, until she saw it was Archie. She collapsed in his arms, sobbing, thinking back to three years ago.


A thirteen year old Atlanta was out walking when she she was suddenly pinned to the ground. It was her ex-boyfriend, Zack, she broke up with him about four months ago. She started to panic, at this age she didn't know enough fighting skills to defend herself. He pulled down her pants then his and he entered her a couple times before getting up running off.

end of flashback

Archie hugged her, rubbing her back slowly.

"shh it's okay lannie" he said trying to calm her. She slowed down to just soft sniffles.

"what happened lannie?" he asked softly.

"he's back" she said quietly, hidding her head in his shirt, sobbing once more. He hugged her tighter.


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