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Anamaria refused to believe that Jack was actually gone. Perhaps Will has found the cure for her pain...?

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Will grimaced as he saw the flood of tears escaping from her closed eye lids. She'd grown thin and hollow; just as she proclaimed she felt. It'd been almost a year since the death of Captain Jack Sparrow, and Ana Maria was yet to begin to even think about letting go of him. "Ana?" She did not turn to his call. She simply stared out the window she was always by. "Ana, Elizabeth sent me to give you some soup." Will said.
"I don' want no bloody soup!" She barked, her dark eyes sending him a sharp glance before returning to the view from the window. Will sighed. Everyone had tried to talk to her. Him, Elizabeth, Gibbs, even Raggati and Pintel had come, but none had seemed to reach the spot in her soul that was holding on to the dead captain.
"Ana, you have to eat something. Look at you! You look like hell and it's getting worse every time I see you." He set the bowl of soup down and approached her. Just as he reached her, she shrunk away from him. She wrapped her arms protectively around herself and looked at the floor. This happened every time Will had approached her. "Ana, please eat?" Her bleary eyes looked up at him, tired from crying but could not stop. She was quiet for a moment as she studied him.
"He saved me, ya' know?" She asked quietly. Her gaze flickered back to the window.
"What?" Will asked, confused, but not wanting to prod too much. Without looking away from that blasted window, she rolled up her sleeves to reveal long, white scars that raised her mocha skin.
"He saved me from wo'kin' in som' bloody pub as a whore," she said. " wench...whore...same thin'." She let her sleeves fall back down. "Jus'...plucked me out o' the place like I was a los' dog." Will crossed his arms, waiting to hear more. Ana drew in a deep breath and let it out slowly. Suddenly, Will realized...that's why she'd had such a hard time letting go. He'd saved her from one life and given her a better one.
"Oh..."his voice wavered slightly and she looked at him. He caught her look and blinked. "Why do you look out the window? Why not come out of this room? Elizabeth and I would love you to come over and have a good dinner. You could go down to the market..." he trailed off as she shook her head.
"I might miss him." She pointed out the window to the ocean. "He'll come crawlin' outta' tha' water one o' these days, mark my words Will'am Turner. He'll come an' we can sail again! He'll come an'---"
"No, Ana," Will said softly, like was talking to a child. She looked hurt.
"Yes he---"
No, Ana! He won't!" He felt his own sadness engulfing him. "He's gone! Okay? Do you understand this? Just LET GO! Alright? " He turned away angrily, and kicked the frame of her bed. "You're not the only one that lost him! Okay? All of us did. And every single one of us is dealing with it but you! Why will you not just let him go?!?!"
Ana Maria crossed to him in one swift movement and drew a dagger out of god-knows-where- from. The blade was pressed against his throat before he could make a move to stop her. She was an animal, but the tears cascading down her cheeks were wet on his skin as she leaned into his ear. "If I let 'im go, 'e will really be gone, ye stupid whelp. I won' allow tha' kinda' thin' ta happen! He saved me! I owe it ta' 'im ta' hang on!" She shoved him away from her, toward the door. "Get out o' me room!" He nodded once and bent to pick up the bowl. "Leave tha' soup, lad," she said. He let a smile quirk at the corners of his lips. She was eating.
Then, utter amazing to him, she smiled back and tucked the dagger away. "Now ye know, William. Now ye know why." He nodded again to her and turned out the door, closing it behind him. Ana moved to the window and cast a long gaze to the water. "Don't let m' miss ye Jack. Ye don' come outta' tha' water until 'm done wit' that soup, ye hear me?"
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