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Your Hands Don't Just Convey, They Betray

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When the struggle for control comes to a standstill, the only way to get things done is through deceit.

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Okay, if you don't get what's going on in this chapter, it's basically a rewrite of the first chapter with different POVs on certain events. So, read and let me know what you think!

Fame=suites (or at least hotels). Right?


This delightfully cheap establishment couldn't be any more Melody Porter.

In other words, it's absolutely tacky and disgusting. It's the type of thing people would have been attracted to 20 years ago, only because they didn't know any better.

They're stuck here because everywhere else is booked.

No one here knows who they are and no one asks.

Which, you know, could be a pretty good thing.

After all, no one would even suspect that the quiet boy with the plastic princess would be sneaking into the room of the charming vocalist.

Four rooms. Five people.

"We'll have the room all to ourselves, Ryro."

"I can't wait, darling."

He drags out the word "wait", but she doesn't sense his sarcasm. She's too busy giggling and pointing to her suitcase. He can't help but crack a smile as Jon struggles to pick up a suitcase, and 3 makeup bags.

When they arrive, Jon mutters something about having to take a nap because he's tired from all the physical labor. Spencer agrees and walks off to his room as well.

And there they are.

Ryan and Melody are in the room right next to Brendon.

What a cruel joke.

Or is it thrilling to be this close?

When they arrive, Melody motions at Ryan with passionate eyes and a tantalizing smile.

"Come on, baby."

"Brendon and I have some notes to go over about, songs. So, why don't you go on ahead and I'll talk to you later, okay sweetie?"

No one ever said Ryan Ross wasn't quick on his feet.

But Brendon grins because he knows that he's even better off of them.

"Sure, babe."

Then, she saunters over and puts her lips on her boyfriend's. Brendon stands disgusted because she's practically devouring his face, but then he reminds himself that Ryan is giving up the chance to be with her to be with him. He's the real winner in the end, even if she doesn't realize that.

She bounces off into the room and leaves Ryan and Brendon standing in the hallway, alone.

Brendon can't get to the key in his pocket fast enough.

Ryan has him pushed up against the door, hungrily attacking his lips and Brendon moans just from the sheer thrill of it all. Anyone could walk by right now and recognize them. Melody could open the door and there would be nothing they could say to cover this up.

Finally, he manages to get the key into the door and it opens. The two of them scramble into the room, losing shirts, but never losing contact. Brendon kicks the door closed and practically throws Ryan against it; hearing him groan out of pain and pleasure just gets him more turned on.
Ryan reaches around and pushes on Brendon's backside, just so that he can get him that much closer, feel his need for Ryan pushing against his definitely-too-tight jeans, which need to be discarded...

Oh, now. Good, that's out of the way.


It's a whisper and a command all at the same time, and Brendon's totally into succumbing to Ryan's wishes. It's not a control issue anymore because they both need this as much as the other does.

They lose the rest of their clothing on the way to the bed and finally, they breathe, hard and deep, sweaty and pulsating with desire. Brendon thrusts into Ryan and the older boy grabs at the sheets, twisting them in his hands, begging Brendon to continue through drawn out moans and quick gasps. He does as Ryan wants and digs his nails at Ryan's back, trying to stay as close to him as possible before they both...

"Bren...oh, fuck...I'm..."
They don't lose any closeness (at least not emotionally) when Brendon pulls out and their sinful act is finished in perfect harmony. Ryan is the first to collapse on the bed, exhausted, and afterwards, Brendon follows suit, leaving a trail of kisses up Ryan's neck and finishing at his lips. He runs his hands through Ryan's hair and mutters a question.


Ryan laughs and realizes that this is where he's happy. In Brendon's arms, right after their feelings for each other have truly been proven, this is where he belongs.

But he doesn't dare let Brendon know this.

That would be giving up all control.

And that's something Ryan's just not ready to do quite yet.
When Brendon steps out of the shower, something's off and he knows it.

Oh yeah, Ryan still has his skanky whore of a girlfriend.

His work isn't done quite yet.

As soon as he opens the door to the bathroom, letting the steam out, he can hear her stupid little giggle.

And voila, there she is.

All 90-lbs of her brainless form wrapped in Ryan's arms.

He looks at the bed they're sitting on and can't help but smile.

Three fucking hours ago.


Brendon can say this for himself.

He's a hell of a maid when he's got something to hide.

He laughs to himself as he hears Melody practically moan, "Come on, baby. Let's go back to my room."

If only she knew the real reason Ryan was so disheveled.

So, he gets up and follows her, still holding her hand, and Brendon can't resist.

"Oh, what a wonderful caricature of intimacy."

Ryan drops her hand, but she doesn't seem to notice.

"Fuck you."

This little game they play, it's getting all too predictable for Brendon.


He waves and shuts the door on Ryan, leaving him to follow Melody into their hotel room where she's waiting at the door.

"Come back in five minutes."

Her voice is practically dripping with sex, and Ryan wonders why she can't just do it without him. All of this is just getting too old, and if he wanted his career to be over in heartbeat, he'd pull Brendon into this hallway and make sure their lips, not to mention tongues, were touching when she opened the door again.

Brendon watches as Ryan walks past the door, like a predator watching his prey.

He watches. And waits.

Then, he comes back, and before he realizes what he's doing, he has the door opened and Ryan's writhing against the wall, tugging desperately at Brendon's shirt and telling him to shut the fuck up.

God, it's hot when he talks like that.

But Brendon's a control freak, and even though, Ryan's urgent moans and possessive hands should be enough proof that Brendon's obviously the one in control, he has to hear it. And when Ryan refuses to answer, he becomes predatory and defensive.

"Say it, Ryan. What do you want from me?"

"Fuck...can't you just...?"

They've been through this enough that Ryan should know how Brendon is, how he gets in these situations. He arches his back to get closer to Brendon's touch as the other boy taunts him.

"You know that's not the way this works."

Then, they argue and it all goes by so fast that, before he knows it, Ryan's on his knees outside the room, feeling so incredibly disheveled by Brendon that he doesn't even want to look at Melody's face right now, let alone fuck her. He takes a few deep breaths and walks in the room, seeing it the same way he left it, except Melody's dressed in this barely-there lace lingerie.

All Ryan can think is, "Where's the rosary?"

"Where've you been, babe? I've been so lonely without you."

Thank God his gag reflex isn't weak.

"I got distracted."

She gets on her knees on the bed and moves closer to him.

"Well, I can distract you now."

He should just let her do it. That way, she won't suspect anything, nothing will be wrong. But he just can't. Not after the day he's had with Brendon.

"I appreciate it, Melody, but I've got this huge headache and I just really need some rest. I'm gonna go make Spencer room with Brendon so that I can have his room all to myself. I'm sorry."

She's clearly disappointed, but give her a minute and she'll think of masturbation.

He walks out of the room without another word and walks outside to catch his breath before going back inside with the intention of fucking Brendon senseless.

But when he gets to Brendon's room, he's not there.

So, he lies on the bed and lets his mind wander to where the other boy could possibly be.

If only he knew that Brendon was right next door.
"Knock knock, sweetheart."

The door opens, revealing young Melody Porter, a robe covering her intricate undergarments.

"Well, well, if it isn't the conniving manwhore. To what do I owe this pleasure?"

"We need to step it up a notch."

"Get in here."

Melody pokes her head out of the room, looks around and ushers him in. He reclines on the bed, hands behind his head and she takes a seat in the plush chair by the table with the mints and the ashtray. She lights a cigarette and sighs.

"I don't know what more you want me to do. I mean, I'm basically the hottest piece of ass you could pay to do this job."

"We need to have sex."

Melody laughs incredulously, taking a long, slow drag.

"He'll never believe that. He's smarter than you give him credit for."

"Whatever, we'll fake it. You scream, say my name a couple times; as far as he's concerned, you're the whore here. It's completely believable."

"You're relentless. Why don't you just get over yourself and tell him that you love him?"

"Because he needs to do it first. If I give in now, he'll hold it over me forever. I'm not going to be the bitch in this relationship."

She puts out the cigarette, clears her throat and begins.

"Oh God! Brendon!"

After a few minutes, she goes silent and Brendon nods satisfactorily. He knew she could do this. She isn't a porn...ahem, "adult film" star for nothing.


She lights another cigarette and holds out her hand to receive Brendon's 100 dollar bill.


"Good. Now, get out of my face. I'm going to bed."

Brendon raises his eyebrows and smiles seductively.

"Alone, asshole."

His face falls, but he shrugs and goes toward the door, opening and closing it quietly. He creeps past the bedroom door that is supposed to be his, making sure that Ryan doesn't suspect a thing. When he gets to Spencer's room, he's still smiling, proud of himself. The door opens and Spencer looks exhausted as Brendon enters the only room with two beds.

"Thanks for this, Spence."

Spencer sits down on his bed and sighs, staring at Brendon.

"You know I hate doing this to him."

"I'm ending this. You're the one who said you were sick of all this sexual tension. As soon as Ryan admits that he's absolutely crazy about me, Melody will be out of the picture and things will be back to the way they used to be. Well, except Ryan and I will be sharing a bunk, of course."

Sure, Brendon's justifying their lies. But that doesn't make the betrayal any easier for Spencer to be a part of.
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