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Chapter 2

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A/N: Hey guys! thanks for all the reviews! sorry i took so long, but here you go! Chapter 2!

Chapter 2

I woke up in the morning to the sound of my alarm clock. I dressed and headed downstairs, to find a note of the fridge and an empty kitchen. Great, my father has gone somewhere to get drunk again, and my mom probably had to go and do an errand for someone. I read the note, it said that my mom had to go to work early because someone needed a hairdresser for a wedding. Yes, my mom is a hairdresser. I sighed and walked out of the empty house.

As I was walking down the street heading to school, and I could feel everyone stare at me. I don't know why but people refer to me as "Goth" just because I use eyeliner. I ignored them and headed through the school gates. As I was approaching my locker, I could feel someone snake their arms around me. I turned around and saw it was none other than Natalie, the only friend I got in this school.

"Hey Nat," I said, hugging her back.
"And how is Princess Melanie doing on this fine day?" She asked humorously.
"Princess Melanie is good why thank you, but she requests Lady Natalie to call her Mel instead of Melanie," I said, laughing at Nat, who was bowing to me.
Nat stood up and started laughing too, and we headed to our class. Nat and I matched up our schedules so we could be in the same classes together.
As we sat down in their usual seats in the back, I tuned out of the lesson. I started doodling on the paper which I was supposed to write down the notes on. That's how I am in every lesson. School never was my thing. I just go to it to escape home, and so I can see Nat. At the end of the day, I went over to Nat's, and started listening to the radio. I was singing along when I heard the radio announcer say something.

"To all listeners, you can win a chance to meet My Chemical Romance. Tune in today at 5 for details."
"That's a half an hour from now," I said excitedly.

When it was time, the DJ announced how to win.
"Win a chance to meet My Chemical Romance. Just call the station and if you are caller number 4, you win. The winner will get to take one person with himself/herself. Here we go!"

Nat and I both dialed the number of the radio station on our cells and hoped the best.

"Hello caller number 4," said the DJ through my cell. Oh my god, I am caller number 4!
"Hi" I answered.
"Congratulations! You have won the chance to meet My Chemical Romance!"
"Oh my god! Thanks a lot!" I said excited.
"You're welcome. What's your name?" asked the DJ.
"I'm Mel,"
"Okay Mel. Our staff will ask for your details so don't hang up!"
"Alright! Thanks again!" I said.

After giving the radio staff my details and everything, I went and asked Nat's mom if she can come with me, and she did! This is going to be the best trip ever!

A/N: Yaaaay they're gonna meet My Chem! Umm.. next chapter.. in a few days maybe?
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