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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Tomorrow is the big day, and I'm sleeping over at Nat's. Her mom is going to drop us off at the airport, where we are going to fly to New Jersey to meet the band. That day I asked my mom if I could go on the trip, and I was surprised that she said yes. But my father doesn't know about this, which is cool, because if he did, he wouldn't let me go. And if he finds out, my mom will tell him that I'm on a camping trip with the school or something. I just hope he will not find out the real deal.

I glanced at the clock. "Nat, I think we need to sleep early, 'cause our flight is at 8," I said to Nat.
"Okay Mel, what's the time?"
"Uh, it's 10 pm"
"Holy Shiznits! We need to get sleeping!" exclaimed Nat, and we drifted off to sleep.

Third Person P.O.V.

It was the day of the flight, and both girls were still asleep.
"NAT! MEL! WAKE UP OR YOU ARE GOING TO BE LATE!" shouted Nat's mother, who came rushing into the room, shaking both girls awake.

Mel's P.O.V. (Normal P.O.V.)

I woke up to the sound of Nat's mother yelling for us to wake up. I rushed into the bathroom before Nat could and took a fast shower and changed. I came out of the bathroom seeing Nat was already ready, and was packing last minute things.
"What? How?" I said, not knowing how she got ready when I was in the bathroom the whole time.

"What? I used the other bathroom. I'm not going to wait until you get out, and besides, we are running late,"
I rushed and combed my hair, applied eyeliner, and helped Nat pack her last minute things.

As we entered the airport, I saw Brian, My Chemical Romance's manager, waiting for us.

"Hi. I'm Mel and this is Nat, the winners of the Meet My Chemical Romance competition,"
"Al right girls, follow me to the jet," he said, leading the way.

I was awed. The jet from outside was looked awesome. I black jet with "My Chemical Romance" on the side.
When I entered the jet, there where the plane crew, waiting to take our luggage. I muttered a thanks and went in, with Nat right behind me. There in the lounge area sat the guys of My Chemical Romance, each busy with something. I was shocked. I thought they where going to meet us in New Jersey.

"Uhh...umm," I mumbled, causing them to look up.

"You must be the contest winners," said Gerard, standing up and offering his hand.

"Yes, w-we a-are," I stuttered, shaking his hand. "I am Mel, and this is Nat," Nat waved.

"Well, I think you guys already know who we are," said Frank. "Or don't you? Because we can introduce ourselves if you want."

"Oh no," said Bob, looking terrified.

"Come on Bryar, you know you like my introductions," said Frank slyly.

"Let's just get this over with," sighed Ray.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to introduce the members of the mighty My Chemical Romance band," said Frank with a tone of pleasure.

"Over there stands the mighty singer and artist, Mr. Gerard Arthur Way, who is now looking like a kid who heard that Christmas is coming early this year,"

I giggled while Nat laughed out loud.

"And next to him is the skinny looking bass player, Mr. Michael James Way, who is now probably texting his girlfriend mushy stuff," and with that Mikey threw a pillow at him.

"Ladies and gentlemen, here stands the great afro king, Mister Raymond Toro, who plays the lead guitar and worships his 'fro,"

I started laughing out loud with Nat now.

"And the blonde man you see next to the afro king is Mr. Bob Bryar, who claims to be our drummer, which I'm not sure he is, but anyways, he is great to tease," said Frank with a wicked smile, causing Bob to give him an evil glare.

"And I am the greatest, wisest, funniest, and most handsome member of the band, Frank Anthony Iero, the great Rhythm Guitar player, who has just announced that this introduction is over, and all the skittles in the world is his,"

"That was the funniest thing I have ever heard," I said laughing to tears.

"Glad that you like it," smiled Frank. "Not many people appreciate the hard work I put into this intro,"

"I'm just glad you haven't mentioned embarrassing things this time," said a fuming Bob.

I laughed. This was going to be the best trip ever.

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