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Coming To Terms

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Mystique recruits Rogue before the Xmen and gets caught up in the growing conflict. But everything changes when she starts falling for their leader, Scott Summers. Scott/Rogue.

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Chapter 7: Coming to Terms


Jean Grey was fuming. Tears were streaming down her eyes as she hugged her shoulders, storming off into the parking lot of the school. She had no destination in mind. She just had to get away.

'I can't believe him! I can't believe HER! How could he?'

Nearing the edge of school grounds, Jean stopped herself. Her mind froze, unable to contemplate any further. The memory of what she just saw played out in her mind. Scott had kissed Rogue. That alone was shocking enough, but the emotions she sensed from Scott told another story. She knew what she sensed. It was deep, affectionate, and strong. And it tore at her in a way she could never have imagined.

'Why do I feel like this? It's not like Scott and I are dating. I had no claim on him. So why the hell am I so upset?!'

Clenching her fists, Jean let out a frustrated sigh. Everything was a mess. Scott had always meant a lot to her. He was her best friend. But they never got romantic. She liked him a lot, but it never grew deeper than friendship. Now he was in the arms of another woman. Jean just didn't know how to process that.

"Jean! Hey Jean!" came an accented voice.

Jean's face contorted in anger. Rogue was the last person she wanted to talk to right now. She could have pushed her away with a good dose of telekinesis, but she restrained herself for the moment.

"Go away," she said sternly.

"Sorry, but Ah can't do that," said Rogue, folding her arms in defiance, "Not until we have a little chat."

Now Jean was really tempted to knock her away with a good telekinetic push.

"I don't want to talk!" she spat, turning around and flashing the goth a threatening gaze, "I'm warning you!"

"I'll risk it," she said indifferently.

Jean turned away, frustrated by Rogue's stubbornness. But the southern born mutant wasn't leaving. She had to deal with this if she was going to be involved with Scott.

"Fine, if ya don't wanna talk, then just listen," shot Rogue, "Scott and Ah are getting' serious. Ah really like him and he likes meh back. And I ain't afraid to admit I have feelings for him."

"You think I don't know that?" said Jean bitterly, "I'm psychic in case you've forgotten!"

"So why are ya goin' off like this?" shot Rogue incredulously.

"Why?!" spat Jean, "Because...because...ugh! I don't know!"

A sight wind kicked up around the redheaded psychic, her telekinesis building off her emotions. She tried her usual relaxation techniques, but she was too frustrated to concentrate. Rogue took a step back, maintaining a defensive stance. Jean was more volatile than she thought, but she couldn't leave yet.

"It's because ya like him too, isn't it?" said Rogue in a calm voice, "Face it, ya like him and seein' us kiss hurt."

Jean was about to yell back, but she stayed silent. Rogue's words were harsh, but true. She swallowed a hard lump in her throat, wiping the tears from her eyes. The telekinetic winds around her died down as the realization washed over her.

"Look, Ah'm sorry, Jean," said Rogue, taking a step closer, "You don't know meh and Ah don't know you. But Ah'm not out to hurt anybody here. Ah just...Scott came along and things just happened. Ah can't help how Ah feel anymore than you."

"You don't understand," choked Jean, "I...I always thought that Scott and I had something. We've known each other forever. We've always been friends and I just thought it was inevitable things between us would grow."

"Yeah...then Ah came along," said Rogue, finishing it for her.

An awkward silence fell over the two women. It was not an easy place to be in, having feelings for the same man. They could either confront it or become mortal enemies. There was nothing to go on. Jean and Rogue were truly at a loss. Neither knew what more could be said. Finally, Rogue broke the silence.

"So why didn't ya tell him?" asked Rogue.

Jean turned away, hiding her tears from this girl who had shaken her life up so much.

"It's complicated."

"Try meh," said Rogue.

"I...I just didn't want to compromise our friendship," she found herself saying, "Being friends is much easier than being lovers. That way you don't have to worry about breaking up or being jealous. And if it didn't work out who knows what could happen between us? I just...I always wanted to have Scott by my side, but I didn't want to take it too far."

"But ya still have him as a friend, don't ya?" said Rogue, "Just because he's with me doesn't mean that'll change. Hell, I wouldn't want it to. Scott's a great guy. Ah'm not out to hog him."

Jean turned to look her in the eyes. She half-expected to see a look of pity, but she was genuinely serious.

"Then I guess I was," sighed Jean, "Maybe it's because I never wanted to see him with anybody that would tear us apart. Maybe it's because I think his support has gotten me through so much shit over the years. And if he's not there...I honestly don't know what I'd do. He's my safety net. He's the one that keeps me from going crazy."

"In other words, he's your fallback guy," surmised Rogue, "No matter what happened in yer personal life, ya could take comfort knowing ya still have a guy in the wings."

Jean shot Rogue a disgruntled look, but quickly diverted her gaze as she processed those words.

"Yeah, I guess I was to some extent. And if he's with someone doesn't feel right."

Rogue didn't know this girl very well. On the surface, they were polar opposites. She was the pretty, popular grade-grubber and she was the anti-social goth. They were from two different worlds. But Rogue had hurt enough people in her life because of her powers. She didn't need anything like this on her conscious.

"Look Jean, Ah'm not out to destroy yer life. Ah'm sorry if Ah've shaken' things up, but if neither of ya were gonna make a move then that's a pretty strong sign. Ah'm not sayin' ya should forget yer feelings for Scott, but if yer gonna feel for the guy don't do it just because he's a safety net. That ain't love. Hell, Ah don't know what that is."

Jean actually laughed at that. When she thought about it, her situation did seem overblown. Her feelings for Scott had always been complicated. Only now was she really putting them into perspective.

"God, I feel like the worst person in the world!" muttered Jean, "I actually wanted to possess another human being just because he's my friend! I swear, that boarders on a medical condition."

"Don't say that," said Rogue, managing a smile, "There are plenty of people who do worse. Ah know. Ah live with some of em."

Jean shook her head in exasperation. Thinking back to Scott, she had a lot to answer for. She didn't know Rogue personally, but if she was willing to face her like this then that spoke volumes for how much she liked him. And that was a dedication she couldn't hope to match.

"Look, something's happenin' between me and Scott," said Rogue seriously, "It may grow more serious. But Ah don't want to be with a guy knowin' Ah'm hurtin' the people he cares about. You don't do that to people you love. And Ah promise ya, Ah won't hurt him. Ah just need to know that it's alright."

Jean thought about that. It was hard thinking about Scott having feelings for another girl. But she had no right to dictate how he felt. Looking back at Rogue, she could sense the sincerity in her eyes. This girl had a connection with Scott that was different than the one she had. She could understand him in ways she couldn't. It was hard knowing she still had these feelings. But Rogue's feelings were different. There was more than just friendship. Scott deserved more than just being her safety net in life. And Rogue could definitely give him that.

"So how bout it?" said Rogue, taking a step closer, "Is it okay if Scott and Ah are close?"

Wiping her tears away, Jean smiled.

"'s okay," she said, "I'm sorry for going off like this."

"Hey, no biggie," said Rogue, smiling back, "We all gotta blow up once in a while to stay sane."

"I think I've just had mine," said Jean with a sigh, "Just promise me one thing, Rogue."

"Name it," said the southern goth intently.

"Make Scott as happy as possible. Be there for him, love him, and comfort him. Do that for me and we'll call it even."

"Deal," grinned Rogue.

To seal the deal, the two girls shook hands. Jean still had plenty of things to work out, but at least she was on the right track now. Rogue was good for Scott. She could sense it. And if this was what would make him happy, then that was all the assurance she needed.


Back at the picnic table, Scott was pacing restlessly. For all he knew, Jean and Rogue had killed each other and the cops were already on their way. A million thoughts were going through his mind. Jean meant a lot to him, but he was developing serious feelings for Rogue. He hadn't expected it to happen, but it did and he embraced them. He just didn't want Jean to get hurt because of them.

'What have I done? How in the hell am I going to fix this?'

He racked his brain for solutions, but none came. He had a girl he liked and a girl he had been close to for the vast majority of his life. He didn't deny he felt something for Jean, but what he felt for Rogue was stronger. But he didn't want Jean to suffer because of it. That was the last thing he ever wanted to do.

Suddenly, his train of thought was halted by a familiar voice.

"Scott?" said Jean as she approached, having wiped away her tears.

"Jean?!" said Scott, quickly scrambling for word, "Jean, I'm so sorry that..."

"Don't say anything, Scott. It's alright," said Jean calmly, "I...I need to get this off my chest."

There were countless things going through Scott's mind, but he heard his long time friend out. She seemed serious and conflicted, but not nearly as upset.

"I'm sorry I went off like that. It was wrong of me."

"No, it wasn't," said Scott, placing a hand on her shoulder, "You were just..."

"It was, Scott," she said, cutting him off, "I shouldn't have gotten mad. I don't own you. You have the right to be with anybody you want. I'd never want to deny you that. I just..."

Jean struggled to find the right words. Scott was still at a loss, but his gentle grip on her shoulder helped ease such tension. This was a lot harder than she thought, but it had to be done.

"God this is hard," she said, getting choked up again, "I'll just come right out and say it. I sort of had feelings for you, Scott."

Scott was stunned, his heart jumping at those words. He didn't know what to make of it. He didn't know how he should feel about it. This girl was very special to him, but this revelation definitely complicated matters.

"Jean..." he began.

"But seeing you and Rogue made me realize something," she said, swallowing another hard lump in her throat, "I had those feelings for all the wrong reasons. You're my friend and I always wanted to have you by my side. And to have feelings for you just because I want to keep it that way isn't right. It's downright crazy."

Scott cast his friend a comforting smile, moving in closer to her warmth so that she could take comfort in his presence as she so often had over the years.

"Jean, you know I'll always be there for you," said Scott, gently parting her flowing red hair from her face, "No matter what happens or who I'm involved with, you know that will never change."

"I know," she said with a sigh, "And I don't want to be the jealous girl who thinks she's just protecting her friend when he goes out and meets someone he really likes. Just answer me this, Scott. Do you really have strong feelings for Rogue?"

Scott diverted his gaze, going over everything that had happened since the moment they first met. It was complicated, but clear as night and day.

"Yes," he answered confidently.

"Then that's all that matters," she said with a smile, "You like her and she likes you. She told me herself. And I have no right to stand in the way."

She felt lighter upon getting such difficult feelings out. It was hard accepting this level of change, but it felt right. Scott had found something in Rogue that made him happy. And there was no way Jean was going to deny him that. She was his friend, not his keeper. And it was about time she realized that.

"So you don't hate me?" he said wearily.

"Of course not," said Jean, pulling him into a friendly hug, "I couldn't hate you if I tried, Scott Summers."

"So...we're okay?" he pushed, hugging her back, "Even with Rogue?"

"Yeah, we're okay," she assured him, "I've got some stuff to work out, but I'll manage with time. But you should do what your heart tells you."

Scott smiled, the tension that had racked his mind so much finally lifting. He thought he gained a lover and lost a friend, but it turns out he lost neither. And as he hugged Jean, he noticed Rogue standing in the distance with a humored grin. She went above and beyond to make this possible. It showed just how strong she was. Still bearing a wide grin, he mouthed 'thank you' to his new lover.

"I'll always be here for you, Jean," he said softly.

"I know," said Jean, fighting off another sob, "And so will I."


Scott went through the rest of the day with a big smile on his face. All the complications that had burned in his mind since he and Rogue had sex were finally lifted. He worked things out with Rogue. He worked things out with Jean. Now he could move forward. Rogue had changed his life remarkably and there was no telling where she would take him.

The final bell sounded and the halls filled with students eager for the weekend. Scott made a pit stop at his locker before heading out the front door where he planned to meet his friends. Usually they hung back for a while, chatting with others and socializing in the parking lot. Only this time, he was greeted with a different face.

"Heya Shades! Over here!"

Scott's ears perked upon hearing that distinctive southern accent. Looking over towards the bike racks, he saw Rogue there waiting for him. She was casually leaning back in her sassy, yet sexy poise. It was a sight that made Scott's day.

"Hey yourself," he said as he approached her, "Where'd you run off to at lunch?"

"Thought I'd give you and Jean more time to work things out," she said, taking his arm and walking by his side, "So are things alright now?"

"Yeah, they're fine," sighed Scott, "Still got a few issues to get through, but it's nothing time won't help."

"Good to know," she said, "What about the others? What would that Professor of yours think if he knew ya were this close to the enemy?"

"He already knows," assured Scott, "I told him the whole story."

"You mean the 'whole' story?" she said anxiously.

"Yep," said Scott, causing Rogue to blush, "But don't worry, he's cool with it as long as we're careful and happy. We may have to keep Wolverine off our backs, but I think we can work around that."

"That's a relief," said Rogue as they started walking, "And don't forget about mah mama. If she finds out she'll go nuts."

"Yeah, that's another thing," said Scott, getting more serious, "Are you sure you want to risk that? I mean she's your mom."

"Adopted mom," Rogue corrected.

"Does that really make a difference?" he argued.

Rogue looked away, the issue of Mystique resonating a great deal. She was still her mother. If she was involved with a boy, she'd find out sooner or later. But for now, she'd rather have it happen later.

"Mah mama's a complicated gal," said Rogue with a conflicted look, "But she's got a big heart, really she does."

"I'll take your word for it," said Scott, finding it hard to believe.

"Ah also know she can be pretty stubborn. But that's why we need to give it time. Ah don't know if she'll come around, but Ah sure as hell don't want it to stop us from seein' where this goes."

"Me neither," said Scott as the stopped near the curb.

Slipping her arms around his neck, Rogue pulled him close. The intoxicating warmth of his strong body made her knees weak and her heart soar. And as he slipped his arms around her hips, he couldn't help but smile. The chemistry between them was obvious. Attraction, affection, and lust all came together when they kissed. It culminated on their first time together and that experience left them yearning for more. This new facet of their lives was clear for them to explore and they intended to see it through.

"Getting friendly in broad daylight?" teased Scott, sliding his hand up her back, "A little risky, isn't it?"

"Don't Ah have to be if Ah'm gonna be the girlfriend of Scott Summers?" she said in a sassy tone.

"No, but it sure helps."

Sealing to deal, Scott and Rogue met in a deep kiss. It had been a day of drama, but it worked out for the best in the end. And as Rogue soaked up Scott's manly aura, an idea popped into her mind that would make this day truly worthy of celebration.

"Hey, wanna have even more fun?" she purred, taking his hand and guiding him towards the football field.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

With a sneaky grin, Rogue reached into her pocket and pulled out a small package. Scott immediately recognized it as a condom and his face flushed the same color as his glasses.

"Ah hear couples like makin' out under the bleachers," she said in a sultry tone, "Wanna give it a try?"

Scott was speechless. Having sex in the basement of the Brotherhood boarding house was one thing. Doing it in a public place was something else entirely. But the look on Rogue's face was dead serious.

"Rogue I...where did you get that?" stammered Scott.

"Stole it from that Duncan Matthews guy," she grinned, "Ah plan on goin' on the pill, but Ah figured better safe than knocked up."

Scott couldn't help but smile. Not only did this girl make his heart soar, but she also taunted Duncan Matthews. It extinguished any remaining doubt. This girl was beyond amazing. And as he felt her warm skin beneath her green shirt, the deal was sealed.

"You're crazy, you know that?" said Scott, slipping an arm around her waist.

"We both are," she said playfully, "Now what do ya say we have a little fun?"

"Yes ma'am."


Fueled by playful lust and passion, Scott and Rogue slipped under the bleachers where they could have some privacy. Thankfully, they had been rebuilt since the incident with Toad and were very secluded. It was a perfect, yet thrilling atmosphere to get sexy. It was also dangerous. If someone caught them, they would be in big trouble. But that was the last thing on their minds as their lips stayed locked in a passionate embrace.

Setting their backpacks aside, Rogue pinned Scott against one of the support poles. Pressing her body against his, she reached up his shirt and fondled his manly chest. Wrestling his tongue with hers, he moaned in approval and slipped his hands up her skirt.

"Mmm..." purred Rogue as she felt his hand rub over her underwear.

A hard bulge formed in Scott's pants. Rogue could feel it pressing up against her. Feeling frisky, she playfully kissed down his neck while undoing his belt buckle. Giving his member a hard rub, Scott let out a deep moan as she freed his member from its confines.

"So big already?" purred Rogue, giving his member a firm stroke.

"You know how to get a man going," said Scott in a husky voice.

"Sugah, you ain't seen nothin' yet!"

Forcing his pants down to his ankles, Rogue lifted up her shirt so Scott could fondle her covered breasts while she sucked him. She started off light, kissing the tip of his penis before giving it a few hard licks. Scott grunted in approval, reaching down and grasping her breasts through the fabric of her bra.

"Oh God," he moaned, giving her nipples a hard pinch.

Rogue moaned, taking his hard member into her mouth. Scott's head fell back, savoring the warm feeling around his dick. She began bobbing her head back and forth along his length, licking and sucking him hard. He fondled her hair, grasping her head and guiding it with each motion.

Rogue was getting very wet. While sucking his dick, she reached up her skirt and rubbed her moistening pussy. The sexual hunger between them was building, passions fueling insatiable lust. Taking his dick in as deep as it would go, Rogue flashed her lover a sexy grin.

"Ready for more?" she grinned.

"I'm ready," affirmed Scott.

Taking the condom out of her pocket, Rogue slipped it over his hard dick. Once he was ready, Scott helped her to her feet and turned her around so that she was pinned up against the support beam.

"Oh Scott..." she moaned, "Take meh."

Kissing down her neck, Scott reached up her skirt and grabbed the sides of her panties. Rogue sensually wiggled her hips, showing off her sexiness side while helping to remove them. Once they were down, Scott lifted up the skirt and rubbed her well shaped ass. Her slits were dripping with wet arousal. Grabbing hold of her butt, Scott positioned his dick at her entrance.

"Here it comes, Rogue," he said in a deep, lustful tone.

"Yes! Put it in meh!"

Gripping her hips, Scott slowly slid his dick into her hot pussy. Rogue let out a deep moan as his member stretched her walls. It didn't hurt as much as the first time, but she still needed time to adjust. Slowly, he worked his way into her hot depths, grunting at the tight feeling around his cock. When he was as deep as he could go, he reached around and grabbed Rogue's breasts while kissing down her neck.

"Oh yes! Yes!" she cried, "It's so deep!"

Thrusting his dick in and out of her folds, Scott established a strong rhythm. He grunted each time he slammed his dick into her depths, probing deep and exploring her wet domain. She was so wet and tight. It felt like paradise.

Moaning with each thrust, Rogue lifted up her bra to free her breasts so Scott could fondle them. Feeling the soft orbs of flesh in his hands pushed him to fuck her harder, slamming his dick in with greater force.

"Uh-uh-uh-oh Scott! Oh it's so good! So fuckin' good!" she cried in ecstasy.

Scott's pelvis rhythmically slammed into her butt. He was firm, but thorough. He made sure to hit all the sensitive spots she loved. When he hit an area that made her moan loudest, he assumed that was her G-spot. It sent Rogue's body into a frenzy, building up an powerful orgasm.

"Uh-uh-uh-oh Rogue!" grunted Scott, "Fuck it's so tight!"

"That's it! That's it!" panted the southern goth, "Do it harder! I'm cummin' soon!"

Switching positions, Rogue turned around and hitched a leg around Scott's waist. He quickly guided his dick back into her pussy, grabbing her ass while he assaulted her lips with his. Her tight folds were drawing him closer to the brink, but worked his thrusts carefully so he could hold out for her.

Her large breasts bounced to each thrust, allowing Scott to fondle them with one hand while he held her leg up along his side with the other. His thrusts grew more intense, unable to hold it in any longer. Rogue was close too. Her inner muscles were tensing. The rush was surging through her body. It was enough to send Scott over the edge as well.

"Uh-uh-oh fuck I'm cumming!" grunted Scott.


Throwing her head back, Rogue felt her pussy clamp down on her lover's hard dick. Waves of pleasure shot through her body, filling her with the ecstasy of sexual bliss. Scott felt his release as well, the hot tightness around his neck sending him into a world of euphoria.

"Oh mah god...oh god that was so good!" she cried, holding onto Scott for support.

"You...are...amazing," gasped Scott.

"So...does this mean we're official?" she asked, sensually tracing a finger down the side of his face.

"I don't think we can get more official than this," grinned Scott, "Now shut up and kiss me."

"Hey, that's mah line!"

Panting together, Scott and Rogue met in one last kiss. It was amazing how they brought out such feelings within one another. Before they met, they never would have done something like this. But here they were wild with passion. Rogue helped Scott shed some of his uptight inhibitions and Scott helped Rogue come out of her shell. And together, they made for amazing chemistry and they weren't afraid to embrace it.

Yet unknown to the two lovers, their private moment wasn't exactly private. While nobody interrupted them in their moment, someone had taken notice. Pietro Maximoff, or Quicksilver as he was known in the Brotherhood, had just been sent out looking for Rogue. What he found was the last thing he expected. But it would certainly be interesting once he reported this to Mystique and his father.

'Oh you are gonna to be in a world of trouble, Rogey!'


In the office of Raven Darkholm, the shape shifter was fuming like never before. There were a lot of things that made her angry, but after Pietro came barging in and started talking about her daughter making out with one of the X-men she felt a rage unlike anything she had ever felt.

Pietro told her about everything he saw. He spared no detail, telling her about the kissing, the touching, and the sex. The more Mystique heard the more her face contorted with anger. Pietro may have been over the top, but he got the message across.

"So you say Rouge, MY daughter, is shacking up with an X-man?!" scolded Raven, clenching her desk with fury, "How is that even possible? She can't touch!"

"The eyes don't lie boss lady," said Pietro as he casually sat back in his seat, "I know what I saw. You're little girl has gotten pretty 'friendly' with Summers if you know what I mean."

Mystique shot up in her seat, still gripping her desk as she loomed over Pietro with a threatening look.

"I would advise you NOT to speak about Rogue that way again or no speed will help you escape what I'll do to you!"

Pietro backed off a bit. Even he wasn't cocky enough to test Mystique's temper.

"Okay! Okay!" he said defensively, "Just thought it's something I'd relay, jeez!"

Taking deep breaths, Raven tried to contain her anger. It was bad enough that Rogue was getting friendly with the X-men, but getting intimate was very serious. The mere thought of her and that Summers boy together made her stomach churn. But it shouldn't have been possible. Rogue couldn't even hold hands with a boy let alone have sex with him. Agatha specifically told her that she couldn't control her powers in her current state. Something wasn't definitely amiss and she was determined to find out.

"So what are you gonna do?" asked Pietro, "Should we tell you-know-who?"

"No!" she said sternly, "And you will NOT relay this to him, got it? I'll take care of it."

"You sure you wanna do that?" said Pietro with a cocky grin, "You know the big boss doesn't like being kept out of the loop."

"I said I'll deal with it!" she spat, diverting her gaze out the window, "I just need to look into this a little further."

Even as Pietro reminded her of the situation she found herself stuck in, the shape shifter let out an exasperated sigh. She thought having her daughter back in her life would be a good thing. She was one of the few happy points in her otherwise miserable life. Now she had this to deal with. And if she truly was involved with an X-man, then she wasn't going to let it stand. She would see to it personally.


Up Next: Scott and Rogue grow closer while Mystique grows suspicious.
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