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The end

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Yes people, it be the last chapter! *Wipes away tear* its the first story I have ever finished in my life! Yay! But I might do a sequel if people want me to.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Published: 2007-04-29 - Updated: 2007-04-29 - 1294 words

Gerard walked into the school assembly, he was late and the teachers scowled at him as he rushed over to a chair Frank had saved for him.
"Where were you?" Whispered Frank as Gerard sat down, the head master was on the stage rambling on about how it was thier last day and believe it or not he would miss them and how they had to be ready to face the big wide world on thier own blah blah blah.
Mikey was next to Gerard, next to Mikey was Bob, then Ray and then Renn, so Gerard knew she wouldnt hear him.
"I was making sure the you know what was done" He said.
"Oh!" Replied Frank before turning to face the stage and listen to the extremely boring headmasters speech.
After the assembly the students were let out of the hall, being passed yearbooks as they went, some students stopped to say farewell to thier faverite teachers, others were saying good bye to friends they werent going to see for a long time. Students, and even some teachers, were crying as they left the school for the last time.
The guys and Renn all met up under the tree they had done the bubblegum experiment.
"We are officially, no longer a part of this school!" Cried Frank.
"Hey, everyone come round my place tonight and lets burn all the uniform and school books!" Said Bob. Everyone agreed.
"Did you guys write a message to anyone in the year book?" Asked Renn opening hers.
"We may have..." Said Mikey. Renn raised an eyebrow.
"You have havent you?" She said grinning flicking through the pages.
"Did you?" Asked Gerard. Renn nodded.
"Go ahead and find it!" She smiled, they all opened the year books and began flicking through. Renn stopped and stared at a page, tears forming in her eyes.
" guys did this?" She asked. She had found the message.
"Do you like it? It was Rays idea" Said Frank.
"Its wonderful" Said Renn. It was the picture they had had done using Renns sketch. Underneath it it said:
We would like this to be dedicated to our good friend Renn. She only joined at the start of this year and befriended us instantly, she has stook with us for the entire year! (Thats a new record!) and has developed a strong relationship with a certain Frank Iero, who is currently punching my arm and telling me 'I cant put that!', but I have anyway! We would like to say Renn, thankyou for being our friend and not going off with the jocks like everyone else, and for believing in our band and for laughing with us instead of at us. You'll always be a best friend of ours Renn, all the best to you and Frank he he!
Love Gee, Frankie, Mikey, Ray and Bobxxx
Renn wiped away a tear. "Awww, you guys!" She said punching them all lightly on the arm."So thats why you got seven of those pictures printed" She laughed.
"Yep!" Said Frank, who was hunting for Renns message, soon he had found it. It was a group of small photos of them. One of Renn sitting with Frank pulling faces, one of them all together laughing, one of Ray and Mikey arm wrestling, one of Bob and Renn moshing together, one of Gerard and Frank dancing, one of Mikey and Frank grinning, and then one of them all linking arms and smiling. Underneath it said -
I would like to thank, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro and Bob Bryar, for befriending me and becoming the best friends I have ever had. This year has gone by so quickly because I have spent most of it being with you guys and laughing, life has been so much brighter with you lot around. We are all lunatics and people may call us freaks. But its better to be a freak, than a sheep who just follows the crowd. Frank - you mean the world to me and Im not afraid to say I love you. Gee - Your an amazing artist and you write the best songs I have ever heard, thankyou for being there for me. Mikey - You seem so sweet and innocent, but we all know your just as wacky as the rest of us. Your a great friend and dont worry, I'm sure Alicia likes you too! Ray - Your so funny and your so easy to talk to, your one hell of a guitarist and is it too late to tell you sticking sweets up your nose isnt the way to impress a girl? Bob - What can I say about you? Your funny, kind and quiet. Speak up more though dude because people like to listen to what you have to say! Your all the greatest friends anyone could ask for, dont any of you change!
Love you all! Rennxxx
"Wow.." Cried Frank after reading it, he rushed over to Renn and hugged her saying -"I love you too!".
"Awww, Renn thats so sweet!" Said Gerard hugging her too.
"Did you have to mention Alicia? Haha, Im joking, she's actually coming on a date with me tonight" Said Mikey hugging Renn.
"Thats so nice, but now the whole school knows I tried to impress a girl by sticking candy up my nose" Said Ray with a laugh, hugging Renn after Mikey.
"Thanks for staying our friend Renn, but sorry, no plans to becoming a chatter box in the future" Said Bob, hugging her too.
"Aww, you guys, your message is so sweet, I love it, Im going to get it framed!" Laughed Renn. The guys laughed, but then Gerard turned to Mikey.
"Anyway - what do you mean your going on a date tonight? You never told me about a date? I need to know when my little brother is going on a date!" He cried. Mikey rolled his eyes.
"No you dont, Im not a baby"Said Mikey. Gerard scowled.
"Dont go bringing her back home, because Im not leaving my own bedroom if you two get any ideas!" He said. Frank burst out laughing and Mikey went red.
"Its our first day Gee!" He cried.
"Hahahahahaha! Thats priceless!" Cried Frank. Renn smiled.
"Come on people, what are we doing hanging around at school when we are officially free!?" She said.
"YOUR RIGHT!" Cried Frank, he picked up Renn, swung her over his shoulder and yelled.
"Last one out the gates is a Jock!" He then began sprinting across the grounds racing towards the gates, the guys close behing all shouting and laughing, Renn was half laughing half screaming as she bounced painfully on Franks shoulder.
"I WIN!" Yelled Frank getting out the gates. Followed by the others.
"Who was last?" Asked Mikey taking his inhaler out his pocket.
"Bob" Said Ray,pointing at Bob who was still in the grounds talking to Melissa.
"Ah, lets leave them, they'll be a while" Said Gerard. They all nodded and left, walking home from school for the last time. Walking into the world, free and classified as adults, off to make a living, off, into a new life, which would hold many surprises, hard ships and amazing memories...

AN: Well, thats my story people, I hope you liked it! XD If you did, let me know and I may do a sequel. But if I do, it wont be called 'New friends 2' it will have a completely different title, If I do a sequel I'll let you know in its summary. And also I might reply to the reviews letting you know whats it called, if I make it and If you want me to make one that is. Let me know if you do!

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