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I want to lie here with you forever.

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Renn goes to Franks house, hears a new song, and tells Frank she loves him.

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They arrived at Franks house within 10 minutes. Frank opened the door and they went inside. There was no sign that there had ever been a party.
"Did you clean up?" Ask Renn.
"Duh" Frank replied kicking off his shoes, Renn did the same and Frank entered the kitchen.
"Do you want anything to drink?" He asked.
"Just water" Said Renn and Frank poured her a glass of water and passed it to her, Renn began to drink and Frank took a bottle of cola out the Fridge and began drinking straight out the bottle.
"Eugh, I hope no one else plans to have that!" Said Renn. Frank shrugged.
"Well, so do I since its mine, but hey, just in case -" Frank spat in the bottle. Renn wrinkled up her nose.
"Eugh! Frank thats disgusting!" She cried. Frank grinned and put the bottle back in the fridge.
Renn finished her water and put the glass in the sink, then Frank took her hand and took her upstairs.

"Welcome to my room" He cried, throwing open the door and stepping inside. Renn had never been in Franks room before though he had been in hers plenty of times.
"'Fraid its a bit messy" Said Frank stepping over some guitar notes and sitting on his bed. Renn shook her head.
"Its not that messy" She said looking around the room. Frank watched her with interest.
His room had red walls, covered in drawings and posters. He had a stereo and a T.V, and a writing desk and then a white corner with 'pansy' on it in a corner. Renn walked over to the guitar.
"Pansy?" She said looking confused.
"Yeah, its my guitar, I nicknamed it when I was bored one day" Said Frank. Renn laughed and walked over to Franks, surprisingly neat, bed and sat down. She picked up a piece of paper with song lyrics on that lay on the floor. Her eyes scanned the song, guitar chords were written next to it.
"I'm not ok?" She read.
"What? Oh yeah, thats a just a song me and the guys are working on, Gerard wrote it and me and Ray were putting some chords to it, do you wanna hear it?" Asked Frank.
"Sure" Frank smiled and grabbed 'pansy' and then sat on the bed.
"Im not as good at singing as Gerard but you can use your imagination" He grinned. Renn nodded and Frank struck the first chord.
"Well if you wanted honesty thats all you had to say...
I never want to let you down -" Renn was slightly surprised to find that Frank was actually a very good singer. Gerard portrayed the passion and feelings which gave the music that extra special something, but there was no denying Frank was good.
"Im not Ok!" Frank had reached the chorus, and Renn was addicted it was so catchy, and true!
"What will it take to show you that its not the life it seems.
I've told you time and time again you sing the words but I dont know what it means.
To be a joke and look.
Another line without a hook, I held you close.
As we both shook for the last time.
Take a good hard look!
Im not ok! -" Renn was completely spell bound, Frank was looking lost in the song, un - aware of everything around him.
"Forget about the dirty looks.
The photographs your boyfriend took.
Think you can read me like a book but the pages are all torn and frayed IM -" Frank suddenly went quiet.
"Im ok..Im OK!" Then he got loud again.
"Im ok now. But you didnt listen to me. Because Im telling you the truth. I mean it, Im ok!
Trust me! Im not ok -" Renn smiled, she liked that, 'trust me', it sounded good, it made her like Frank, even more.
She suddenly realised Frank was finished and was watching her expectantly.
"Well...what do you think?" He asked.
"Wow...thats really good! I love it!" Cried Renn. Frank smiled and put pansy back.
"Well, Gee will be glad to know that" He said. Renn nodded and Frank sat down again.
"So, are you guys going to get a record deal or anything?" Asked Renn. Frank laughed.
"I dont know, we'de love one but, we're different to other bands, we think record companies will be a bit wary of signing us up" He said lying down. Renn lay down next to him, resting her head on his chest.
"I think you guys would be the greatest band ever! Record companies would definitely sign you up" She said. Frank smiled.
"Well...we were thinking about sending a demo to a few local companies, after we graduate" He said.
"We graduate in 2 weeks" She said.
"I know" Said Frank, there was a small silence, in which they just lay together.
"Renn...if we did get a deal, and we did really well and stuff and had to go on tour and everything...would you stay with me, or dump me because I couldnt always be there...?" Frank asked quietly, Renn looked shocked at the question. She got up and leaned over Frank staring deep into his hazel eyes.
"Frank, I would never leave you! I would go to as many of your concerts as I could, I would buy your CD's and I would be waiting for you right here when you came back, even if I had to wait for ever...I love you Frank" She said. Frank smiled.
"I love you too" He said and then he grabbed her and kissed her deeply. Holding her close as if he would never let go and Renn hoped, he never would.
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