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Yeah...I dont know why I made this chapter, I'm running out of ideas so I just wrote any old crap, buuuut! It has inspired me and given me an idea so it will start getting good i swear! *Holds up t...

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They raced eachother to the swings, Frank won and took one, he sat down and began to swing, Renn sat next to him and began swinging as well. They swung for about 5 minutes, trying to get above the bar.
"!" Cried Frank in between swings.
"Good luck with that, because its actually imposible, because of gravity. I watched a show on it once" Said Renn, Frank raised an eyebrow.
"You watched a show on getting above the bar?" He asked. Renn laughed.
"No, a show on gravity" She corrected him.
"Wow, sounds boring" Frank replied as he swung as high as he could. "Hey, on the count of three lets jump off and see who can land the furthest" He said.
"Ok, just make sure you dont break any bones whilst your at it" Said Renn. Frank laughed.
"I'll try! Ok, 1...2...3!" They both jumped off as the swings reached the highest point, Renn laughed as she went flying through the air, "IM A BIRD!" She yelled. It felt like it too, the wind seemed to be keeping her in the air for a long time, though it was only a few seconds. Frank flying along beside her, it had only been a second since they had jumped but it felt like an eternity and Renn had barely finished the word 'bird' when she landed heavily on the grass about 10 paces away from the swings. She landed on her feet but the impact caused her to fall, laughing, into a patch of daisies. Frank landed a few feet away and a few inches infront.
"I WIN!" He cried, rolling onto his side to face Renn, who was lying, winded, on her back whilst laughing.
"I guess you did!" She said. Frank grinned, and rolled onto his back, staring at the white clouds above them.
"Hey, that cloud looks like a bunny! See the big ears and bunny tail?" Said Renn pointing at a cloud. Frank looked and nodded.
"Hey! That one next to it looks like a crocodile" He cried pointing to another one.
"Ha! Theres one that looks like a smiley face"
"That looks more like a skull to me"
"Ha! It would to you Frank!"
"Whats that supposed to mean?"
"Nothing..." Renn laughed, and Frank shuffled over to her and took hold of her hand.
"That one looks like a flower!" Said Renn.
"That one looks like a kiss" Said Frank, Renn looked.
"What? Where?" She asked.
"Here" Said Frank leaning over and kissing her quickly on the lips. Renn laughed.
"Oh, very funny" She said with a grin.
"Yeah, I seem to think so" Said Frank. Renn laughed. She felt so happy, lying here and staring at the clouds. For a while they just lay there pointing out the different shapes in the clouds.
"Ha, I havent done this since I was little kid" Said Frank thoughtfully after pointing out a 'pie in the sky' cloud.
"Really? I do this all the time...But I havent jumped off swings like that for ages" Said Renn.
"Ha! Me and the guys are always doing that, its like a daily competition" Laughed Frank. Renn giggled and sat up, stretching. Frank sat up next to her.
"Hey look - Mini chavs!" Said Renn pointing at some little kids, probably about 9, 10 years old, wearing chav clothes and doing the chav walk. Frank spluttered with laughter.
"Hahahaha! Mini chavs! Thats a good one!" He cried. Renn grinned.
"Remember when you argued with those chavs after school...and I got punched in the face?" Said Renn. Frank looked at her and nodded.
"Yeah, I forgot about that, at least it didnt scar" He said touching her face where the cut had been. The mini chavs wandered over to the swings and sat on them, playing crappy music (If you could call that!) loudly on thier phones.
"Shall I put some of my music on?" Asked Frank with a grin taking his phone out of his pocket. Renn nodded.
"Put something loud on!" She said. Frank turned the volume up and chose Metalica. It began to play, easily drowning out the chavs crap. But they turned theirs up, throwing Frank evils.
"Oooh, I think they're challenging me" Said Frank turning his phone up. The chavs followed suit.
"Hahahaha! I think they are!" Laughed Renn. Frank turned his up, so did the chavs, so Frank turned his up again, his was now on full blast and if the chavs turned thiers up some more then they would win, but they didnt turn thiers up, and the looks on thier faces showed thiers was on full volume as well.
"HA! I think we win!" Laughed Frank. Renn got up and brushed some none existant grass off her knees. Frank stood up next to her.
"Do you wanna come round mine?" Asked Frank. Renn nodded, and they left the park, recieving major evils off the chavs.
"If looks could kill..." Whispered Frank with a laugh.
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