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The next day - really random, i was bored. XD

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The next day Renn woke up early, she glanced at her clock, 7:30 am. She smiled and curled up further under her duvet, memories of the party flooding back. It had been such a good night and didnt end until 3 in the morning, but by then it was only Renn, Gee, Mikey, Ray, Bob and Frank left. Everyone else had left. By 3:30 Frank had walked Renn home after she declined the offer to stay the night, saying it was best she woke up in her own bed as she was probably going to have a hangover. Frank had laughed at this and said he was going to have one too, then Gerard had boasted he would have the biggest of all at which point Mikey decided he better get Gerard home.
Renn fell back asleep, happy and warm and hugging the bear Franks parents had got her. Only for Petal to jump on the bed and start licking Renns face.
"AGH! Petal!..Petal get off me! HAHAHAHA! Your whiskers tickle!...oi! Get off you git!" Renn grabbed Petal and held her at arms lengh, Petal wagged her tail and Renn laughed, pulling Petal into a hug.
"Awwww, your sooo cute! How can I stay mad at you!?" She cried as petal struggled to get free. Renn laughed and let her go, Petal walked over to the bedroom door and began scratching at it.
"Hey hey hey! Dont do that! Mum'll kill me if she finds scratches all down it!" Said Renn getting up and opening the door. Petal barked happily and ran out of the room, down stairs, past Renns mum who was making two cups of coffee and out the open back door and into the garden. Renn walked down the stairs and into the kitchen.
"I think your dog needed the loo" Said Renns mum with a laugh.
"Wait...that means she's house trained" Said Renn. Her mum nodded.
"Yep, Frank, bless him, has had her in his house for a month now, making sure she was trained and well behaved for when you got her, its been stressing him out all the preparing for the party and training the dog and what not. I suppose he's glad its all over!, he even got all the injections for the dog done and everything" Renn recognised pride in her mothers vioce and Renn couldnt help but feel a surge of over - whelming love for Frank aswell.
After breakfast Renn jumped on the sofa and turned on the T.V, flicking through the channels.
"Crap...crap...crap...crap...AGH! CHAV CRAP!...double crap...even crappier...crap...crap...Ok...crap...crap...Oooh! catchphrase!" Renn settled on catchphrase, it was a re - run but Renn hadnt seen this one before. She sat, crossed legged on the sofa, completely engrossed.
"You are so sad!" Said a familiar voice behind her. Renn turned to see Frank grinning at her.
"FRANK!" Cried Renn getting up and hugging him.
"Hey you!" Laughed Frank. Renn took him over to the sofa and they both sat down.
"Why are you watching catch phrase?" Asked Frank as the show came back on after the adverts. Renn blushed.
"Whats wrong with it?" She asked.
"Well...its so...erm...whats the word I'm looking for...Oh yeah, BORING!" Cried Frank, Renn slapped him lightly on the arm.
"Well I like it so -" Renn stook her tongue out, Frank did the same. Renn shoved him, he shoved her back, Renn shoved him harder, Frank harder still, until eventually Renn shoved Frank so hard he almost fell off the sofa.
"WOH! AGH! CAREFUL!" He cried. Renn laughed.
"Serves you right!" She said. Frank began to sulk as Renn continued to watch the show.
"Hmm...this is a tricky one" Said Renn as she watched a cartoon clip of a bunch of chefs round a cooking pot with the smoke rising from it making the shape of an 'X'. Frank glanced at the screen and raised an eyebrow.
"No it isnt, thats easy" He said. Renn looked at him dis - believingly.
"Oh yeah, then what is it?" She asked.
"Too many cooks spoil the broth" Said Frank. And sure enough one of the contestants hit the buzzer and said the same.
"CORRECT!" Cried the host, Renns jaw dropped.
"Ok, that was just a lucky guess" Said Renn.
"No it wasnt, I could beat you at this any day!" Insisted Frank.
"No way! I am the master!" Cried Renn.
"I'll bet you!" Said Frank.
"Go on then, who ever gets the least right has to pay for the other one to see a movie!" Said Renn.
"Deal!" Said Frank and they shook hands.
"Let the war commence!"

Frank and Renn watched two episodes of catchprase. Yelling out the answers whenever they could think of them.
On and on it went until the show was finished.
"I got 12 right!" Cried Frank triumphantly.
"I got 13!" Yelled Renn. Frank pouted.
"What!? No way!" He cried. Renn nodded.
"Yes way! HA! You have to pay for me to see a movie!" She cried. Frank stood up and stretched.
"Well, come on then, we might aswell go see that new star wars movie then" Said Frank. Renn stood up, put on her converse and new hoodie, after telling her mum where she was going she left the house with Frank and they made thier way to the cinema.

Frank bought the tickets, so Renn decided to be fair and bought the popcorn. They took thier seats in the theatre and waited for the movie to come on. Challenging eachother to a game of rock paper scissors. Frank beat Renn almost every time.
"Ha! You may be the master of catch phrase but I am the master of rock paper scissors" Said Frank happily.
"Shut up Frank, the movies starting.
Renn had never enjoyed star wars too much, Frank didnt seem to find this one very interesting either. Half way through the film, Renn went to put a piece of popcorn in her mouth when she had an idea, and instead, she chucked at Frank. It hit him just below the eye and he looked round slightly confused. Then he noticed Renn was watching the screen trying to look innocent, but obviosly hiding a laugh. Frank grabbed a hand ful of popcorn and tipped it over her head. Renn gasped and grabbed a handful herself and threw it at Frank, who chucked some at her.
They were in the middle of a popcorn throwing war when a security gaurd came in and asked them to stop it, or leave. They chose to leave, throwing popcorn at eachother all the way to the park.
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