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Presents! Like the title suggests!

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PRESENTS!" Yelled Frank at around 8:30. The music was turned down low and everyone sat down, the eldest's nabbed the sofa and armchairs, others sat on dining table chairs and Renn, Frank, Gary and Bob were left with the floor. Gary and Gee had become friends, and had spent most the evening talking about drawing and music. Renn had known they would get along. A pile of presents were put infront of Renn who was sat in Franks lap.
"These are all for me?" She asked.
"Well, you and Mr. Invisible" Said Frank. "But, Mr. Invisible isnt here, so you better have his share aswell!" He added. Renn laughed.
"Open the one off me first! I bought it with my own money I saved up!" Cried Gary in excitement.
"Wow, wish my cousins were as nice as that" Said Frank. Renn laughed. She grabbed the present that was un - mistakeably off Gary as it was wrapped rather badly and in black paper with 'Guns N' Roses' in red writing across it, nothing less off Gary. Renn tore it open as everyone watched. Inside was a case of colouring pencils, a black outlining pen, sharpener, eraser, a sketch pencil and a sketch pad.
"Oh wow! Thanks Gary!" Said Renn. Gary smiled proudly.
"Your welcome!" He said with a smug grin.
"Now ours!" Ordered Garys parents, Lisa and Jason. Renn took the one they pointed at and opened it. Inside was some black and red eyeliner, blue, black, purple and dark pink eye shadow and some plain lipgloss. All in a small black make - up bag.
"Cool! Thanks!" Cried Renn. And so it went on.
Off Melissa and Bob she got a book called 'Soul stealer' she had been wanting for a while.
Off Mikey and Gerard she got a black hoodie with a lime green pentagram on the front.
Ray got her a pink and black guitar strap and some guitar picks. "Frank told me you played" He said when had asked him how he had known she played guitar.
Franks parents had got her a black teddy bear with pink stars on it. "We saw it and just thought 'Renn!'" Laughed Franks mum.
Gee and Mikeys mum didnt know Renn too well so she had just bought her a box of chocolates, so had Rays parents and Bobs parents.
Renns grandparents had got her a blanket her nanna had made and a bottle of vodka. "I told him no!" Said Nanna when Renn had looked slighlty shocked. Her gramps had laughed and said, "Well, your 17 now so your of age!, well, you are in my books anyway" He said when Renn had been about to mention she couldnt buy alchohol till she was 18/21. (I dont know how old you have to be in America, you have to be 21 in England - yes I am English!)
Renns mum had got her a brand new pink electric guitar with black stars on it. "I know you've had that other one for too long!" Her mum had said.
And finally Franks was left, he had insisted on leaving his till last.
"Ok, open it!" Said Frank passing it her. Renn grabbed it, it was wrapped in shiny black paper with a dark pink bow. She un tied the bow and pulled off the paper, Frank chewed his lip nervously. Inside was a box, Renn opened the box, inside was tissue paper, amidst that was a slip of paper. Everyone was grinning, they all seemed to know what was going on.
Renn took the paper out and looked at it, on it was written -
Follow the clues, the first one you will find in the artaficial sun.
Renn looked clues. "What?" She asked. Frank grinned.
"Follow the clues and you'll get your gift." He said.
"I KNOW WHERE THE NEXT CLUE IS! But...I'm not aloud to help" Said Gary. Renn looked around and spotted a lamp in the shape of the sun. She got up and walked over to it, there was a big hole in the top, inside that was some rolled up paper, Renn pulled it out and un rolled it.
Was written on it. Renn laughed shaking her head.
"Do you have gnomes in your garden Frank?" She asked. Frank grinned and took her hand.
"Unfortunately" He said taking her into the back garden, closely followed by everyone else.
There were two gnomes standing side by side on some paper. Renn took the paper and read it.
Your sooo close Renn...but if you really want your present your gonna have to give me something in return ;) Frankie xx
Renn turned, everyone was grinning, especially Frank who was holding a piece of folded paper.
"What do you want?" She asked him with a grin.
"Oh, I dont know...something I like preferably" Said Frank. Renn shook her head.
"I can guess" She said walking over, she grabbed Franks shoulder and pulled him close and began kissing him, running her tongue over his bottom lip causing him to open his mouth and they started tongue wrestling.
"Oi! I thought this was Renns birthday, not Franks!" Came Gerards voice, Frank pulled away.
"Satisfied?" Asked Renn.
"Very!" Said an out of breath Frank handing Renn the paper. Renn flashed him a smile before un - folding the paper.
I suppose you must have pursuaded me then! Well, for your gift go into the garage, go on! What are you waiting for, wasting your life reading peices of paper - surely the present is much more tempting!?
Renn laughed. "To the garage!" She cried leading the way.
Inside was a big pink bow, attached to a kennel. Renn gasped. "Frank!? havent...have you!?" She cried. Frank shrugged.
"I...might have" He said with a cheeky grin. Renn raced over to the kennel. She knelt down.
"It might be shy, so you'll have to crawl in" Said Frank, Renn wasted no time and crawled in the kennel. Only to emerge seconds later looking dissapointed.
"Theres nothing in there" She said turning to face everyone.
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Yelled Frank, he was holding an Alsation puppy with a pink bandana round its neck. Renn gasped.
"OH MY GOD FRANK!" She yelled racing over and taking the puppy. Everyone began talking at once about how cute the puppy was.
"Aww, is she mine?" Asked Renn.
"Of course!" Said Frank. Renn hugged and kissed the little puppy who licked her face and wagged its tale.
"Aww! I'll call her...Petal!" Renn laughed, it was what her recently passed away grand mother Paula and always called Renn. Frank knew this and he hugged Renn close as tears formed in her eyes as memories of her nan flooded back, it was her first birthday with out her.
"I think thats a great name!" Said Frank. Renn smiled.
"COME ON! BACK TO THE PARTY!" Called Renns uncle Jason. No one refused and the party continued.

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