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Renn finds out what Franks been hiding

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Renn scuffed her feet on the way to Franks house. This sucked. It was her Birthday, no one had even wished her happy birthday, her mum had buggered off somewhere, and Frank was acting way too wierd.
Renn knocked on Franks door, it opened instantly.
"Hey you!" He cried, grabbing her wrist and dragging her into the house whilst covering her eyes with his free hand.
"Frank!? What are you doing?" Cried Renn trying to pull away, but Frank held her still.
"You have to tell me if you really want to know what I've been hiding from you!" Said Frank, a hint of laughter in his voice.
"What? Of course I want to know! But what are you doing? Let me go you freak!" Cried Renn. Frank chuckled.
"Well...if you really want to know, I just might have to tell you!" Said Frank. Renn struggled.
"Frank, let me go! Your scaring me!" Cried Renn, remembering how Frank had told her that she should be very scared over the phone, she thought he had been joking, but his house was silent, and she was sure that they were the only people there, plus Frank had never acted this way.
"Awww, come on Renn, dont be a wimp, you know I would never hurt you!" Laughed Frank. Renn struggled again.
"What are you doing?!" She asked.
"Im about to show you what I've been hiding!" Said Frank. Renn didnt like the sound of that.
"Show me? What do you mean show me?" She asked trying hard to pull away.
"Well you'll find out, but quit struggling so I can guide you there!" Said Frank.
"What!?" Cried Renn.
"Its not in the hallway funnily enough, its somewhere else" Said Frank beginning to walk forward, Renn pulled away.
"NO!" She yelled, she hadnt gone through Franks house, what if he was taking her somewhere to murder her or something.
"Ah c'mon Renn, trust me!" Said Frank. Renn thought about this. Would Frank hurt her? Why would he do that, he wasnt that type of person...was he? She was just being stupid, she was nervous because she was in a bad mood...right?
"I...cant I at least see where I'm going?" Asked Renn.
"Nope! Cos' then it wouldnt be a surprise!" Said Frank.
" mums expecting me, so I gotta go!" Said Renn. Frank laughed and picked her up, still not un - covering her eyes.
"Now I know thats a lie!" He laughed.
"FRANK LET ME DOWN!" Cried Renn trying to hit him.
"Geez Renn, calm down! God! Whats wrong with you! Trust me you muppet, I'm not gonna hurt ya! I like you dont I?" Said Frank as he stopped to kick open a door.
"Frank let me down or - AGH!" Frank dropped Renn onto the floor.
"You idiot!" He laughed helping her up. Renn realised she was in Franks living room, facing the wall, she turned round and -
"SURPRISE!" Party poppers were let off, streamers and balloons covered the room and all her friends and close family were there grinning at her. Her mum ran over and hugged her, laughing.
"Awww, hey Renn! Happy birthday!" She cried. Renn was shocked.
"What...what is all this?" She asked.
"A surprise party silly!" Said Melissa aproaching Renn as everyone else came over and hugged her.
"What? Why?" Asked Renn. Gerard rolled his eyes.
"Because its Friday!" He said sarcastically. "Its your birthday Renn!" He added when she looked confused. Mikey laughed.
"I think we shocked her!" He grinned. Frank came up behind Renn and hugged her.
"I didnt mean to scare you, or make you feel like I was hiding something, but I couldnt exactly tell you about your surprise party could I?" He laughed Renn turned round and hugged Frank, clinging to his neck like it was life support, whilst crying into his shoulder.
"Hey! Whats wrong? Awww, dont cry, you dont have to stay if you dont like it!" Said Frank. But Renn shook her head.
"Frank I love it! Its just...I thought you were hiding something horrible from me and it made me feel so rejected and un - wanted and when you didnt wish me happy birthday today I thought you had forgot and then when you rang me you were acting so wierd and I was worried and then I got here and I was scared because I didnt know what was going on and you've been so distant and I thought...I thought...Oh I dont know what I thought but I'm just so happy now I realise whats been going on and I just want to hug you and never ever let go!" Cried Renn. A few people 'awwww'ed them, Renns mum wiped away a happy tear of her own. Frank laughed.
"Ok Renn take a breath! Awww, I didnt realise you felt so un - happy, it was so difficult not to tell you, and to think up excuse, but we couldnt think up any believable ones!" He said. Renn laughed and pulled away, wiping her tears off her face. Frank laughed and hugged her again.
"Ignore me, I'm being stupid!" Renn insisted.
"No your not" Said Mellissa. Renn pulled away, looking round the room. Melissa, Bob, Ray, Mikey, Gerard, Frank, Renns mum, Franks mum and dad, Gee and Mikeys mum, Rays mum and dad, Bobs mum and dad, Renns aunt Lisa and Uncle Jason, her cousins Mia (2 years old) and Gary (10 years old) and her nanna May and Grandps were all there.
"You all came for me?" She asked going round and hugging everyone.
"Of course Renn!" Laughed Lisa. Renn smiled.
"Thank you all so much! I really had no idea!" She cried. Frank turned and put on some music, Gerard got out the drinks. (No they werent all alchoholic...but yes, some were :P) and the party started.
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