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What are you hiding?

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Franks hiding something from Renn, but what?

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Published: 2007-04-25 - Updated: 2007-04-25 - 753 words

"Late AGAIN Renn" Tutted Renns science teacher as Renn burst into the classroom.
"Sorry sir" Said Renn going to sit down at her desk as the teacher answered.
"One more chance Renn, and only because its your birthday" Renn suddenly realised Frank wasnt there, niether was Ray. Where were they? Suddenly the door burst open and Ray and Frank entered.
"Toro? Iero? Why are you so late?" Asked the teacher. Frank looked around and noticed Renn watching him.
"" Began Ray who too had noticed Renn.
" lost..." Said Frank depserately. Thier teacher raised an eyebrow.
"Lost? Frank, remind me how long you have been going to this school?" He asked. Ray was about to give the answer when Frank cut him off.
"I cant remember! Hehheh...erm...and I couldnt remember which room we were in...YEAH! Thats it, we lost our memory!" Frank was obviously lying. Ray gave him a 'I cant believe you told such an obviouse lye' look but nodded and said.
"Yeah, thats right"
Renn was certain was hiding something from her, he and the guys had been acting wierd a lot lately. Always going off with lame excuses like 'football practice', clearly a lye! Or they would be deep in conversation and when approached them they would stop.
Frank sat down next to Renn scowling, he had been given detention a long with Ray.

"Wait here" Said Frank once they had left the science room, he turned and went back into the class room, Renn and Ray stood watching through the window in the door, Frank was explaining something to thier teacher, who smiled and said something back. Frank seemed satisfied and he left.
"Toro, we no longer have detention my friend!" Said Frank, high fiving Ray.
"Awesome" Said Ray.
"How did you get out of that - I lost my memory! What a lame excuse, no one would let you off for that!" Cried Renn. Frank gave her wink.
"I told him the real reason" He shrugged.
"Which is?" Asked Renn.
"Later" Said Frank kissing her cheek.
"C'mon Frank, we're late" Said Ray.
"Oh yeah, sorry Renn gotta go, see you later!" Said Frank beginning to walk away with Ray.
"Hey! But, where are you going?" Called Renn. Frank turned round he was grinnning.
"Er...chess club!" He replied before turning the corner.

Renn lay on her bed reading Kerrang! magazine. She realised she had been reading the same line over and over again.
'Buy your tickets now!'.
"Ok, I think I've got the message" Mumbled Renn throwing the magazine onto the floor. For once she was unable to read Kerrang!, she just couldnt stop wondering what Frank was hiding from her. Suddenly her phone went off. 'Frankie' flashed on the screen, Renn grabbed her phone and jabbed the answer button.
"Hello my wonderful little flower!"
"What?...Frank, we need to talk"
"Hey, calm down! Geez, take a joke Renn, hahaha, I promise I wont call you my wonderful little flower ever again!"
"What?...No! Thats not I want to talk about!"
"Ooooh! Wait...are you breaking up with me!?"
"No! Of course not!"
"Good, so this talk can wait right?"
"Frank, I want to know what your hiding from me."
"What? I'm not hiding anything!"
"Dont lie to me! I know you are, since when did you go to chess club?"
"Since today"
"Look...I'll explain all in good time."
"Explain what"
"About how I love playing chess. Anyway, want to come round mine?"
"Frank! I want to know whats going on!"
"Ok ok ok! Come round mine and I shall reveal all!"
"Why cant you tell me now?"
"Erm...I want to tell you face to face!"
"Ok...I'm worried."
"Dont be, now get your butt round mine"
"Should I be scared"
"Hahahahaha! Yes VERY scared! Mwahahahahahaha!"
"Great, fine, I'll be right round"
"Do hurry genious!"
"What?" But Frank had hung up. Renn stared at her phone for a second as if it would tell her what was going on. She sighed and put it in her pocket. After putting on her converse's she left her room and ran downstairs.
"Mum I'm going to...Mum?" Renns mum was nowhere to be seen.
'Gone out, back soon, lock the door if you go out. Mumxxx' Said a note on the table. Renn stared at it, why would her mum go out without telling her. Renn shrugged.
She left the house, locking the door behind her, wondering what on earth was with Frank!
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