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Gum, gum and more gum.

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Basically - Frank and lots of gum...

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Published: 2007-04-24 - Updated: 2007-04-24 - 536 words

AN: This chapter is really random and doesnt really serve a purpose, I just randomly thought it up during my extremely boring french lesson and decided it might aswell be put on my story - I hope you find it as funny as I did, I mean, I can just picture them doing this...)

It was a week later and they were all sitting outside under a tree, Ray holding a piece of paper and a pencil. The rest of them holding as many packets of gum as they could. A ring of students and even some teachers were round them, watching them in interest.
"How you doing Frank?" Asked Renn. Frank grinned.
"Im good!" He said, whilst chomping on gum. "More!" He ordered. Gerard put another piece of gum in Franks mouth, Frank began chewing again.
"How many now?" Asked Mikey.
"Thats...32" Said Ray. Frank grinned. A few of the students murmered something.
"GO FRANK!" One of them yelled, followed by more cheers.
"MORE!" Cried Frank as best he could, but by now he was struggling to talk from the amount of gum. Renn put another piece in his mouth. After a few seconds Bob did, then Mikey and then back to Gerard.
"36!" Said Ray putting another line on the tally he was making.
"More..." Frank mumbled, trying hard to talk. Renn put another piece in his mouth.
After a while more people had gathered and Frank was struggling to chew.
"Dy Baw!" He moaned.
"What?" Asked Gerard.
"He said 'my jaw'" Said Mikey. Frank nodded.
"Id hurps!" He added.
"It hurts" Said Mikey.
"How many RaY?" Asked their science teacher who was in the crowd.
"Erm...64" Said Ray.
"Wow! Thats a lot of gum, I can barely fit 10 peices in my mouth" Said the headmaster who was also watching, along with pretty much of the rest of the school.
"Doe bore" Said Frank shaking his head.
"Dont be silly Frank" Said Gerard stuffing another piece of gum in Franks overflowed mouth. Frank chewed slowly, desperately trying to soften the huge amount of gum in his mouth. Renn leaned forward and tryed to put another piece in Franks mouth, but it wouldnt fit. After a few minutes of trying to stuff it in, only acomplishing to almost suffocate Frank, they gave up. Ray stood up as Frank began spitting out the gum into a plastic bag already filled with gum wrapping.
"We are glad to announce that it is possible to fit a grand total of...65 peices of gum in Frank Ieros mouth" There was a loud cheer. Frank finished spitting out the huge ball of gum and then stood up.
"Ah...I feel like my jaw is about to fall off" He said touching the sides of his face and pressing down as if keeping his jaw in place.
"I'm not surprised!"Said there english teacher as the bell signalled end of dinner and people began walking away, talking about what they had just witnessed.
"Remind me again why we did that" Said Frank. Renn shrugged.
"Who needs a reason?" She asked. Mikey sniggered.
"Nice answer!" Said Bob, giving Renn a high five. Frank scowled.
"Next time...Bob can be the guinea pig" He complained.
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