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The photo

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Renns sketch becomes a photo

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Published: 2007-04-24 - Updated: 2007-04-24 - 533 words

Frank and the guys stayed at Renns house for a while, they all sat in her room. Gerard had found Renns sketch book and was flicking through it with interest. Ray was looking at her CD collection and Mikey, Frank and Renn were talking to eachother.
"Hey Renn...whats this?" Asked Gerard. Renn crawled across her bed and looked over Gerards shoulder. She blushed. It was a sketch of them all sitting on the steps in thier school. Renn was on Franks lap, his head on her shoulder, giving his adorable grin, Gerard was a few steps down with Mikey, arms round each other, Gerard was holding two fingers above Mikeys head, Mikey held up three fingers making Gerard resemble a chicken, Bob and Ray were a step above Gee and Mikey and a step below Renn and Frank, they were pulling faces, Ray was cross eyed, and was sticking his tongue out, Bob was also cross eyed and was pulling the sides of his mouth down.
"I...err...Its just a sketch I did" Said Renn shyly. She had forgot she had drawn that.
"Its really good" Said Gerard.
"Let me see!" Ordered Frank crawling over, his mouth dropped at the site of it. "Wow..." He said. Mikey and Ray rushed over to see too.
"Woh! You drew this?...this is really good!" Cried Mikey.
"Yeah...not to mention funny!" Laughed Ray. Renn smiled.
"I dont know what made me draw it, it was the first week we were friends, I just...guess I was really happy" She explained.
"Hey...that means that...we werent going out when you drew this...which means...You liked me from the moment you met me! Like I liked you!" Cried Frank. Renn nodded and smiled.
"Yeah..." She mumbled.
"You know what...we should pose for this on Monday, get it done as a proffesional photo!" Said Gerard.
"Yeah!" Agreed Ray, Mikey and Frank. Renn shrugged, feeling full of pride by how much they liked it.
"Sure I guess" She said.
"HEY! Isnt that guy...erm...Norman or whatever like a proffesional photographer?" Asked Frank, referring to a boy in their grade.
"Yeah, we'll get him to take it!" Said Mikey. They all agreed,and Frank rang Norman to arrange it.

"Ok then people, positions positions!" Called Norman standing behind his camera. The headmaster had let them have a lesson off to take the picture, he said he loved the idea of it and he would love for them to do it. They were slighlty shocked at his kindness but didnt question it!
They all sat and did the same things they did in the sketch.
"Ok...Say cheese!" Cried Norman. Instead, Frank grinned that ADORABLE grin. Renn grinned too, Bob and Ray pulled thier faces and Mikey and Gee smiled as if they had no idea they were being made fun of by the other. (Obviosly they did, but the idea was that they didnt!). The picture was done seven times. One for each of them.
"Whats the seventh one for?" Asked Renn.
"Erm...In case one of lose one!" Cried Frank quickly. Renn raised an eyebrow, but Frank kissed her before she could answer.
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