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Bobs got a girlfriend!

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Published: 2007-04-24 - Updated: 2007-04-24 - 585 words

Everyone was sitting in Bobs living room, holding cans of pop whilst Bob took his time opening his and taking a sip, looking thoughtful.
"Stop being so annoying Bob and tell us already!" Cried Gerard. Bob waggled his finger at Gerard.
"Patience young grasshopper" He said.
"Young grasshopper? Thats new...and hurry up and tell us!" Said Gerard. Bob leaned back into the sofa and put his feet on the coffee table with a yawn.
"Bob, did I ever tell you I was a vampire?" Asked Gerard. Bob almost spat out his drink from laughing.
"Ok, you must really wanna know if your gonna pretend to be a vampire!" He laughed.
"Who said he was pretending?" Asked Frank.
"Yeah...I made Frank a vampire too" Said Gerard.
"Thats right" Said Frank giving a cat like hiss. Bob laughed.
"Yeah yeah yeah, whatever you say" He grinned.
"FOR GOD SAKE BOB JUST TELL US!" Cried Mikey. Bobs smile faltered slightly.
"Alright alright calm down! Her names Melissa, I met her at the park the other night. You guys havent met her before, but me and her have been meeting up for the past month and I asked her out last night and she said yes" He said, grinning again.
"Awwww...its boring when we dont know who she is!" Said Ray. Bob shrugged.
"Well, I told you" He said. Renn was looking thoughtful.
"Whats her second name Bob?" She asked. Bob thought for a second.
"Erm...Caplin I think" He said. Renn gasped.
"I KNOW HER!" She cried.
"Really!?" Asked Bob.
"Yeah, she lives a few doors down from my house! We're friends!" Renn smiled.
"Ooooh! Whats she like?" Asked Gerard.
"Oh, she's really nice, aww, I'm happy for you Bob" Said Renn hugging him.
"WOH! Ok ok, god people, its not like he's marrying her!" Cried Ray. Bob stook his tongue out.
"I just might one day" He snapped.
"Thats think, one day we'll all be married" Said Mikey.
"I bet you get married first Mikey" Said Ray. Mikey looked shocked.
"What makes you say that!?" He asked. Ray shrugged.
"I dont know, I just have that feeling" He said.
"Nah, thats probably indigestion!" Said Frank and he and Renn burst out laughing. But Gerard was shaking his head.
"Actually...Rays right, Mikey does look like the type to get married first!" He grinned.
"I knew I needed a new hairstyle...this one makes me look to sweet and innocent!" Said Mikey. Bob shook his head.
"Thats because you are sweet and innocent!" He said. Mikey glared at him.
"NO IM NOT!" He cried.
"Compared to me you are!" Frank piped in.
"Anyone is compared to you Frank" Said Gerard. "Well, except maybe me of course" He said.
"God you people are so full of yourself" Said Renn with a smile.
"Me?! NOOOO! Never!" Cried Gerard. Suddenly Bob stood up.
" guys have to go!" He cried.
"What? Why?" They asked as Bob ushered them out the front door.
"You just do! Sia at school BYE!" Bob slammed the door shut.
"What the..?" Frank asked.
But, as they all got back in the car they saw a girl with long black hair standing on Bobs doorstep, kissing him. Renn burst out laughing.
"THATS MELISSA!" She cried. They all burst out laughing and as they drove past Bobs house on the way back Frank leaned out the window and shouted.
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