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Bob has girlfriend!?

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Renn hears the band

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The next day was a saturday and Frank, Gerard, Mikey and Ray walked up Renns drive and knocked on the door. Her mum answered it.
"Can I help you?" She asked them. She had only ever met Frank before.
"Yeah, Renn in?" Asked Frank.
"Oh! Frankie dear, I didnt see you there, ha ha! Yeah she's in do you want to come in or shall I just get her to come down?" Asked Renns mum.
"Will you send her down?" Asked Frank.
"Sure thing!" Renns mum turned and yelled up the stairs for Renn to come down.
"Coming!" Came a loud reply, next thing Renn came running down the stairs, she was wearing skinny fit black jeans, a lime green T-shirt. She was wearing one green converse and was pulling on the other as she hopped down the stairs.
"Hi guys!" She called reaching the bottom.
"Your lucky you didnt break you kneck doing that! Last time I hopped down stairs I almost killed myself!" Said Ray.
"Shut up Ray, you tripped on the last stair and grazed your elbow!" Said Gerard. Ray blushed.
"Same thing!" He said.
Frank hugged Renn who was grinning. "Where are we going?" She asked excitedly, Frank had been promising a surprise all week and this was it.
"Well...Renn, me and the guys are in a band and we want you to be the first person to hear us play!" Said Frank, he seemed excited too.
"Really!?" Asked Renn, slightly shocked as she hadnt known anything about them being in a band!
"Really! Now come on, Bobs been setting up for us" Frank took Renns hand and they hurried into a black car belonging to Gerard.
"Seat belts" Said Frank getting in the back with Renn and Ray, whilst Gerard got into the front seat and Mikey sat in the passengers seat.
"Seriosly, Gee is one mad driver" Said Frank. Renn giggled and put on her seat belt whilst Gerard insisted he was an extremely safe driver.
Frank was proved right as Gerard drove off, he didnt speed, only he wasnt very good at avoiding things. He kept getting distracted way too easily and almost ran over an old lady as he hunted for some change he was sure had fallen out of his pocket.
"Im sure I heard it fall" He said whilst rooting around under his seat.
"I didnt hear anything" Said Mikey. Renn looked up to see an old lady crossing the road, and Gerard was totally obliviose.
"GERARD LOOK OUT!" Yelled Renn, Gerard saw the woman just in time to swerve and almost hit a picket fence.
"Woh! That was close even for you Gee!" Said Frank. But Gerard didnt seem to hear as he had just found the coin that had fallen out of his pocket.
"Got it!" He cried triumphantly. Renn smacked her forehead with her palm.

They soon reached a fair sized suburban house. They got out the car and walked up the path to the door which Gerard knocked. Bon answered and smiled at them all.
"Heya guys! Didnt kill any more poodles on the way I trust" Said Bob letting them. Renn looked questioningly at Frank.
"Tell you later" He winked.
"Well, no poodles today Bob, but we almost ran over an old lady" Laughed Mikey. Bob chuckled as he lead them through the house.
"Oh yeah, and whats the reason this time?" He asked.
"Gee lost some change under the seat" Said Frank. Bob laughed.
"Oh, well of course a bit of lost pocket change would bring on the end of the world!" He said sarcastically. Gerard scowled.
"Look, I didnt hit the woman so quit moaning!" He snapped.
"Only because of Renn!" Said Ray. Gerard shrugged.
"Same thing" He insisted as they walked down some stairs into Bobs basement. Frank held Renns hand, helping her down the stairs. Once reaching the bottom they found all the equipment set up, tuned and ready to go.
Renn sat down leaning against the wall as the guys prepared them selves. Gerard switched the microphone on and off, tapped it and blew into it. Ray, Mikey and Frank were all quickly practicing a few chords to 'warm up' as Frank put it. Bob sat behind the drum kit tapping at the symbol lightly.
"Ready?" Asked Gerard, they all nodded. Gerard looked nervouse. "We've never had anyone hear us before so..." Gerard began.
"Dont worry I'm sure you'll be great" Said Renn. Gerard licked his lips, "Ok...well...erm...Our lady of sorrows then ok?..alright...1...2..3..4" The song began, from the start to the end it was amazing. Renn sat, mesmorised and they played, Gerards voice, full of emotion and passion for the music, but beautiful aswell, he was able to hold a tune Renn gave him that. Ray, was an amazing guitarist, Frank was...well, hyper to say the least. Bob looked slightly like a gorm, but heck, he could beat the hell out of the drums and Mikey stood, playing the bass as if it was as easy as saying the alphabet, which it probably was to him, everynow and then he would grin at Frank and they would end up walking past each other, or standing back to back whilst playing.
They played 10 songs before stopping and looking hopefully at Renn who was amazed.
"Who wrote all those?" She asked.
"I wrote the lyrics...and we all wrote the music" Said Gerard.
"Did you like it?" Asked Frank. Renn looked shocked at the question.
"You guys are, amazing! I dont think I've ever heard a band so good!" She cried. They all smiled.
"Your just saying that!" Said Frank.
"No I'm not!" Said Renn truthfully.
"Who cares, as long as its positive!" Said Mikey.
"Gee, you are one hell of a singer!" Cried Renn, Gerard blushed and smiled.
"And you three -" Renn indicated Frank, Ray and Mikey. "Are AMAZING!, and Bob, I've never heard such drumming!" They all beamed at her, Frank stepped forward and kissed her lightly on the lips.
"EUGH GET A ROOM!" Cried Bob.
"Your just jealouse!" Said Frank with a laugh.
"Why would I be jealouse...I have a girlfriend!" Said Bob. Franks jaw literally hit the floor.
"WHO?" He cried. Bob grinned.
"Nosey nosey!" He said.
"Come on Bob, tell us!" Begged Mikey.
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