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Evil reunion and a warning

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When Cronus gets some fire power, 7 more heros are recruted. But what seperates them from the origanals? A few long gone nations. Crapy summery? Yes. Good story? I sure as hell hope so. Pleas R&R!

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Cronus was playing with an action figure of himself defeating his sevan mortal children nemiseses. He was so wraped up with his imaginary victory, he failed to notice the figure walking up behind him.
"Ah, Cronus. Having fun?" A male voice asked mockingly. Cronus spun around. There was the Egyptian god Set, his donkey head had been replaced by a stoney, cule face with a gotee.
"Set? What happened to you?" Cronus asked disbalivingly. This was an old friend of his, kinda.
"I found a way to become more human. It's easery that way, to join you in conquering the world." He said with a smile. He looked like a gangser from the 30s, with a deep purple suit and the hat.
"Why would you do that? I never said I wanted your help, or would exept it." Cronus said colding.
"Well, it's clear you need help."
"I do not!"
"Um, buddy, you're playing with action figures."

A tall, beautiful woman who looked to be about 30 walked through the streets of New Olimpia. She had on a jean jacket over a red t-shirt. She had on a pair of jeans with high healed boots. She walked into New Olimpia high, ignoring the looks she got from the students, for it was around lunch time, she entered the principals office. She looked at the secretary.
"Is Ms. Hera in her office?" she asked crisply. She had to hurry and tell her old friend the importand news.
"Uh, yes, I'll show you in." The secretary stood up and led her to a door that said 'Princiapal- Ms. Hera.' She knocked on the door a few times, and opened the door.
"Some one is here to see you." She lead the woman in, and left the office.
"Isis! What in the name of Zuse is going on?" Hera asked, looking at her friends distragught face.
"Set has joined Cronus." She stated gravely, "I talked to Toth, he tells me, like there are sevan children to defeat Cronus, there are sevan to defeat Set. I've sent the first three gods off to fech them. Horus is getting a young boy named Relic, Montu is getting a young man named Thomas, and Toth is getting another named Iem. I came to you to tell you to warn your children, it may come as a shock, but it's better than them finding out on there own." Hera nodded. The two talked in hused voices about the living arangments.
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