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Party Problems

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The gang goes t o a party, what will happen, if the punch is spiked?

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" Party at Claire Ardenes tonite!!!!" Niel shouted from upstairs. Theresa and Jay were in the living room watching Archie and Atlanta wrestle. The others were at the mall, just then Niel ran down the stairs and out the door. Jay leaned over to Theresa,

"you wanna go to the party with me?" he asked kissing her neck lightly. She smiled,

"I don't know maybe I should ask my boyfriend." she said smiling smugly. Jay began to kiss her neck again.

"and who would that be?" he asked

"our oh so handsome leader, tall brown and blonde hair, beautiful chocolate brown eyes, have you met him?" she said

"I think I may have, so are youo coming to the party with me?" he asked again

"I suppose if I must" she said dramaticly.

"so you wanna go upstairs and do something more fun?" he asked suductivly. She nodded, and he picked up carrying her upstairs to his room.

Meanwhile downstairs...

"I thought they would neve" Archie said before kissing Atlanta. She kissed him back smiling. She pulled away slightly, when she heard their voices.

"don't worry their upstairs having their own fun" Archie said kissing her again. He lightly pushed her back, now they were on the ground Archie on Atlanta. She deepened the the kiss, so they were now making out. Archie's hand made it's way to the bottom of her shirt, but withdrew it, as not to push her to far. He pulled away slightly.

"you wanna go to the party tonite?" he asked kissing her neck, just as Jay had to Theresa. she moaned when he kissing a sensitive spot on her neck.

"I'll take that as a yes" he said kissing her on the same spot, making her moan again. He pulled away.

"so meet you at 7 o'clock." he suggested

"sure" she said he kissed her and pulled away again.

"you wanna go for a run?" he asked

"sure, race ya" she said getting up and running out the door.

At the party

Everyone was having a great time Jay and Theresa left a little while ago because Theresa had to much to drink. Archie Atlanta only drank punch(you know it's gonna be spiked).

"Archie can we go home?" Atlanta asked sawying abit.

sure let's go" Archie said felling a little dizzy. They arrived at the brownstone, and went into Archie's room. Before they knew it the making out on the bed, but Archies hand made it's way under her shirt.. (you know what happens next.

The next morning

Atlanta awoke and tried to get up, but something stopped her. She looked over and there was Archie asleep with his arm around her waist. She now remebered what happened last night... she slept with Archie.
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