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Chapter Three: A Slim Escape

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After the battle outside of the base Jeddah was captured. Now as he wakes up he does not know where he is and meets a new member of the resistance

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Chapter 3:A Slim Escape

Genoa an over to where the fading puff of smoke was and stood there, in the heat of the entire battle, with monsters surrounding him, he just stood there. Then suddenly a snap came at Genoa's legs. Not even looking like he knew the creature was there; he flawlessly jumped into a back flip and landed on the monster's head. It was a large spider-like creature with teeth protruding off of their legs to help sweep and scoop up their pray. Genoa realized it was a tribe of these large destroyers coming at him, he just stood on the monster's head as it struggled to shake him off; he was waiting for the right moment to strike. Then, he jumped into a spiral in the air spinning, as if he really could slow down time as Jeddah had suggested earlier that day. He shot at each of the creatures, hitting his mark on all of them. He landed on the one spider-like monster left a live below him and he knelt down on one knee putting the barrel of his gun to the skin of the demon's head. He blew a hole straight through it's head, blood spurted out on Genoa's clothes.

Atop the rotting carrion, he sat perched looking around as he noticed that the decaying demons below him and himself were the only part of the battle left near the tunnel that lead to the base. The battle had moved a couple miles away now.


His eyes opened slowly... he saw nothing but black. Surrounding him was what seemed to be never ending darkness. The dark figure tried to get up but couldn't something as restraining him. He soon realized his arms were restrained as well. He struggled to break free and then screamed his the loudest he could to see if any one could hear him. There was a response from a scratchy voice, it was near.

"Hello?" the scratchy voice had replied

"Hi! Who... who are you?" the dark figure asked cautiously

"I... I'm Nibatsu... I'm a member of the resistance." The voice was less scratchy sounding more awake and aware. Suddenly the light turned on and the dark figure was none other than Jeddah. He was shackled to a wall in what appeared to be an interrogation room. The walls were different shades of gray tiles, along with the floor and the ceiling. There was a table in front of Jeddah and a door on the other side of the table. He looked to Nibatsu after the lights had come on. He had messy dirty blonde hair down to about his eyes all the way around. He had cold green eyes, so cold in fact it felt like they were saying "just leave me alone". He was dressed in a dark blue jacket with the hood hanging down behind him. He wore dark blue almost black jeans and had dark brown boots on. He wore a Nodachi Katana on his back. He, like Jeddah, was also shackled to the wall. Jeddah wondered why they did not strip Nibatsu of his weapons or himself of his backpack, which he had just noticed the straps of it coming over his shoulders.

"I'm in the resistance also, I'm a little new to this but I think I reside in a base, and my leader is... my leader is named Ayame. My name is Jeddah." Jeddah finally responded to him

"Di... did you say Ayame?" Nibatsu questioned "I used to live in the same base... tell me how is she?"

"She's doing good..." Jeddah trailed off as he realized his shackles were metal but as he started to manipulate them the knob to the door standing before them began to turn and he stopped. The door swung open and the same demon that Jeddah had fought earlier was standing before him.

"Who the hell are you!? Where the hell am I!?" he screamed at the man in front of him, if you could call him a man.

=My identity does not concern you and shouldn't anyway, but where you are, haha.= the demon had begun to laugh =you are in the palace of his mightiest majesty. But that is not why I'm here, I'm here to feed you.= The demon said and the kicked Jeddah across the face, cutting open between his eyes in a diagonal slant. Jeddah knew that would add another scar to his collection, and that pissed him off. While the demon was over treating Nibatsu the same way, Jeddah changed the metal around his wrists into a puddle of melted metal beneath him. Jeddah jumped up and punched the demon straight across the face, he let Nibatsu free and they ran as fast as they could out the door. There were two ways to go Jeddah was confused on what way to go but then Nibatsu spoke up.

"Jeddah this way." He said running down the left corridor. Then emergency blast doors began to lower, these blasts doors weren't normal doors though. They were made a 4 foot thick Plexiglas, Jeddah could not help them if they got caught by one. Luckily for them they saw the exit up ahead. Jeddah was trailing slightly behind Nibatsu and that was the cause of a tremendous load of trouble for everyone. Nibatsu quickly slid under the last blast door but Jeddah could not make it. He punched and kicked the glass as hard as he could but to no avail.

"Nibatsu... tell Ayame I'll be all right! Now go get out of here ill be fine here by myself."

"Are... are you sure Jeddah?

"Yes I'm positive now go!" Jeddah yelled making sure he could hear him through the 4 foot of glass between them. Nibatsu just nodded in agreement and ran out the door. Jeddah watched until his blurry silhouette disappeared into the fog. Jeddah looked around he was trapped between the two Plexiglas doors and had nowhere to go. He paused for a moment; he noticed a whole in the Plexiglas and heard something coming his was. It sounded like a strong breeze coming his way. He turned and saw the demon that brought him here was on his way taking his time, disappearing and reappearing between every wall of Plexiglas. By the time it reached Jeddah he was prepared. The man-like creature appeared and Jeddah ran up a wall black flipping and kicking the monster in the back of his head. This fight did not last long though because, as Jeddah kicked the creature, the creature grabbed his leg and the rest was just a blur for Jeddah.


Back in the base Genoa sat with a worried look on his face. Ayame walked up to him and asked him what had happened. Genoa explained what happened and Ayame was shocked.

"This is the second time this demon has struck us Genoa."

"It is?" Genoa asked

"Yes, this demon also took one of my closest friends from me. His name was Nibatsu." She told him with tears coming to her eyes.

Suddenly Nibatsu burst through the door and screamed "Ayame!"

"Ni... Nibatsu?!?" she yelled with excitement "Is that really you!?"

"Yes" he said as he swept her up in his arms giving her an extended hug long awaited. "Your friend... our friend Jeddah set me free."

"Jeddah?" Genoa asked

"Yea we were running down the hall way when the blast doors came down in that place. Jeddah got stuck behind the last one. The doors were glass so he could not escape with me."

"How could you leave him there?" Ayame questioned him

"He... he told me to and to give you the message that he will be okay and that he'll make it back... and you know I think we should make sure of it."

"And how could we do that?" Naito asked stepping out of the shadows.

"Well... I know where the palace is that the demon lord resides. We can go and make sure he gets out alive. He saved me now I'm going to make sure I save him."

"But do we have enough forces to get inside?" Leanna asked "I know that I'm new but I've noticed this base isn't exactly the largest."

"We don't need forces... all we need is us a small unit to infiltrate them, save Jeddah and maybe take out their leader while we're at it." Nibatsu explained. The rest of them nodded in agreement. "We'll leave tomorrow so do what u need the rest of the day."

The sun was already coming down and everyone was getting ready. Ayame, now in her room, heard a knock at her door. She went from her bed across the room and opened her door to see that Naito was standing there.

"Um... Ayame... would you... like to uh... go for a walk with me?" Naito asked blushing "I need to talk to you about something."

"Um sure." Ayame responded. They left knowing there weren't any battles outside of their base and started to walk. Naito stopped her and turned to look at her.

"Ayame... I... I really like you a lot... in fact I love you, I needed to tell you this incase we die tomorrow."

Ayame looked up into his dark eyes, black with a white iris. "I.. I don't know what to say.. except.. well I love you too."

"You do!?" he said excitedly but then cringed "Ahhhh!" he screamed "Ayame... get away the thirst is starting to come up." But it was too late, he was already holding a tight grip on her shoulders. He moved the hair away from her neck and sunk his teeth deep into her neck drinking her blood. He shuddered in fear of what he had done. He knew the only way to keep her alive now was to convert her. He slit open his arm and fed her, his own blood her eyes slowly changed to be like his black with a white iris. Her canines elongating. She slowly closed her eyes and fell unconscious. Naito sat with Ayame in his arms, he was crying over the curse he just put on her. He didn't want this to happen, but he couldn't control himself. He stood up, Ayame still in his arms, and began to walk towards the base... wondering, how were the others going to react. He thought about what he was going to do, he figured he'd just walk in and explain everything that had happened. He walked down the hall, it seemed longer than it normally was; he slowly turned the knob and opened the door. No one was in the main room, he felt a sense of relief overtake his body. He gently set Ayame down on the couch that was before him when Nibatsu came out into the main room. He saw Naito standing over Ayame on the couch and rushed over.

"What happened to Ayame?" Nibatsu asked but then saw the four teeth punctures in her neck. "You monster... what the hell have you done to her. I'm going to gut you!" Nibatsu unsheathed his Nodachi and sliced down a Naito. Naito just barely avoided being cut in half. His black eyes threw a glare at Nibatsu, then he charged in. In the blink of an eye, Naito was holding Nibatsu up by his throat with a deathly grip that could choke him to death. Genoa came out of the long hallway extending from the enormous room; he saw Naito and Nibatsu fighting and when Naito held him by his throat he ran over.

"Naito knock it off!" he yelled at him

"Knock what off his head?" Naito asked with a cocky attitude.

"Naito set him down!" he yelled again. Naito did as he was told and Genoa walked over to them. "Now what the hell are you two fighting over?"

"This bastard bit Ayame!" Nibatsu told him.

Genoa walked over to Ayame and saw the punctures on her neck still bleeding a little, but most of the blood had dried up.

"It was an accident... I... I couldn't control myself."

"Bullshit! You wanted her dead!" Nibatsu spoke up

"No!" Naito piped back "You have no idea how strong the thirst is. I had a chance to kill her twice now and I haven't."

"Then what the hell do you call this!"

"She's not dead! She's only unconscious." Naito pulled his arm out from his sleeve and revealed the wound on his wrist. "I fed her my blood, the only thing I could do for her, once I tasted her blood and came back to my senses, was to change her into a Scattore. I'm sorry," He said lowering his chin to his chest.

"Well as long as she'll be okay," Genoa said

"I still don't trust him." Nibatsu muttered under his breath. A couple days went by and they postponed their plans to save Jeddah as they were waiting for Ayame to wake up.

After three days she finally awoke to Naito standing over her with a cup of blood in his hands. "Here drink this." Naito told her. She took the drink from his hand and sipped it still a little tired.

"This is good what is it?" she asked him

"It's... it's my blood." He told her

Ayame's eyes opened wide as if to spit out the blood but instead she swallowed. "This... is really good. May I have more?" she asked him

"Have as much as you would like." Naito told him and held out his arm. She was confused at first with what to do with his arm but soon she found herself sinking her teeth into his arm and drinking his blood.

"Wh... what's wrong with me, why am I drinking your blood what happened?" she questioned him

"Well um... you might wanna look in a mirror" he told her standing her up. She walked over to the mirror in the big room and saw her eyes, and then she ran her tongue across her teeth.

"I'm... I'm like you." She stated

"Yes... you've been asleep for three days. Three nights ago we went for a walk and the thirst took control of me and I sunk my fangs into you. The only way I could keep you alive was to change you. I'm sorry."

A smile came over Ayame's face "It's okay," she hugged him and looked into his eyes, dark, like hers now. "I actually kinda like it... the taste of blood has never been so sweet, and I think me and you have never been as closely connected as we are right now..." she trailed off and moved her head in slowly, as did Naito locking their lips in a kiss. It lasted about thirty seconds and Naito pulled away. The day became night and the group was ready to go and save Jeddah. Nibatsu lead the way remembering where the castle was. When they got there it was not heavily guarded at all; they walked up to the main entrance and saw shadowy figure, its long black hair flowing in the wind. It took a step forward and reviled its self to be Jeddah. His jewels began to glow a bright green as he positioned himself in a fighting stance.
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