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Chapter Four: The Betrayal

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After Nibatsu Escaped the prison and left Jeddah behind he met back up with teh rest of the resistance, Ayame now a Scattore, they have set out to rescue Jeddah but soon find just how week-willed J...

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Chapter 4: The Betrayal

"Jeddah thank god you're alright!" Leanna yelled to him and came running towards him to give him a hug. When she got to him, he swung his arm out at her knocking her down. "Jeddah what's wrong?" she asked him. He didn't respond he just stood there staring out at the rest of the group. Next Nibatsu ran up to see if he was okay. Nibatsu waved his hand in front of Jeddah's face seeing if he was okay, Jeddah took a death grip on his hand, kneed him in the stomach and punched him in the face sending him spiraling outward.

"What the hell is you problem Jeddah!?" Nibatsu asked laying on his back.

A moment of silence fell... "Problem... there is no problem here... except for you." He finally replied

"Us?" Genoa spoke up

"Of course... you see I work for the demons now. They have showed me unlimited ways to harness my powers. Shall I demonstrate those powers on you?"

"J-Jeddah what are you talking about, this is crazy." Leanna stated. But Jeddah just took a metal rod and stuck its dull end to Leanna's throat. The metal at the end melted away to a point the hot liquid falling to Leanna's somewhat revealed chest searing her skin. She screamed but did not move in fear of the spear stuck to her throat impaling her.

"Hah shall I or shall I not slice the throat of the woman I love."

"Jeddah stop this right now... why are you doing this?" Ayame yelled up to him.

"Haha you make me laugh... stop... why, or rather how could I stop if I haven't started anything."

"Haven't started anything!? Jeddah you're holding a deadly weapon up to you girlfriend's throat!"

"What do you mean?" he said as he thrust the spear through Leanna's throat. "I'm not holding it to her throat... I'm holding through her throat."

They all stood there in awe as if they didn't believe Jeddah was capable of doing such treacherous deeds. "You monster!" Genoa screamed and whipped his pistol out of the holster it was being contained in. He began to run to the side still aiming at Jeddah, then he fired as he dove himself into a shoulder roll. The bullet was tracing a path that led directly to Jeddah's skull. As the bullet had almost reached its destination a large metal dome surrounded its target deflecting the bullet back at Genoa, the bullet just grazed his cheek.

"You can't defeat me! We are surrounded by metal."

"We don't want to defeat you! Why are you doing this... how could you do this."

"Power! The demons showed me power I could have never discovered without them."

"How could you be so weak minded, the lure of power has clouded your vision Jeddah. You're destroying your loved ones for power!" Ayame said to him.

"Oh but you have no idea how far my powers have exceeded your own!" he said as he slammed his hand on the ground. The metal beneath the members of Fallen Sun began to quiver the rose up and wrapped around their feet insuring they would not break free. Jeddah pulled out a long sword and began to walk forward, Leanna's blood trickling from his shoes as he walked. The gun turrets, attached to the wall of the building before them, aimed for them and Jeddah stuck his sword up to Genoa's neck. But just then all the electricity failed and the illumination from the lights of the metal castle before failed and all was dark.

Suddenly they heard a scream and a loud thud. The lights came back and they saw a dark ninja-like figure standing above, a now unconscious, Jeddah. The metal holding the captive fallen sun members crumbled like dirt around them, and they walked over to the dark figure. It was wearing a mask conceal all of its face but its cold emerald stare.

"Who, who are you, what's your name?" Genoa asked.

"I will not be around long enough for my name to have purpose." An almost feminine sounding voice came from the figure. Again the lights went out and all was dark, when they came to illuminate the surface of the castle again the figure was gone, and Jeddah still lay unconscious in front of them. The group decided to head back to the base and leave Jeddah, in fear of what he might be capable of when he awakened if they had returned him to the base for questioning.

Later that night back at the base they all huddled around a fire that was heating a large pile of twilight stones to give off warmth.

Nibatsu stood up and walked to a wall, he placed his fist on the wall for a moment the pulled back and swung forward putting an imprint of a fist on the hard clay walls of the base. "So are we screwed? Are we gonna be able to do this without him?" The whole group sighed and looked down. Except for Naito and Ayame, who in unison looked at the ceiling as if looking through it to the sky, looking for hope in the stars.

"We'll get through this, with or without Jeddah." Ayame and Naito said together, as if they shared a bond.

"But how can you tell?" Genoa asked with no sense of relief or hope in his voice.

"We can see it in the stars..."
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