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Chapter One: Untitled

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Meet Rose an 18 year old girl ending her senior year in highschool and starting to go into the real world. She is the lead singer of the band Under Pressure, a hardcore band looking to make it big ...

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Chapter 1: Untitled
Rose stood in her room staring at her arm as it made a slow drain from the cuts all along her arm. She pulled her black and red streaked hair up into a ponytail and once again gazed at her arm as she leaned in closer to it. She stuck out her tongue and lapped up the blood slowly licking her lips and having a satisfied look on her face. She then took out a needle and thread and sewed up the bloody mess she had made of her self. When she was done she set the needle and thread on her dresser and picked up the razor blade that had lain there bloody and starting to dull. She cleaned off the blade with her tongue and slipped it under her mattress. She then lay upon her bed thinking of her friend Renee when she had suddenly heard a knock at her window. When she looked who was there but Renee, Rose quickly opened up her window and let Renee in quietly her small nimble body fitting through with her window with ease.

"Hey love." She whispered with her fake British accent that she loves to use. She hugged Rose and then kissed her on the lips slipping her tongue into Rose's mouth ever so subtly. Rose with her eyes closed kissed back until she realized what she was doing and then pulled away.

"Renee! Why would you do that you know I'm not like that!" she whispered with a stern tone of voice.

"I'm sorry love I just can't control my self around you, you know that. You're so beautiful." Renee replied as she grabbed Rose's breast and ran one of her fingers across Rose's lips.

"Cut it out Renee! If my parents catch you in here they'll hate you even more." Rose said as she slapped Renee's hands away. Renee was wearing her usual apparel a short whorish skirt with silver studs and spikes with fishnet stockings and a pair of custom-made Japanese semi-platform high-heeled boots that rose to about her knees. She was also wearing a KoRn tee shirt and a fishnet shirt under that. Rose wearing a similar outfit only instead of a skirt she was wearing quite baggy shorts. She was also wearing fishnet stockings and a fishnet shirt but the tee shirt over it was a Linkin Park shirt, one of her favorite bands, and she wasn't wearing boots either just some old skateboarding shoes. Rose was a very down to earth kind of girl.

Renee jumped onto Rose's bed and took out a lighter and two cigarettes and handed one of them to Rose. They both lit up and after taking a drag off of hers Renee asked "So what are we gonna go do tonight?"

After taking a couple of drags off of hers Rose replied with "Eh... I'll just tell my parents I'm going out, take the car and pick you up about a block from here okay? We'll decide what we wanna do later after I pick you up." Renee quietly snuck back out of Rose's room and Rose went for the front door when her mom stopped her.

"Where are you going?" she asked her with a stern voice

"I'm going out to the park for a while I just need to think in the moonlight. I'll be taking the car just to let you know." Rose replied

"Okay... well be home by 1:00 AM okay?"

"Yes mom I'll be home by one bye." Rose said as she opened the door and went or the car. She started it up and sat there for a minute again staring intently at her arm and realized something she hadn't realized before whenever she cut herself it was always in the same spots reopening scar tissue. She wondered why but then just let it go and pulled out of the driveway. She drove a couple blocks and saw Renee fixing her hair into dreadlocks on the side of the road. She picked her up and they drove to her friend Gris' house. Rose had liked Gris for sometime and loved his name, Gris, French for gray, gray was her favorite color and she thought it was so ironic. Gris lived on his own and was 19. Renee and Rose were only 18 and were on their last year of school. Gris always picked on them about hew they were so young and still in school. She went through his garage to get inside and going in she saw her guitar next to his and Renee's bass up against there drummer, Damien's drum set. Rose walked right in and without even saying hello jumped on Gris' lap and he wrapped his arms around her. She suddenly felt a sense of pureness that he was holding onto her like all of her troubles had gone.

She placed her hands on his and said, "Hey what's up!"

"Oh not much was actually just about o practice and was gonna call you good thing you showed up huh?" he replied enthusiastically

Renee stood in the doorway looking at Damien in the chair and then to Gris and Rose and laughed "Aren't you two cute together."

Rose started to blush and grabbed a pillow and threw it at Renee's face. "Shut up Renee" she yelled. "Well... let's go practice." They all got up and grabbed their stuff from the Garage and went right down to the private stage Gris had in his basement. Gris started first with his guitar and then Renee joined in with the bass. The drums soon joined in and Rose was the last to join in with her guitar and the microphone. "Living with a cut this deep... ...u said u love me but then u broke me...," she had written the song about a past boyfriend she had had. loosing herself in the music practicing like she was on stage in front of an audience, she then got to the chorus where she screamed "DON'T SHAKE DON'T MOVE DON'T TREMBLE YOU'RE ONLY KIDDING YOURSELF. THIS LUST THIS LOVE IT'S FAKE BUT NOW YOU WANT ME BAAAAAAAAACK!!!" The song finished and they all sat down and drank some sodas and Renee and Rose smoked a couple of cigarettes.

"You know those things are bad for you." Gris spoke up.

"Yea whatever we don't care." Renee replied for both of them

"So any response for if we made it to the finals of the battle of the bands yet?" Damien asked all of them. Suddenly the phone rang and Gris answered it.

"Prolly your bitchy-ass mom" Renee whispered so that Gris' phone wouldn't pick up her voice. Gris hung the phone up with a smile on his face. "Or not" Renee spoke up again.

"Damien do you have like powers or something... 'cause that was just the guy from the battle of the bands... we made it to the finals!"

"YES!" Rose screamed and jumped on Gris giving him a huge hug and having a giant smile on her face.
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