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Chapter Two: The Battle of the Bands

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Rose and the rest of Under Pressure compete in the battle of the bands

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Chapter 2: The Battle of the Bands
"There's one condition though... we have to come up with a brand new song for the final round o you think we can do it guys?" Gris told them as he set Rose back down.

"Yea we can definitely do it!" Damien said. They immediately went to work on the song. Renee worked on the lyrics with Rose while Damien came up with some beats, guitar riffs and drum solos for it. Time had past by them so fast they didn't even realize it.

The next morning Rose slowly opened her eyes waking from a deep slumber and she looked around confused as to where she was, but then she realized she was at Gris' house and her eyes opened wide. She had fallen asleep there and was afraid what her father was gonna do to her. She frequently beat her he was so strict unlike her mother. She got up and walked for the door when Renee stopped her.

"Stay who gives a shit what your parents think. I mean what ever your dad is gonna do to you know it won't get worse for staying longer." Renee told her running her fingers through Rose's hair, still in a ponytail.

"Yea I guess we need to practice any way but for now I'm tired too I think I'll go back to sleep." She told Renee and walked away. Rose silently slipped into Gris' room looking around he was silently asleep. He had his CD player on playing "Last Resort" by papa roach and had a black light shining in the corner lighting his black walls covered with posters of his favorite bands such as Ill Niño, KoRn, Adema, and Papa Roach. His bed was huge and she slipped under the covers wrapping her arms around him and falling back to sleep.

Later that day both of them awoke to Renee and Damien poking fun at them for sleeping together. "Aren't you two cute" Renee said again as she did the night before.

"Oh they are very cute together," Damien said as Gris and Rose both opened their eyes. Rose's arms still wrapped around Gris and his arms wrapped around her now. They were both starring at each other; Renee and Damien had walked away leaving them to get up.

"Well... uh..." Rose started saying but Gris put one finger on her lips.

"Rose..." that's all he said and then he leaned his head forward and kissed her on the lips. She was confused at first but then her body went numb and she kissed him back with her eyes closed. He slipped his tongue in her mouth slowly and then he slowly pulled away. Rose turned over in bed and sat up blushing.

"You know we can't tell Renee or Damien about that right. They'll make a huge deal over it." Rose spoke up

"Yea but... I guess you're right." Gris said

Two weeks later they were at the battle of the bands, ready to go on.

"Next up for the final round we have Under Pressure! And to remind you folks of this national battle of the bands competition prize is being signed to what ever label you want of the labels that have ready. Also you get to go on tour with three of their favorite bands nation wide! Okay let's give this band from the small town of Binghamton, New York a hand!"

The band came out on stage in an insane manner. They started the crown with a cover of Papa Roach's "Last Resort" then went into the new song that they had written prior to the contest. The crowd went insane and moshpits broke out all over. There was one part in the song where everything slowed down the singing, bass, and drums had stopped and Gris was in command with his guitar the moshpits stopped just like they had planned. Renee, Damien, and Rose split the crowd in half and walked out onto the floor. Suddenly Gris' guitar screeched and Rose screamed as loud as she could without her microphone and the crowd poured in as Damien, Rose, and Renee started the biggest moshpit that was at that particular battle of the bands. They were able to make it out alive and back on stage to finish the song up. They thought for sure that would win them the contest, because not only is it about the music its about crowd control.

"Okay folks you've seen all 4 bands and now it's your decision who gets signed or not. Up on the jumbo-tron will be a number each number represents one of the bands." The crowd looked up and read "1 - Fallen Hopes, 2 - Fighting Through Fire, 3 - Downward Spiral, 4 - Under Pressure" When the audience got done voting the announcer came back out on stage holding an envelope. "God I feel like I'm at the Grammy's or somethin'... any ways lets get on to who the winner is..." the announcer opened the envelope "um... its empty... oh yes!" The announcer went over and hit a switch on the wall and the fans cheered ecstatically as the giant screen in front of them lit up "THE WINNER IS UNDER PRESSURE!"

The whole band came out on stage and Damien grabbed the mic' first screaming "FUCK YEA!" then he ran towards the crowd and did a back flip into the crowd.

Gris grabbed the mic' next and made an announcement "As much as I love the fact that we won... I'd like to announce that... I love Rose!" he said and he pulled Rose in close and kissed her on the lips. She just stood there in awe that he would do something like that.

Renee and Rose took the mic' next simultaneously "Thank you so much!" they said in synchronism. They then went back stage and looked at the list of record labels willing to sign them. "Virgin... Geffen... victory... ELEMENTREE! We want to be signed to elementree records. And the bands we'd like to tour with are KoRn, Nine-Inch Nails, and Linkin Park.
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