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Chapter Three: The Move

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After winning the battle o the bands the band moves in with Linkin Park frontman Mike Shinoda

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Chapter 3: The Move
A few months had passed since the battle of the bands and Rose and Renee had graduated. Renee had moved in with Damien and now are together as a couple. Under Pressure had started recording their first album and haven't yet gone on tour. Gris and Rose now a couple decided for Rose to move out and move in with him.

"Okay mom I'm leaving I'll visit on the weekends," Rose said heading for the door having most of her stuff over at Gris' already. Suddenly her dad burst through the door coming home from a 2 week long business vacation.

"Where do you think you're going with all of that stuff young lady!" her dad had asked her.

"I'm moving in with Gris dad." She replied without missing a beat

"You're not moving in with that bum!" her dad screamed.

"I have most of my stuff over there already dad yes I am!"

"No you're not I refuse to let you!" her dad yelled in a violent rage and pinned Rose against the wall by her shoulders.

"Get off of me dad I have to go!" she screamed and struggled to get free but couldn't

"Steve leave her alone!" Rose's mom screamed as she watched.

"I'm not letting her move in with some freak bum!" her dad said and that really pissed Rose off. Rose then pulled her newly sharpened razor blade out of her pocket and stabbed her dad in the wrist with it and ran for her car. She sped away to Gris' house and when she got there he was waiting for her in the driveway. She got out of her car and ran up to him and wrapped her arms around him crying regretting what she had just done.

"What's wrong...?" he asked wrapping his arms around her.

"I... I just... god I can't say it like this give me a second." She wiped the tears from her face and looked up at him. "My dad called you a freak bum so I stabbed him in the wrist and took off." She told him starting to cry again. Later that day Renee and Damien came over and they all hung out when suddenly they got a phone call.

"Hello?" Gris picked up his phone

"Hi is Gris Jonathin home?" the voice said at the other end

"This is him... who's calling?" Gris responded

"This is Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park... And I waned to tell you that Elemtree Records sent us a demo of your stuff and it kicks ass. I loved your cover of Papa Roach's song 'Last Resort',"

Gris put the phone against his chest and whispered to the other members "Guys its Mike Shinoda, of Linkin Park. He told me he likes our stuff." Rose jumped up and grabbed the phone out of Gris' hands.

"Hello Mike! This is Rose Harwin the lead singer of Under Pressure..." she felt so embarrassed that she was talking to the lead singers of one of her favorite bands.

"Um... hi what's up...?" Shinoda said in response

"Um... not much me and the rest of the band are just hangin' out in Gris' basement..." She told him shyly, still blushing

"Well we, the band, are in Florida right now and we need you flown out here right now before the tour starts. You can stay with me, my house is big enough... oh and your plain tickets will be in the mail by Tuesday at the latest." They both hung their phones up and Rose turned to the rest of the group looking them with a smile.

"Guys... we're moving to Florida for a while!" she said ecstatically

"We are!?!?" Damien asked

"Why... How... When?" Renee spoke up

"We're moving in with Mike in his house in Florida apparently Elemtree wants us to work with him and the rest of Linkin Park for our new record."

The next day the tickets came and the date for their flight was scheduled for that Wednesday. They all got most of their stuff that they needed packed and waited for Wednesday to come. When the day came nothing faulted and they made it to Mike's house all right.

"Okay guys looks like you're all here haha you can take your stuff in the back room over there." Mike told them pointing through his giant house to a big room that looked like a studio. They all stared in amazement at how big his house was. They all got settled in and put their stuff in the rooms they were told to stay in. Later that day the band all hung around with Mike and the rest of Linkin Park listening to Linkin Park's music.

"I'm gonna order a pizza okay guys?" Damien walked off, dialed the number and ordered the pizza. "Hey we got enough time to pull of a song you guys wanna do it?"

"Sure why not." Rose said jumping up on the stage that was set up in front of them. The rest of the band got up on stage and began to play and the members of Linkin Park watched on enjoying what they were seeing. Chester, Linkin Park's lead singer just stared a Rose not taking his eyes off of her.

"Hey Chester... you okay?" Phoenix Linkin Park's bassist asked him.

"What? Oh... uh yea I'm fine." Chester responded still not taking his eyes off from Rose.

"OOOOOOO looks like Chester has a crush haha." Mike spoke up

"Shut up I do not," Riley said sounding like a ten-year old kid and punching Dustin in the arm. "Plus I just got done with my divorce jeez" The song finished and everyone decided to go get the pizza.

"Hey actually I'm gonna stay here okay guys?" Rose said quickly

"You know I think I will too..." Chester said sounding shy. The rest of them took off and Rose walked out onto the back deck looking at the lawn with a hoodie on but the sleeves rolled up because it wasn't that cold out considering they were in Florida. Chester walked out onto the balcony-like porch. He walked up to Rose holding her razorblade in his hand. "I found this on the way out here, it belong to you?" He said questioningly

"Uh... yes it's helped me through tough times could I get it back?" she responded

"No... I don't believe it's helping you at all." He said looking into her eyes. She just stared back at him looking deep into his eyes as if looking through to his soul. She had had a crush on him since she first saw Linkin Park. He held her hand and looked at her arm and just frowned then looked back at her face. Rose had a look of disappointment on her face as she felt her warm blood run down her arm. Chester let go of her hand and ran his finger across her arm wiping up the blood and licking it from his finger. He put her hand back in his and she leaned closer to him. He put his arms around her waist and leaned in tilting his head, and as did she and she kissed him on the lips. He kissed back and ran his hands up her back and played with her hair. Suddenly they heard everybody get back with the pizza and everything was going bad her arm was torn to shit, she had just cheated on Gris, and Chester still had her razorblade.
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