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Just Because of One Fight

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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama, Romance - Characters: Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2007-04-30 - Updated: 2007-05-01 - 625 words

I woke around seven o' clock, which would actually make me on time. Just as I was skimming through my drawers, Mikey appeared at my door. I wondered why he was here. No one usually talked to me until the walk to school. Any time before then and I would bite their hand off.

"Hey Gee, I just wanted to tell you that Frank called and said he wasn't walking with us", Mikey announced to me.

I lifted my head up in surprise "Did he say why?"

"He didn't", Mikey responded as he disappeared.

Mikey and me went off to school as usual, but I wondered why Frank didn't come. I decided that I shouldn't get worked up over something like this. After all, Frank was his own person. He could do what he chooses. At school, I made it through two classes, which was a real accomplishment for me. I thought quickly - only one more period until lunch. Then maybe I could find Frank.

I stood outside my physics class, just trying to waste time before I actually had to go in. I didn't want to look like a nerd by being seated first. To my delight, Frank was heading to his chemistry class. He saw me and forced his way through the forming crowd to me. I could something was bothering him.

"Whats up?", Frank asked casually. His eye looked much better. Before he left last night I had given him some of my best makeup to use on his eye.

"Nothing, just stalling", I replied as I watched other kids go into the room, "How was last night with your parents?"

"Well actually theres something I really need to tell you", Frank managed to get out, "But not now. At lunch"

I sighed. I didn't know if I could wait. "All right, but that just means more details"

Frank gave me a weak smile and headed off to his class. Now I trudged into my physics class and sat in the back with Benny from my art class. Just another day of torture at my high school. At least I had Frank.


I sat at my usual table in the cafeteria. I was soon joined by Mikey, Ray, and Benny. I took little bites from the cold slab the school called pizza. I looked up and saw Frank appear before me and then he took a seat across from me. The other guys shifted down to give us some privacy.

"Whats the matter Frank?" I asked, concerned. Frank looked at me with his big brown eyes.

"My dad......", Frank forced himself to say, "He wants to send me to a Catholic high school now. Just because of one fight......"

"Like after this year?", I asked hopefully. If Frank left at the end of this year, then it wouldn't matter much since I was graduating.

"After Christmas break", Frank mumbled, his head down like he had done something wrong.

I couldn't believe that soon! Right now it was the end of November. I would have to spend five months without him. I glanced at the other guys who had obviously heard the conversation becuase they looked stunned. Frank left his seat and came to sit in my lap. I didn't care right now if anyone saw. Frank and I were inseperable. This couldn't happen.

"Oh look what we have here, two fags", someone said from behind us. It was Bryan Gellus, a popular sophmore along with his band of merry men.

Bryan was messing with us now of all times when it was him who caused all of these problems. I couldn't control my anger. I gingerly shifted Frank off my lap so I could stand up.

It was time for some revenge.
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