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Sweet Revenge

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you can guess

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I stepped a few feet away from the table to meet Bryan. I gave his whole crew a twisted smirk. This caused some of his 'friends' to slink away like startled puppies. Now it was just me and Bryan. We stared at each other, the whole cafeteria dead silent. This would definitely be a fight to remember.

"You think I'm scared of you fag?" Bryan said, trying to act cool. I could hear the fear in his voice and I could see it in his eyes.

"I really think you should be", I smoothly announced with a evil grin.

It was then I pounced on top of Bryan, causing his body to slam aganist the cold floor. I punched him square in the nose, blood slowly but surely streaming out. As we wrestled Bryan tried to pull my hair. I had become immune to that attack a long time ago. I proceded to punch him in the jaw, making a short but distinct sound. One of his teeth were definitely chipped. As we continued our fight, I could hear someone yelling.

"Mr.Way!! Get off him IMMEDIATELY!", I heard the feminine voice shout.

I turned slightly to see the vice principal, Ms.Lesgro rushing towards us. I managed to pin Bryan down and whispered into his ear "You messed up Frank so now you get me. And let me tell you, the detention I will get will be NOTHING compared to the pain you will be in for the next couple of days becuase of this little fight"

I then jumped off him, but not before swiftly kneeing him in the stomach. I then looked at the cuts I had on my arms. I swear Bryan fights like a two-year old. The audience looked at me amazed, too shocked to say anything as Bryan regained his breath.

"Gerard and Bryan!Go to the nurse and then come to my office", Ms.Lesgro said sharply, then turned to face the other students "The rest of you move along right now"

I glanced at Frank, who looked petrified but managed a small smile. His smile made it all worth it. After a quick trip to the nurse, I sat outside the office while Bryan told his story to Ms.Lesgro. As I sat there, I was approached by fellow students of all ages, some I didn't even know. Apparently, Bryan thought he was all high and mighty around here and was trying to boss other people around. This definitely knocked him off his high horse.

"Gerard, please come in now", I heard Ms.Lesgro call. I thanked my fans and happily trotted into the office and took a seat.

I told my whole story, making emphasis that Bryan was a jerk and a bully and deserved all of his bruises. I had just done what everyone else was doing in their minds. Ms.Lesgro just gave me a look after I finished my story. I think deep down she was happy something actually happened around here.

"I have heard from both sides", Ms.Lesgro began with a sigh, "Bryan, we teach everyone is equal and that bullying in not an option here. Gerard, I see that you were defending your friend, but violence is not the answer"

She paused for a few seconds to take a look at both of us. It was the 'you two are good kids why did you do this?' look. I looked at Bryan who, after the trip to the nurse, actually didn't look too bruised. Damn it. I was hoping for some more damage than that.

"Gerard, you have a week of detention and Bryan, you will be suspended from the basketball game this weekend and will have two days of detention", she told us, "I think this is fair. You two are lucky that you are good kids otherwise it would have been suspension for both of you"

I thanked her and walked out as I heard Bryan begging Ms.Lesgro to let him play in the game. I kept walking to my locker, but I suddenly felt depressed. I had gotten sweet revenge, but Frank was still going to switch schools. I ditched the idea of going to class and slunk behind the gym where I found Frank waiting for me.

AU: hope you liked it :)
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