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Sad Thoughts

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I really had no clue what to name this

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Frank was sitting with his back aganist the wall like I usually did. I settled down next to him and lit a cigarette, taking slow drags from it. We didn't need to talk to know how each other was feeling. I hated to sound like a drama queen, but I would really miss seeing Frank at school. He was one of the few things that made school bareable.

"Thanks for doing that", Frank suddenly said, but he didn't turn his head to face me.

"Some people send flowers or write love letters", I began to say, "But I beat up assholes and nothing says 'I love you' more than that"

Frank finally turned to face me, a small smile on his face. He gently pulled the cigarette from my lips and took a drag. I had to admit that Frank looked totally bad-ass hot rocker when he smoked. He then tossed the cigarette and leaned on me. We sat there in silence for we didn't need words. I stroked his soft hair as he stared off into space.

Eventually it was time for us to go to class again. I had art and I was eager to go. We had put the final touches on our drawings and we were now painting a person, which in my case was Frank again. Our teacher wanted us to try our hand at a little bit of everything. I gently nudged Frank.

"Sweetheart, we got to go to class", I softly said to Frank who sighed and lifted his head.

"Alright", Frank responded, standing and then wiping the dirt from his black pants, "I'll meet you at your house after school"

I stood up and I too wiped the dirt from my pants. I walked over to Frank and gave him a kiss on the top of his head. Let me just say that his hair smelled amazing.

"I know this seems horrible but we'll be okay", I told him, looking into his big brown eyes, "Besides, you changing schools won't change the way I feel about you"

"I love you", he responded, wraping his arms around me as I did the same.


Frank arrived at my house around 3 o' clock. I greeted him with a small kiss as we headed into the living room as usual. We ended up watching some stupid show, but it was mostly to lighten the depressed mood. I laid on the couch with Frank laying on my stomach. That was just about the most relaxing part. No one bothered us because Mikey and my mom knew how much we loved each other.

"'re not...moving are you?" I asked slowly, hoping the answer would be no. Frank moving would be the worst.

"They haven't decided but I'm working on staying here", Frank replied, half asleep.

"Alright, just wanted to know", I responded, suddenly feeling tired too, "You can go back to sleep"

We fell asleep and when I woke up it was pitch black. I glanced towards the VCR. It was two o' clock in the morning. I yawned and fell back to sleep.

AU: Filler but I hope you enjoyed it
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