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Phone Chatting

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AU: I forgot what day it was in the story, so I'm making it Friday. Tried to make this cutsie.

I woke up once again, now to see that the room was brightened by the soft sunrise. It was 6:05 in the morning. My efforts to softly shift positions were futile because soon Frank woke up too. Frank looked around the room and nuzzled his head aganist my chest. He gave me a half-asleep smile. Frank then scooted forwards so that he laid in a way that his face was inches from mine.

"Gerard, my sexy lover", Frank said just loud enough that I could hear it, just in case anyone happened to pass by.

"Yes my drop-dead gorgeous beau", I responded while trying to wake myself up more. I liked to be fully functioning when I talked to Frank because you never knew what he was going to say.

"Since I am leaving this school and you are graduating, you want to skip school?" Frank asked me, looking totally serious.

I thought this idea over quickly in my mind. It would be the only good thing to happen this week and since it was Friday I didn't have art or anything important.

"Yea, lets skip. My mom won't care if I just stay home because we had made a deal", I began to tell Frank, "I can stay home two days for no reason every school year. We've had that deal since I was eight"

"Thats so awesome", Frank responded. I had never really thought about it, but really I was lucky to have a mom who let me do that.

"You can go back to your house and pretend your sick", I told him, "Its the oldest trick but your parents will fall for it. Use some makeup too"

"Alright, then I better get over there", Frank said as he slid off my stomach.

Frank fixed his hair slightly and gave me a quick kiss and then left to go home to go pretend to be sick. I smiled to myself. I'm a pretty bad influence on him. Oh well.


Around 7am I rolled off the couch and found my mom pulling an outfit from the main closet. I told her that I was staying home and she didn't object. She only told me not to burn down the house or anything of such. I agreed and headed upstairs to my room. I laid on my bed, listening to the sounds of Mikey getting ready for school and my mom getting ready for work. Eventually it was silent. Just as this happened, the phone rang. Frank.

"Hey, Gee its you right?" Frank asked happily over the phone.

"The one and only. I guess the plan worked", I responded back.

"Yep. My parents did know I was faking but they let me stay since you know", Frank said, remarking to the school change, "But the BEST part is that I'm not moving! The bus stop to my school is close by"

"Thats great!", I exclaimed, saying it higher than was nesassary(sp). But hey, you would too if the love of your life was staying right on your block.

"I know! I guess my parents aren't that bad", Frank admitted, "Though they did tell me to not b----"

"Burn down the house" we said in unison.

"Parents are wierd! I'll see you in a moment!", Frank said happily as he hung up the phone.

Today would be fun.


Anyone interested in writing a scene for me, leave in a comment saying you are interested. I need someone to write a love sceneish thing. Hope that won't spoil the future of the story for you, but I know you guys are waiting for it
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