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As soon as Frank hung up the phone, I went over to my mirror. I stared into my mirror and tried to fix my hopeless hair. I then decided to change into some new clothes. I was so focused on picking something out that I didn't realize that Frank suddenly appeared, sitting on my bed.

"So I guess the strip tease is over", Frank joked when I was just about to slip on my t-shirt.

I turned to find Frank sitting on my bed, a smile upon his face. I gave a small laugh and sat down next to him after throwing the shirt onto the top of my dresser. I trailed my finger lightly down Frank's face, making him shiver. I laid him gently on my bed and straddled him, like he had done to me. I gave a few soft kisses on his neck and then proceeded to run my tongue softly over his lips. Every once in a while he would part his lips slightly as to let my tongue roam his mouth. I wanted to tease him so whenever he did so, I pulled away until he closed his mouth. After some time, Frank whimpered everytime I refused to kiss him. It was quite adorable.

"Gerard....please", Frank said softly. I stopped and laid my head on his cheek. Frank's skin was incredibly soft.

"Please what?", I purred, sending goosebumps up both of our spines.

"", Frank pleaded to me. How could I really refuse his request?

Without a second to lose, I gave a little chuckle and pressed my lips forcefully upon his, letting my tongue slip into Frank's mouth. I could hear him sigh in relief, his whole body relaxing. Frank bit into my lower lip, making me almost squeal in joy. I pressed my lips harder onto his, our tongues now in a dance of dominance. We stopped only momentarily to discard Frankie's shirt. Returning to our previous actions, Frank broke away from our kiss.

"Gerard, please," Frank pleaded softfully, his brown eyes staring up at me.

"You sure sweetheart? There's no pressure," I asked.

Frank thought over my words for a moment. I didn't want to force him to do anything. Besides, this would be both of our first times. I wanted this to be a good memory for him, and for me too.

"I'm sure," Frank responded.

I stumbled off of Frank and searched my top drawer for a condom. I silently thanked health class for giving them out. As I grabbed the package I could clearly see that my hands were sweating. Lovely. Wiping them on my legs I returned to Frankie.

We gave each messy kisses as we got rid of any clothes we were wearing. Looking at each other for a moment, I could clearly see Frank blushing and I could feel myself doing the same. This was different from our playful half strip teases. This was for real. For as much as I wanted to do this, I was still nervous.

I clumsily was able to roll on the condom and gave Frank a few reassuring kisses. I sat myself between his legs and took a slight breath, trying to regain the air of normalcy we had before. I cautiously slipped one finger inside my lover. He grunted in pain before positioning himself better. I slipped another finger in, beginning to scissor him. He bucked his hips instinctively, his face starting to contort in pleasure. Feeling he was prepped well, I positioned myself at his entrance.

"Wait, ummm, do you have any lube?" Frank asked patiently.

I thought quickly, trying to think of something we could use. As far as I knew, I didn't know of any lotion of sorts.

I settled for the next best thing, spitting delicately into my hand and coating my erection. I gave a sheepish smile at Frank. I was returned with a smile which meant that I was doing fine.

I slowly pushed myself into him, stopping midway. Frank was wincing in pain, a single tear threatening to fall from his beautiful eye. I looked at him with concern.

"You alright?" I asked gently, ready to give this up as a failed attempt.

"I'm fine, just getting used to it," Frank replied, taking a deep breath, "Keep going."

I complied, pushing fully in. I then proceeded to slowly thrust in and out. Frank started to enjoy himself and wrapped his legs around my waist, forcing me to go in deeper. Frank began panting and a moaned slipped out between. I came to the aid of his throbbing need, trying to pump in time with my thrusts.

"Uugh, Gerard, I think I'm gonna-" Frank moaned, coming into my hand.

The sight of pure ecstasy on my lover's face made me come. I rode out the orgasm before pulling out and throwing the condom into the wastebasket. I laid beside Frank and placed a kiss on his forehead. He smiled tiredly at me sweetly.

It was messy, it was awkward, it was our first time. It was perfect.
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