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Can this be love?

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'Do I love Naruto anymore?' Sasuke thought to himself.

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Sasuke thinking everything over at home

Sasuke threw down his jacket, touching his lips softly. Remembering how Neji had pressed his hard against his own only half an hour ago. How Neji had pressed his own aroused body against his, how his own body had heated up at the feel of Nejis.
'What was he thinking, Neji's just a... I don't know the word for him! I just.. he's just confusing, i mean he did this for me, but why? Why? Is he doing this to get back at Naruto? What is he doing to me??' Sasuke fell in to the nearest chair, thinking hard about his situation, Naruto and Hinatas date.
'Shit! It's in like less than two hours!' Sasuke thought.
'I can't possibly be in love with Neji, he's supposed to help me get with Naruto... but do I really want Naruto anymore? God, thinking about all of the things I've done just to get Naruto back and Neji to help, I feel like such a slut. Neji was right I am too vulnerable to... what the hell did Neji call it? Pleasures of the flesh, that's right. Who says that now a days?! God, Neji is so old fashioned. I wonder what he has planned for Narutos date...God, if I had known it would be this compicated I would've gone out with Sakura! But serioiusly, do I still want Naruto?'
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