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I am woken up the next day by her getting up. I roll over and open my eyes.

"Oh hey sleepyhead" she smiles, "I got bored of waiting for you to wake up. I'm gonna go have a shower."

That really wakes me up. "Mind if I join you?" I ask, sitting up. She looks surprised, and then grins.

"If you want" she says indifferently, walking into the en suite bathroom.


I get into the large shower and turn on the water. I wonder if he's actually going to join me, or if he was just joking. My question is quickly answered by a pair of hands which close around my waist. I turn around as he pushes me against the wall of the shower, pressing his mouth hard against mine. The tiles are cold against my back, but his mouth is warm, as is the water from the shower that's running over us, mingling with the kiss. He breaks away and grins. I roll my eyes and pick up the soap.

"Let me do that for you" he says, a wicked gleam in his eye

"YOU might not be capable of washing yourself, but I definitely am" I reply, sarcastically, although I'm wondering what his game is. His hair has been flattened into his eyes by the water; he looks so funny, and kind of sweet, peering out from under his dripping hair. He softly but firmly takes the soap out my hands, and rubs it in his own, then pulling me close, runs his soapy hands all over me, kissing my neck as he does. He gets quite soapy himself in the process, and his skin feels amazing as it slips against mine. When all the soap is rinsed off, he suddenly pulls away from me and leaves the shower, winking at me as he does. I follow him out the shower and am immediately am swamped in one of Tifa's giant towels she bought for all the guest rooms, one of the reasons I love staying at Seventh heaven. He wraps us both up in it, then pulls me out the bathroom and collapses on the bed with me. We both have the giggles by this time, and for quite a while we just lay there in each others arms, giggling hysterically.

We end up telling each other funny stories. I tell him about how Aerith once had to dress Cloud up as a girl so they could sneak into a brothel to rescue Tifa, and then it turns out Tifa didn't need rescuing after all. Apparently they got Cloud a specially made dress and a wig and everything.

"Aerith told me that one; I laughed so hard I stopped breathing and got hiccups." I tell him, smiling at the memory.

"Aerith..." wasn't she that Ancient? We were always being told to kidnap her, never managed to hold onto her though" he muses. "What happened to her anyway?"

"She... got killed. By Sephiroth" I reply sadly. "I still miss her every now and again, she was a good friend. She was the one who kind of made me feel welcome when I first joined AVALANCHE." He looks away, and I feel horrible for ruining the mood. "Still!" I say, trying to sound brighter. "Everything's over now. Sephiroth's gone, Kadaj and his gang are gone, even geostigma is gone. So no one has to die anymore, or at least, not until they're really, really old. And Cloud says Aerith guards the lifestream now" He smiles.

"Yea, your right. No point in moping about the past." He sighs, then says brightly "Anyway, I have to go now, but I'll come back as soon as I can okay?" He gets up and starts getting dressed.

"Yea, you have to go, you ALWAYS have to go" I say bitterly, and suddenly I feel like I'm gonna cry, it seems so stupid, so I force it back and attempt a smile.

"Sorry, I know you have stuff to do. I guess I'll see you"

"Count on it" he says with a soft smile. He bends down and softly kisses my hairline, sending tingles over my scalp, then walks out the door, turning back to smile at me before leaving.

I sit on the bed for a couple of seconds after he leaves, then jump up and dress at double speed. I'm gonna follow him. Just to, you know, confirm he's genuine. Well, actually it's because I don't want to let him out my sight ever again, but that sounds sort of pathetic... Well, either way, I'm following him. Besides, it's been ages since I've had a chance to put my ninja skills to good use. I open my window and drop into the street below. I spot him at the other end, just before he turns the corner. I sprint down to the end of the street, stopping just before I turn, then press myself against the wall and slowly slide round. He's not looking back so I quickly duck behind a dustbin. I creep along after him in the shadows, not letting him out my sight for a second. I'd forgotten how fun it is stalking people. Back in Wutai I used to do this to tourists all the time.


As I make my way to Rude's house, I feel lighter then I have in a long time. Normally, when I'm walking around Edge, I'm, well, on edge (man I'm funny) but today I don't think I look over my shoulder once.

Rude opens the door as soon as I knock, but then he doesn't have much to do these days. Well, neither do I, but at least I know how to make the most of free time. I collapse on his battered armchair as he hands me a beer.

"You seem in a good mood" he comments. I wish he'd take those sunglasses off; it makes it damn hard to know what he's thinking. But it's Rude, you know? I can tell him pretty much anything, truth or lies, and he won't judge really.

"Things are getting better with Yuffie" I say, smiling.

Rude raises his eyebrows. Well, I guess it is kind of unusual for me to mention a girl more then once.

"What happened to 'Do 'em and Dump 'em' then?" he asks.

"I don't know, well, she's just, different, you know?" I mutter.

"Like Elena?" Rude says softly.

It's like being stabbed it really is, and I should know, having been stabbed on more then one occasion. I suppress the urge to shout. He should know, he should understand, he's my best friend, he should know rule number one of the New Reno, Never mention Elena. But I guess the New Reno got a bit lost last night. But if that means I have to think about her... But no one else knows about her, about us, just Rude. Around him, I'll just have to be different. I take a deep breath.

"No, nothing like Elena." I try hard to keep my voice from shaking. She's just a ninja bitch. That's all. Bit of fun. Elena's different. She'll never be Elena."

Rude looks like he's going to say something, but he's interrupted by a huge crash from outside. We both jump to our feet, and rush to the window. Rude opens it and jumps out (luckily we're on the ground floor) and I follow. There, curled on the ground along with a good portion of Rude's drainpipe, is Yuffie. She scrambles to her feet, and stares at me, her eyes huge and full of hurt and betrayal. Her knees are grazed, she's covered in mud, and she has a cut down her cheek.

"You, you..." She's lost for words, and I can only stand helplessly as I realise she must have heard everything.

"I HATE YOU!" She screams, sounding like a little kid, which I guess she still is sometimes, then turns and runs, over the fence at the back of Rude's garden and away. I watch her go, and every part of me is screaming to run after her, to tell her I didn't mean any of it, that I was just scared, to get down on my knees and beg for forgiveness. But Rude is standing beside me, watching me, and I can't be weak in front of him, not now. He might mention Elena again and I can't cope with that.

"Crazy little ninja bitch" I shrug, and follow him back inside.
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