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I don't know how long we were out there, lost in each other. Soon her kisses get more urgent, and she runs her hands down my chest to rest on my belt buckle.

"Do you want to take this upstairs?" I murmur in her ear.

She nods fiercely, and pulls me inside and up the back stairs that lead to the bedroom, her fingers digging painfully into my arm. On the landing she pulls me to her and kisses me violently, then runs to the end of the corridor and into her room. I follow more slowly, touching my lip, which feels slightly bruised. When I enter the room she is kneeling on the bed, her shoes and socks thrown on the floor, gazing at me with burning intensity, with the moon reflected in her eyes.


He sits on the bed and takes of his shoes and socks infuriatingly slowly. Then he turns to face me, and his eyes are like unending pools of water in the moonlight. I reach out a hand and gently run a finger down the tattoos that trace his cheekbones, and he closes his eyes and tilts his head, enjoying it. He takes my fingers and kisses them one by one, the puts his arm around me, and places his lips softly on mine. Slowly we fall back onto the bed, as he shifts so he is completely on top of me. His hips dig into my thighs, and the familiar weight of his body makes it slightly difficult to breathe, but I don't care, as I kiss him with renewed urgency, pulling of his jacket, and running my hands through his hair, knocking off his goggles. He picks them up with one hand and throws them off the bed, still kissing me. I then start to undo his shirt, its softness reminding me of that first night out in the yard. He runs his hands under my top, pulling it off.

We break apart for a moment, and stare at each other's topless bodies. His skin is pale in the moonlight, each scar picked out in white. He raises an eyebrow at me.

"First time sober. Well, with me anyway "

"Scared?" I taunt.

His eyes are unreadable, as he pushes me back onto the bed, and slides a hand down my waist, running one finger just below the waist of my belt until he comes to the button. Then he moves his lips as close to my ear as possible without actually touching it, his breath making my spine tingle.

"Never" he whispers, and undoes the button. He runs his hands down my thigh, bringing the shorts with them, and pulls them off. I undo his belt and he kicks off his trousers himself. We remove our remaining pieces of clothing ourselves, and gaze on each other, naked in the moonlight.

"Last chance to back out" I tease. In response, he forces his lips against mine, pushing me down on the bed, and we melt into each other.

He plants hard, forceful kisses against my neck, and I respond by gently biting his earlobe, just below the earring. He runs his hands everywhere, and I respond, mirroring his actions on his own body. It feels strange, not to be drunk, and violent, scary but at the same time, amazing. As my enjoyment grows, my fear does too, this was the point where I always seized up, let him get it over with a quick as possible, didn't let myself enjoy it for fear of being taken for granted. But then I feel his gently push my hair out my face, and I realise I don't want to hold back, I don't care anymore, I just want to let him take me over.

As things get more intense, my lips part and I find myself gently moaning his name, something I've never done before. He stops, and I open my eyes expecting to see him smirking, but am greeted with an expression of surprised joy.

"Yuffie" he breathes, before kissing me hard, his tongue searching for mine. I kiss him back, and lose myself to the rhythm of our bodies.


I roll off her, breathing hard, and gently kiss her hairline. She shivers, and I pull the covers over us and draw her into my arms.

"Why the hell haven't we done that before?" I ask her

"We have, or were you too drunk to remember" she replies, grinning tauntingly at me.

"Oh you know what I mean" I roll my eyes, but I don't want to argue with her, not tonight. She settles down beside me and lets out a comfortable sigh.

"Goodnight" she says simply, wriggling herself into a comfortable position in my arms.


When I wake up it's still dark. I'm slightly cold, and I realise he's no longer holding me. He's rolled over, facing the window. I sit up, and see the moon reflected in his eyes, and know he's still awake.

"Reno?" I whisper.

When he turns to face me, the look in his eyes is terrifying. It's full of pain and fear, and guilt.

"I don't deserve you Yuffie, I don't deserve anyone"

"Well, true you don't deserve me, no one does, but I would have thought anyone would be pushing it a bit" I joke nervously

"I killed them Yuffie, all those people, they're dead because of me" he says hoarsely, and for a second he reminds me of Vincent.

"We all killed Reno. It's what we had to do. Doesn't matter whose side you were on, or which was the right one, we all killed. You just have to live with it."

"Not like me. No one killed like me. Not an entire suburb"

"What are you talking about?"

"Sector Seven, all those people killed, that was me. I dropped the plate."

I digest this for a second. So Reno was one of the Turks that had fought AVALANCHE on that fateful day.

"Well" I say, thinking. "I'm from Wutai. Midgar always was a symbol of oppression to me. So it doesn't change how I think of you."

"Really?" he asks hollowly.

"Really really" I say seriously. He manages a smile.

"Doesn't it ever haunt you?" he asks. "All those people whose lives we took away?"

"Sometimes. But we have this motto, Barrett came up with it, well, it's more of a way of life. It's, 'Don't just take, prove you know how to give'. It gets me through, it gets all of us through, I think."

He doesn't say anything, but the look fades slightly from his eyes. I put my arms around him, and he lays his head on my chest, his hair tickling my neck, and we sleep like that, lost in each others thoughts.
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