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Room mates

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Jay, Odie and Archie get some interesting rommies.

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Hera looked at the sevan children infront of her. Atlanta and Archie were having an arm restling compition. Odie was programing a pmrs with Herry watching on. Jay and Thereasa were talking to each other and Neil was looking in his reflection. She had summoned them hee, and now they had to wait befor Isis arived. She was late, unusual for her.

"Montu, Horus, Toth, good job. We need to find the last of the heros." Isis said, the three teens stood behind her. Relic looked bored, like this was normal. Thomas was a bit shaken and Iem was stufing his suroundings and looking and commenting on the Egyptian architecture.
"Yes Isis." Toth said as he disapered.
"Yes Isis." Montu said as he disapered.
"Yes mother." Horus said as he disapered. Isis turned and smiled at the 3 boys infront of her.
"Were late for an importand appointment."

"Hera!" Hermes dashed into Heras office. The 7 looked up.
"What is it Hermes?" Hera asked.
"Isis is here!"
"Well show her in!"
"Wait... Isis was egyptian..." Odie wondered, every one else looked equelly puzzled, but the next thing they know, Isis walked in with the boys behind her.
"Hello Hera, thease are the first I told you about."
"Very good. Jay, Archie, Odie please come here." The 3 heros stood up and did as they were told.
"Jay, this is Relic, he will be rooming with you for a bit." Jay looked suprized as he looked over to his new rommie. He was about as tall as him, with black hair that fell over his eyes, a long, black trench coat, black shirt and jeans tucked into combat boots. He had peirsings all over his face and ears.
"Uh, Hi, I'm Jay." He said, hoilding out his hand to shake. Relic looked at him. He shoke his hand and said.
"Archie, This is your new temperary room mate, Thomas." Archie looked at him. He didn't look to bad, bleach blond hair spiked up with red tips. ?Tan skin and deep blue eyes.
"I'm Archie." He said, hands in his pokets.
"I'm Thomas." He said.
"And Odie, please meet Iem" Odie looked at the last on there. He had red hair that was a mess, Dark eyes and think rimed glasses.
"I'm Odie." He greeted.
"Iem, nice to meet you." Hera and Isis smiled. Hera spoke up to the other heros.
"You will all be getting room mate eventuly, as soon as the last of your fellow heros are found."
"Um..." Atlanta said. "Explain please?" Hera explained the situation to all 10 people.
"Fasinating." Iem said, fixing his glasses.
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