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Stained Glass Windows.

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Chapter 20.

I opened my eyes, blinking them repeatedly to wash away the sting of sleep that was still lying inside them. My head was still on a sleeping Jamia's chest. She looked absolutely tormented in her sleep and guilt immediatly washed over me. I don't know what came over me when we got down in that basement and out on those streets. The sudden need to protect her from everything just washed over me and I found myself not even thinking about Lilana. Not that she needed me, she had her precious Gerard to hold her close and tell her it was ok. Listen to me!! I felt horrible thinking these things and mentally slapped myself for the millionth time since we had gotten to England.

I heard Jamia moan slightly and I turned my attention back towards her face; it was a bit more relaxed now, softer, less troubled. I hated seeing her go through all of this, and she didn't even know I had slept with Lilana. Holyshit, I slept with Lilana. I had forgotten all about it.

I rubbed my throbbing eyes and pushed myself up off the carpeted floor. Gazing around the room, I could see everyone crashing in different place about the sanctuary. I must have not been out for very long because everyone was still fast asleep.

The church was huge. It reminded me alot of the church were we filmed Helena. A long ass isle deviding blood red seated pews, a large podium surrounded by white and black candles. It was amazing to look at.
My thoughts carried me around the room, inspecting each nook and cranny of that place. Upon my little inspection, I suddenly realized something: it was quiet. No more gnashing or chewing, no more sounds of blood squirting against the sides of the building.

I ran over to the window and stood on my tippy toes, trying to gaze out the stained glass. The streets were empy, everything looked normal. No papers scattered, no blood, nothing; just quiet cars driving by and random people starting their day.
I ran over to Gerard, who was curled up underneath a pew with Ray, using his hair as a pillow. I shook him violently, "Gerard! Wake the fuck up! It's over! They're gone!!"
Gerard groaned and reached a hand out to grab my shirt collar. He pulled me to him, "Shut, the fuck up Iero. We can all hear what's going on out there, so just shut and go back to sleep."

He let go of me and curled back under the pew. I sat up on my heels, dumbfounded. I didn't hear anything, I didn't see anything. Jesus Frank, what the hell is wrong with you?
I ran back to the window and gazed out it's glass once more. Everything was still calm and serene.

I turned by back to the wall and let myself slide down it. I cradled my head in my hands and sighed deeply, letting hot tears slide down my cheek. What the hell was going on with me? Was I going crazy? Why did they still hear it?
A million thoughts crawled into my brain and twisted it untill I had given myself a headache. I heard a body slide down the wall beside me and a small, warm hand on my hunched over back.

"Frank?" Jamia asked, her voice genuine with concern.
I looked at her sweet face and smiled weakly, "What's wrong with me Mia?"

Jamia took my face in her hands and kissed my lips gently, "Nothing, you're fine."

I shook my head and wiped away the tears on my cheeks. "No, I'm not, do you still hear it? Out there? Do you still hear all that?"

Jamia looked at me and cocked her head to one side, "Unfortunatly, yes. Why?"
I forced a laugh, "Because I don't."

She sighed deeply and took my hand, "Frank, it's not real."
My eyes shot into hers, "What?"
"Wake up Frankie, please wake up." Her face was streaming with tears, her brown eyes closed, trying to hold back everything coming out of her. "Please, Frankie."

I quickly rose to my feet and stared at her huddled in the floor, cradling herself. "What the fuck are you talking about Jamia?"
She sobbed loudly, rocking her petite frame back and forth on the marble floor. "Frankie please!!!"

"Stop it Jam! Stop it!!! STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed, cupping my shaking hands over my ears, screaming out words I didn't know the meaning of, spitting at her, cursing, crying, wailing.

Our screams and sobbed stopped abruptly, in the flash of a moment, my body hit the hard floor and my eyes shut tight.


"Mr, Iero?"

My eyes fluttered under their lids at the sound of an unfamiliar voice.

"Frank, can you open your eyes for me?" The voice said, he was clearly british, whoever he was.
I pryed open my eyes and was immediatly blinded by a bright light hovering above me.
"Ah, what the fuck." I grumbled, trying to push myself off the stiff..whatever I was laying on.

"Don't try to sit up Frank, just rest." I heard Jamia say.
I opened my eyes the rest of the way and could make out her face. She was sitting beside me in an ugly floral print chair, tears in her eyes and a sad smile on her face.

"Jamia?" I asked, taking her hand.
She nodded and choked on her laugh, "Yeah, it's me Frankie."

"What the hell is going on Jam? Where the fuck am I?"
"You're in a hospital here in London. You finally woke up! Frank..I just.." She stopped to wipe away the tears staining her cheeks.

"Woke up? What do you mean? Are those things still out there??"
Her face turned from joy to confusion, "What things?"

No one remembered. Was I imagining it? No, don't be silly Frank, it was real....wasn't it?
"The...the..." I sighed, annoyed and almost embarrased to say the word, "The zombies Jam, where are the zombies?"

Jamia squinted her eyes and shook her head slowly, she had no idea what I was talking about. "'ve been in a coma for two weeks."

heh..Laughes nervously I decided to ahead and reveal it here.
So, believe it or not, all this shit is part of the story, it's planned and not some rediculous ramble of mine. Hope you guys are enjoying this spazzy story. Lol. I tend to spazz write alot. Bear with me. it's about to get goooodd. :]
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