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Chapter 22.

When you get to the point in your life, when you're sitting beside a man who thinks he's Jimmy Stewart, complete with illusions of his giant rabbit Harvey; you know you've hit rock bottom.
I never thought I would see the day when everything around me was everything I had written about, dreamed about, romantized about, and feared the most. Apparently I was pretty fucked up; so after two weeks at the hospital, I was transfered to a Mental Institution in California. The band stopped the tour and all got an apartment in L.A, so they could visit me; not that they did..


"Do you have any rainbow jello?" A girl asked me, sitting down her lunch tray and sitting down opposite me.
I shook my head and pushed my mystery meat around the tan lunch plate. "No, I don't. Sorry."

She shrugged and opened her mini milk cartoon. She smiled at me and extended her hand, "I'm Tina."
Not wanting to be rude, or upset someone who could be the craziest person in there, I shook her hand "I'm Frank."
"Aww, that's a cute name!" She giggled slightly and went back to arranging her small amount of food. I chuckled at her reaction and continued to push my food around the plate.

I glanced back up at Tina, taking in her poorly appearence. She had long brown hair that looked like it hadn't been washed in two days. She was sickly thin, but managed to still have color in her sinking cheeks. Very chipped, bright red nail polish stuck to her fingernails, as she used them to pry open a diet Sunkist can.
She was wearing pajamas, like the rest of us; but her's seemed a little more faided then all the others.

I felt kind of rude just staring at her, so I shoved a bread roll into my mouth and turned my gaze elsewhere.
"So..why are you here?" She asked, sticking a pink straw into her milk and sucking the white liquid up through it.

"Um, well." I was hestitant to reveal to a complete stranger that I was going crazy, but it's not like I had anything else to do. "I overdosed and went into a coma. When I woke up, they told me I had some kind of mental problems, so they sent me here."

Tina laughed quietly, "Well, it's nice to see someone who hasn't completely lost his mind. Everyone around here seems to just not have anything of themselves left."
I nodded, not knowing what to say.
"What tipped you over the edge Frank?" She asked, looking me dead in the eye, awaiting my answer. I decided to humor her.
"Women. I fell in love with someone in my least, I thought I did."

"And let me guess, you already have a girlfriend?" Psh, Typical.
I nodded, "A fiance' actually."
"Ahhh, so, who are you with now?"

I looked off towards the barred window at the other end of the cafeteria. Who was I with? I had only been there for three days and no visits yet, not opportunities to talk with Jamia or Lilana about anything that happend. I had no idea if I even had a significant other anymore.
"I have no idea."
Tina reached across the table and laid a slim hand on mine, "You'll figure it out, Frank. These places are good for thinking if nothing else. It's not like you have anything else to do."

I pulled my hand away from hers and shrugged. I had to get out of there, I had a life, I wasn't crazy and I missed playing the guitar. I had to get out.
My thoughts carried me through about half of a mystery meat casserole when I felt a small hand on my shoulder.
"Hey Frank." I gazed up at Jamia's soft face and burried my face in her blue t-shirt. God she smelled good.

I kicked my chair out of the way and stood up, laying my head on her shoulder, holding onto her for dear life. I hadn't seen anyone I knew for three days, I was starting to get worried everyone had just forgotten about me.
"Hey, it's ok baby." She whispered into my ear. Her voice was gentle, like she was dealing with a child.
"Jamia.." I pulled away and looked at her glowing face, she changed her hair..."Why havn't you come untill now? Where are the guys? Why did you all just...leave me?"

"Frank, we just thought maybe you needed some time away from us. I feel so bad..I feel like this is all my fault."
She touched my face, her hand warm but shaking.
"I think we need to talk Jam.." I took her hand and led her into another room, anywhere but the cafeteria. We just ended up sitting on a cushioned bench in the hall outside the art room.

I looked at my sock covered feet and inhaled deeply, opening my mouth to speak.
"Frank, I already know." Jamia said, her voice low and forgiving.
"What?" My mouth hung open dumbly. She knew about me and Lilana? How the fuck could she know?

Jamia forced a pained laugh, "Lilana told me."
"She did what!?!?" I said it a little louder than I had meant to, I could tell my outburst had made her uncomfortable. She just looked around at the tiled ceilings and shiny black and white floors; fidgeting with her engagement ring. The site of it made me laugh inwardly. At least she was still giving me that chance.

"I asked her." She finally said, turning her eyes back towards mine. Those eyes, the more I looked at them, the more I realized why I had fallen in love with her. Everything was in the eyes for me. The deep, chocolate pools that I just wanted to drown in, surrounded by this sweet face that could soften even the toughest man.

I could feel the moisture starting to develope in my tear ducts and run down the side of my face in one long stream. "I'm so sorry Jamia..I just don't know what I was thinking."
She laughed and pursed her lips together, spreading her light red lipgloss around evenly, "Frank, I never should have come to England..I should have just trusted you. Some part of me thinks that if I hadn't have crashed your tour, you never would have cheated on me."

Here comes the rain Jamia.."I thought I loved her Jam...I thought I was falling out of love with you. But when I was unconsciously fighting off.." I paused, sighing, embarrased to say the word, knowing how ridiculous it sounded, "..zombies, I found myself wanting nothing more than to protect you, I didn't give a shit about Lilana..just you."
I lowered my head and avoided eye contact with her, unaware of her reaction to my confession.

Jamia smiled shyly, "Aww, that's so sweet Frank." She moved her face to mine and kissed my lips gently.
I hesitated at first but eventually gave in to this sweet, no-tongue kiss, wrapping my arms around her frail shoulders and pulling her as close to me as I could manage.
"I forgive you Frank." She said, resting her lips against mine.

I sighed into her mouth, overjoyed at the words as they came out of her mouth, "Thank you Jam. I promise..I'll never hurt you again."
She looked at me with a cock in her eyebrow, "You have to talk to her Frank. She's coming to visit you tomorrow. Please, talk to her."

I nodded and took her back into my arms, rolling in my head the disaster that was going to go down tomorrow.

I realllly like this chapter. I don't know why. Jamia is starting to be more...normal now. ahha, instead of PHSYCO BETCH!!
Lol. I hope you guys like this. It took me like a week to write. Which is ghey, because it's not long at all.
Ohh and my mummy is glad you liked her insane death scene.

Don't forget to give your mum a big hug and a kiss MUAH!
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