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01. It all starts out fine and dandy... then a bus hits you and you loose ability to function... she was that bus.

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Gerard was always the one to loose his nerve when it came to talking to girls, but this one was different.

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The crowd was roaring and the sweat was dripping down the blonde's temples as he grinned from another show well done. He waved to the crowd, thanked them and ran off stage, ready to get in his bunk and just lay there, thinking, contemplating, wondering about life. Doing the usual things he did every night after each show. This was life for thirty year old Gerard Way, and sometimes when he reflected on it, he felt like it was one pretty damn boring way to live his life. Instead of going back to his bus, he wandered around the area near the bus, a girl catching his eyes. Gerard has sworn off girls for the time being, he considered the fact that right now he was doing a lot of touring for the new album, and he didn't feel like he would be loyal or dedicated enough to have a girlfriend. But this girl had caught his gaze as she leaned against the brick wall of the venue, taking drags from her cigarette every now and then. He bit his tongue and licked his lips as he watched her shift her weight from one foot to the other, her tight black jeans clinging to her legs. He sighed slightly and took out his own pack of cigarettes and lit one, taking a drag before his eyes gazed back to her, his hand idly putting the pack back in his jeans pocket. He felt an arm around his shoulder which woke him up from his thoughts.

"Little Gerard is looking at girls." Frankie said, laughing softly. Gerard shook his head, smirking.

"Sorry I'm not looking at your sweet ass anymore Frankie." Gerard shot back quickly.

"Woah buddy, since when were you lookin' at it?!" He asked laughing now.

"Oh you know... whenever I walk behind you on stage.. it looks good in those jeans." Gerard said seductively, laughing. Frank rolled his eyes and sighed.

"So why aren't you talking to her?" He asked him, nodding in the direction of the girl. Gerard shrugged.

"I haven't gotten the nerve to go up to her and say hi?" He suggested, shrugging. Frankie pushed him slightly in the direction of where she was standing and nodded.

"Go talk to her." He whispered harshly, walking away to the bus. Gerard swallowed the lump that he felt growing in his throat and walked over to her, his legs feeling slightly weak as he rolled his eyes at himself. He stopped a couple feet in front of her and swallowed once more.

"Hey." He said casually. She looked up, her bright blue eyes shining through the mess of black and red hair as she smiled slightly. "Hi." She said sweetly. He smiled back and looked at the wall before looking at her.

"Are you and the wall good friends?" He asked jokingly. She laughed softly.

"No actually I'm waiting for a friend. She's inside drinking at the bar but I'm not big into drinking or anything like that." She said softly. She had a soft voice and sweet nature, something that attracted Gerard to her completely.

"Me either. Hey do you wanna... I dunno get outta here for a bit? All there seem to be are like, drunk assholes and I'm telling you one of them thought I was a girl." He said laughing. She laughed as well and nodded.

"I'd love to." She told him, her smile widening. He put out his cigarette and waved for her to follow him as they began walking down the sidewalk, away from the club. Once they had been walking in silence for a couple minutes, she was the first to speak.

"So why is Gerard Way talking to me, let alone walking with me at 11 pm at night just because?" She asked, smirking up at him. He noticed she was a lot shorter then him, something that was also slightly attractive. He shrugged and looked ahead.

"Because Gerard Way doesn't lead such an exciting life, and when he meets a pretty girl sometimes he can't afford to not spend time with her." He said, biting his lip before looking down at her, blushing slightly. She smiled and shook her head laughing.

"You're cute." She said, smirking.

"So tell me about yourself." He said, changing the subject as he felt his cheeks get warm.

"Well my name is Cecilia, but you can call me CiCi cause everyone does. I'm nineteen, I like going to shows, getting tattooed, pierced, and I like sensitive boys with light brown eyes, blonde hair, and... you know I have a thing for guys named Gerard actually." She said, smirking, not looking up at him. He laughed softly.

"And what if they have black hair?" He asked, smiling.

"Well I can manage." She said, meeting his eyes. He bit his lip and grinned at her.

"Would you think I was insane if I told you that I think I have a crush on you?" He asked her. "I mean considering we just met twenty minutes ago." CiCi shook her head and laughed.

"Not at all, I'd think you were adorable." She said, messing up his blonde hair and playing with it. He laughed and let his hand slip in her free hand, his fingers interlacing with hers as her eyes met his. She leaned up on her tippy toes and pressed a soft kiss to his lips, her arm wrapping around his neck, her fingers playing with the hairs on the back of his neck. He felt a shiver down his spine as she pulled back, nibbling on her lower lip.

"You just made me never want to leave Florida." He whispered softly. She smiled and kissed him once more.

"You just made me want to leave Florida." She whispered against his lips.
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