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02. CiCi was a girl with a lot of attitude... but her life was a little screwed up sometimes.

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A little character analysis of CiCi and her life in Florida.

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CiCi awoke with a start, the obnoxious buzzing from her alarm clock waking her from her thoughts and causing her to look at the time. It was 8 AM and she was supposed to be at work in an hour, as she laid in bed looking at the ceiling, she checked her voicemail from the night before, one from her friend Tommy and one from Gerard. It had been two weeks since she met him and she already felt like she was falling for him every day, faster then ever, even if he was in some other city, in some other state, hell if he was in London she'd feel the same exact way. She put her voicemail on speaker and listening to the message from him, smiling.

"Hey CiCi it's Gerard, of course. I'm just calling to say good night but I guess you've already fallen asleep. 15 days until the tour is over and my first stop is Florida. I miss you so much, and I know I tell you every night, but I'm telling you again that you are the last thought before I go to bed, and you're who I think about when I wake up. I can't wait to see you again. Good night babe." And the message cut off. CiCi smiled to herself, content that there was a boy on the other side of the country who cared so much about her. She got out of bed and picked up some clothes to wear that day to the shop and got dressed, brushing her hair and teeth. She wasn't sure if it was too early as she dialed Gerard's number, three rings and he picked up, not sounding groggy or anything.

"Hello?" He asked, sounding slightly busy but a smile still audible in his voice.

"Hey you." She said softly.

"CiCi. Did you get my voicemail last night?" He asked, the grin able to be heard.

"Yes. It was very sweet of you Gerardo." She said, laughing softly.

"I try." He said, laughing as well. There was a silence before CiCi spoke again.

"So you're coming to see me in fifteen days?" She asked.

"Fourteen days and counting." He said. She smiled and giggled softly at that.

"You're too adorable." She told him, grabbing her car keys, cigarettes and money, putting them in her pockets. She smiled as he began talking about his morning, laughing at his story he was telling about how Mikey literally pulled him out of bed. She got into her car and pulled out of the driveway, putting her phone on speaker and flipping it shut so it was easier to talk to him. She pulled into the parking lot of the tattoo shop she was a receptionist at and pouted.

"I have to Gerardo. I'm at work." CiCi said sadly. She heard him sigh on the other line and frowned.

"Aw okay. Can I call you later?"

"Of course!" She said, smiling.

"Alright, I'll talk to you later then."

"Mk, buh bye!" She said, flipping her phone open to shut off the call and then flipping it shut, getting out of the car and hooking her keys onto her belt loop, sighing at another day of work.

It was around one and CiCi was talking to Erik, sitting on the counter. The shop was slow and nothing was going on. Erik had an appointment around 2 and CiCi got off at 4 when Tommy, the other receptionist came in.

"Erik, I really like him!" CiCi whined to Erik, pushing him playfully.

"I still can't believe Gerard Way has a crush on you. How did you manage that one?"

"I told you! That night I went to that show a couple weeks ago with Sammy, they were there performing, and I was leaning against the wall outside, smoking a cigarette one minute then the next I look up and he's standing there in front of me, looking timid as hell."

"He's a timid one?" Erik asked, raising an eyebrow. CiCi laughed.

"Shut up. Anyways he's coming to visit me in fourteen days."

"Really?" Erik asked.

"Yes. He's so sweet Erik, and funny and he cares about me even though all we spent together was that one night."

"What did you guys do that night anyways, you never told me. Details now little CiCi."

"Well after we met we walked to the park downtown you know, the one thats a couple blocks from the club. Anyways we sat out there practically all night long, just talking, laughing, kissing of course... God he's an amazing kisser Erik." She said, her voice laced with a air of dreaminess.

"Eww okay shut up CiCi!" Erik said, pushing her playfully. "But you didn't like... fuck him did you?"

"No way Erik. Even if I wanted to, he's too... amazingly sweet for me to want to have sex with him so soon... does that make sense at all?" She asked him, her expression slightly confused. Erik nodded.

"I know what you mean." He told her, smiling. She nodded, hopping off the counter to go into Felicia's back room. Felicia was twenty seven and beautiful, she was like CiCi's mother because her mom had died of a heroin overdose when CiCi was ten, leaving CiCi with her father who died of a broken heart soon after. CiCi was adopted by Felicia when Felicia was eighteen, and she took her under her wing, getting her this job at the shop and letting her live with her while she went to college. Felicia waved CiCi in.

"Hey baby girl whats going on? How're things with sir Gerardo?" She asked, smirking. CiCi smiled.

"Things are fine. He's coming to see me in fourteen days."

"Lucky girl. Hold onto that boy. It's rare you find a man whose in a band who is dedicated to giving his heart to a girl who he won't get to see too much." Felicia told her. Felicia used to be in love with this guy in a band, and then the band blew up and he left her for another girl. CiCi nodded apologetically. Felicia smirked at her.

"Did you... you know yet?"

"Felicia! I've only ever spent one night with him. No I didn't have sex with him, jeez." She said, laughing. Felicia laughed.

"I'm kidding hun. Well i've got an appointment who should be here any minute and I need to draw out her tattoo so I'll talk to you at home, okay?" She said. CiCi nodded and got up, leaving Felicia's back room.

'Yeah,' CiCi thought to herself. 'Another day at the shop.'
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