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Curse Of Curves

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Archie has been cheating on Atlanta and she knows it,what happens when a normal dinner turns into a tragedie IM GREEKTITAN U GUYS!!

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"Ok.Bye Samantha"Archie shouted walking home,Samantha was one of his 'freinds'.

All of a sudden his cellphone rang."Hello?"He said.

"HEY!!Whats up HUN!"Someone exclaimed in excitement,It was Nancy,Archie's other 'friend',"OH hey,not to much,im just getting ready for tonights dinner".Archie replied.

"Same her boo!,well im gona send invitations to my friends,tah"Said Nancy,and hung up.

"Wow,i never knew girls could be so jumpy"Archie said,and walked inside the dorm.

All of a sudden a red headed cutey came bardging at him.

"WHERE WERE YOU!"Atlanta shouted,"Hi to you to Atlanata"Archie said.

"Why did you take SO LONG!"Atlanta exclaimed."I was at Nancys helping her with the invitations,"Archie said calmly putting down his blue adidas backpack.

"NANCY!?Scine when were you friends with her"Atlanta asked."Scine i felt like it,and if you would excuse me i gotta get ready"Archie said walking up the stairs.

"READY?for what?"Atlanta asked.

"Nancys party"

"Can i come?scince i AM your girlfriend."Sure"Archie said.

I've got the gift of one liners
And you've got the curse of curves
And with this gift I compose words
And the question that comes forward
Are you perspiring from the irony
Or sweating to these lyrics
And this just in
You're a dead fit
But my wit won't allow it
The inside lingo had me at hello
And we go where the money goes
The inside lingo had me at hello
And we go where the money goes

Atlanta walked into Archies room when he got out because they now shared a room so she went and wanted to get a pen until she found a letter."WHAT is this?"She asked herself.She opened the letter."Hey archie,its Sammy!just wana say that jacoozy was soooo hot and warm,and ur skin is sooo hot,i love it,your so damb cute and handsom,love ya cant waite till nancy's partaaayy.

Atlanta Turend red and ripped up the letter,she knew archie was cheeting on her..
********LATER ON***********

"Ook im ready"Atlanta said,"Ok,"Archie replied,he was whereing a black tuxido and Atlanta was whereing a red long dress."You look gorgues"Archie said."What ever"Atlanta replied."Whats wrong with you"Archie asked."Oh nothing"Atlanta was very fusterated and stressed,first she gets kicked off the soccer team,then she fails her math test,then she gets susspender for fighting with mr.rumble her gym teacher and now this!

I want someone provocative and talkative
But it's so hard when you're shallow as a shower
And from what I've heard with skin you'll win

Her bone structure screams
"Touch her! Touch her!"
And she's got the curse of curves
So with the combination of my gift with one liners
And my way
My way with words

When they arrived at the dinner Atlanta walked in with archie,there was everyone whereing red dresses and white tuxidos."Ok Archie you site at the end,and Atlanta at the end"Said Nancy.

"ok"Said Archie.

Atlanta rolled her eyes and walked to the far end of the table,everyone sat down and talked and laughed and ate,Atlanta kept giving dirty looks to every girl talking and flirting with Archie.

It seems I'm too hip to keep tight lipped
And you're on the gossip team
You're making something out of nothing
And jealousy's the cousin, the cousin of greed
The inside lingo had me at hello
And we go where the money goes
The inside lingo had me at hello
And we go where the money goes

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