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1. Dont give me promises you cant keep

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Skye Angel gets tickets to a concert.. what happendS?

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Auther's note:
Heyy everyone. I have desided to try and write another story. I know that people have been critisizing my work and such but please do leave me nice comments. If you dont like what Im writing then just dont read it. I will be posting every so often. I will leave this chapter up but I will only continue posting if I get atleast three GOOD reviews. thank you.

First chapter of : At the concert...

"Skye, come on doll face, wake up." I hear my brother criss' voice call out. I groaned into my pillow then slowly lifted my head to look up at him. "What?" I asked in annoyince. "Mom wants you up and I gotta be back in vegas by tonight." He informed me. "WHAT!?! But Criss! the concert is in three days you promised me you would come to my first Good Charlotte concert with me!" I yelled at him. "I know but I have work.." He started but I cut him off. "YOU ALWAYS WORK!" "Skye Angel, you know this means alot to me... ow get up, get ready and come down stairs!" He said and walked out.
If you havn't figured it out yet my brother is Criss Angel the mind freak. On my 18th birthday, wich was last week, he had gave me 2 tickets to a Good Charlotte concert and he had promised me he would come with me since I dont get to see him often anymore. Me and my brother are very alike and close. i have the same dark hair but I have some purple in mine, We dress pretty much the same and I have two lip rings and my nose ring.
I got out of bed and got dressed. i put on my black t-shirt and a black denim skirt. I after put on my cross necklace that Criss got me when I was seven. When I got down stairs and into the kitchen, I saw my mom and brother sitting at the table, drinking coffee and talking. "Hello Skye. Would you like a coffee?" My mother asked me. "No thank you mom." i said with a smile. I looked at Criss a momment and stopped smiling and quickly looked away. I was very upset with him. "Skye, Could I speak with you for a momment?" Criss asked. "Sure." and with that we made our way to the hallway. "I said I was sorry. Why don't you bring Kent with you?" He said. "I guess I'll have to since he's my only friend!" I yelled back at him and walked away into the spare room to call kent.
"Hey Kent, its Skye... You up for a road trip?"
"Let me guess: Criss bailed on you again?"
"Wow! How'd you guess?"
Ok SKye shut up with the sarcasm."
"Alright. Well you up for it?"
"Alright you comming up today?"
"Yeah I'll be there in 30."
With that we hung up and I went upstairs to my room to wait up for Keny yo show up.
KJent is my only friend that I ahve. I just don't get along with all the preppy people in this town and neither does he. We are not together but we were once. We had broken up because of his cousin Sally. She started shit and she just doesn't like me, so we just desided ot would be better to just stay friends. Sometime it seems were more then that but we are just very close.
I had just got my bed done when my brother came in. "Hey guess what?" He said excitedly. "What?" I said with a little less happyness. "Well I can leave after tomorow, the day before the concert! Wich means we can spend more time together." He explained. "That's cool, but sorry to burst your bubble but Kent's comming over in a few minutes wich means he's probably gonna stay the night." I explained. "Oh Alright..." He said and got up. "Skye... You know I love you and I would do anything to keep you safe right?" he asked "Yes Criss. And I love you too and would do the same for you." He smiled and left te room.
I was watching my TV when there was a knock an my bedroom door. I opened it to see Kent standing there. He had his bag with him, his black pants, red shirt and his black and blond hair perfectly placed on the side. "Im guessing your staying the night?" I said with a little giggle. "Yah Haha. But I see you've changed your lip rings." He laughed. "I know but I think I might just take one out and keep only one in." I stated. "Ha! You take out a piercing? That's a miracle!" He laughed.
We spent the day in my room just talking and watching some TV. At 5 O'clock my mom called us down for super. We ate my moms famous home made pizza. We were all sitting around the table when Criss spoke up. "Hey Skye how long has it been since you were last in your motorbike?" "About a month why?" "Well get ready were going riding. I'll use my new bike and you drive yours and Kent will drive my old one. " he said. "Awsome I'll be right back." With that i ran upstairs to my room I put on a pair of pnts and got my helmet and went to meet the boys at the door.
We left the house and went to the garage to get our bikes ready. My bike was black with some red. I hopped on and rode it outside, and waited for the guys by the road. "You guyes ready?" I yelled. "Yupp" They answered together. I laughed a bit. When they were ready we were out on the streets for 3 hours. I love being on my bike it makes me forget about all my bad thoughts.
We got home it was 10 O'clock. Criss wanted to show Kent something so I went to my room and put my PJ's on. I walked back downstairs to Criss' room to find them both into thios video clip and the computer. I walked into my room and went to sleep...
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